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  1. You can't yaw by varying the collective on the rotors, since the new blades have the forces applied at the root, so more drag doesn't require more torque. I've tried to put control surfaces on the blades, it made it a little unstable and even if they were kinda working, SAS is not affecting the KAL controllers so if it started to yaw, it kept yawing (like trying to fly a spacecraft without SAS).
  2. They are different from real ones, all parts are overlapped in the center of the shaft.
  3. I've improved my helicopter a little and made a video of it.
  4. Added some jets and tuned other stuff a little. Craft file
  5. I would also like this. It would be nice for helicopters. [Snip]
  6. Helicopter that I've made. I'm not very happy with the new blades, they do strange stuff.
  7. In my video you can clearly see that when the blades are not deployed, one has positive lift and the other one negative lift. It's not about the sum, blades must work correctly individually. This is causing some oscillations and affects any kind of mechanism (cyclic for example) that is supposed to control the blades.
  8. @Mikki Thank you for trying to help, but I've encountered this issue on two clean installs on two separate computers and AHHans also confirmed that it happens to him too. Having a craft that is working (more or less) doesn't mean that the issue is not happening (check the helicopter from my signature), if you want to help, please try it with the motor and the blade that I've mentioned and use the forces debug.
  9. Hopefully, they'll fix it, it's causing a lot of problems with swashplates. And there are more strange things happening with those blades, when my helicopter is going forward (very slowly compared to blades' speed), half of the forces are downwards, even though all blades have a high angle of attack.
  10. I've added a video to the first post, the issue occurs identically even if I place the blades on the turboshaft's nodes.
  11. Yes, I did, so you can observe the issue better. Can you confirm that this doesn't happen in your game? EDIT: No, for me nothing has to be done for this effect to be "triggered", that's how the game is, no matter what you do. Please confirm that the issue doesn't happen to you, don't assume that it's something that I do, that triggers it.
  12. It does this no matter what I do. Pitch, yaw and roll either disabled or enabled, but me not touching the inputs, it does it. Blades not deployed or deployed and having the same limit, it does it. I don't actually think I'm doing something wrong, it looks like a bug.
  13. R7000 Turboshaft Engine, I place 2 Helicopter Blades Type S on it (doesn't matter how, radial symmetry, mirror symmetry, one by one, on turboshaft's nodes, not on turboshaft nodes, clockwise variant, counter-clockwise variant etc.) and I get this: Am I doing something wrong? I mention that the screenshot is taken when they are not deployed and not rotated, if I deploy them or rotate them, they can both go positive or negative, but still have some difference between the forces. (one has more lift and other one less) I also tried it with control surfaces and wings and this does not occur. The forces are equal when the authority limiter is set to 4 on one of them.
  14. No mods, no reaction wheels (torque disabled on cockpit too), some kind of swashplate for cyclic. Very easy to control with keyboard. Craft file