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  1. Dude, awesome! I won't have to deal with the nasty base colouring
  2. Let there be space for science experiments (both modules and data) and it's going to replace the rover (as much as I like them, I find the wheels are just not a good method of locomotion in this game)
  3. You're mental Rover In a very positive way, but still mental That said, first post still says that Karbonite is required so you probably should edit it to avoid confusion
  4. If you have it available, DEFINITELY this. I tried before FRAPS and other stuff but shadowplay is simply better. I tried it on very resource intensive games and frankly I couldn't even see a drop in fps.
  5. Yeah that's probably what happens. I'll get the logs as soon as I can, shouldn't be a problem as the bug is very easily repeatable (as in: the bloody thing is hoarding my 120 science in orbit on moho ).
  6. Frankly, the basic wheel traction is so bloody terrible on anything with a lowish gravity, that a serious boost wouldn't really overpower it, rather it'd make it actually usable. Seriously, atm you're better off using EVA rcs on mun/minmus (not sure about other bodies) rather than bother with rovers (unless you can go big and use the ruggerized wheels)
  7. The first example you gave uses a stack separator. The second... I see no reason to use the end cap there... Use an adapter and stick the docking port there.
  8. Beside not being really polite telling the mod maker that he NEEDS to do something (since he's not your employee), your problem is solved with a bare minimum of building. Just use a radial decoupler instead of a stack one. Problem solved.
  9. It seems to me that beside Spaceplane Plus you also installed some kind of aerodynamic mod... Guessing either NEAR or FAR...
  10. Now just an idea that sprung to mind, and it's probably stupid but... If modifying just that one parameter on a craft by craft basis allows for better performance... Wouldn't it be possible to input it in as a "tweakable" at runtime? Adjusting suspension stiffness to adjust for load is something we actually do in RL, no?
  11. Well, leaving out the cage would mean attaching a decoupler to "nothingness" and I don't really like that =/
  12. The science containers are just that: you can store science in there like they were a pod.
  13. The flatbed is inverted... The transmission bar should be underneath... Also in the VAB or SPH you should start building from the rollbar, then fit the forward assembly, then snap everything else. While I'm posting... Has anyone found a decent way to fit RCS and/or SAS to this rover? I really like it, however I find that rovers in general (and this is no exception judging from my latest munar exploration) are really unusable without sas and/or rcs (and even then they are barely worth the effort... Packing more dV to move the lander around is probaby more efficient anyway). Frankly I was almost going to forego the wheels altogether and just slap monoprop tanks there, with RCS thrusters all around, at least for the low G planets. Another issue I noticed is that leaving the command seat can often end in "rapid unplanned disassembly", with the poor Jeb getting ejected at some speed while banging his head against the rollbar (the command seat is NOT underneath it however).
  14. Damn RoverDude, you're a bloody volcano of modmaking I think I'll have to start a separate career just to play all your mods However I really have to say this: Can you make the parts in this mod available in "non awful" colouring? It may be just me but I find that yellowish tone really ugly =/