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  1. ParamedicPants

    [1.5.1] Cormorant Aeronology - Mk3 Space Shuttle

    anyone else having a problem with the Big-s wings and wing strakes just falling of as if they were decoupled every time u go from VAB/SPH to the launch pad? Love the mod BTW and im hoping that i can get this fixed
  2. ParamedicPants

    [1.1.x] Canadarm v1.71 (5 June 2016)

    same for 1.1.2 also the stock Mk3 cargo bay does not have the node that used to be there for the shoulder. Thanks for a great mod BTW!
  3. Link doesn't work...any chance you can send the file to me? Thanks!
  4. ParamedicPants

    International construction ISS in Kerbal orbit.

    I may be wrong but I think you need BobCats Russian pack. Also the subassembly has a part (ISS SAS or something like that) that is not in the download (at least not when I downloaded it and I have had a few downloads with different computers). If you go into the subassembly .cfg file, you can delete that part and your good to go.
  5. Cant wait!!! Keep up the outstanding work that we have all come to know BlackHeart!!!
  6. Please don't let this be dead... I really want!!!