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  1. Misspell the Username!

    Ah, yes. My dear friend, Josip Kormor.
  2. Kerbal Piston Engines - soon!

    If forced induction is ever going to be a thing, I am gonna blow oh so many engines. Looking forward to this, looks fantastic already!
  3. If possible, 'NQMT' please. If that's not available, then 'Eve_63'. Thanks
  4. Race Car Comparisons

    You should add kerbs to that, Vlos, looks really nice.
  5. Race Car Comparisons

    Go for it! It's good to use the same track - you can compare times directly. Also, note the direction of travel.
  6. Race Car Comparisons

    Two vehicles. One is a racing truck, the other is a Formula K open-wheeler. The truck, the K-500GTR, is entirely wheel-powered, springs and dampers on full settings, and a more than adequate roll cage. The KR-03b is a Formula K car with springs and dampers on their standard setting, a low-downforce setup, and two LV-1R 'Spider' engines for extra boost. It also has an action group to minimise drag, called DRS. The K-500GTR tops out at 30.5m/s on the runway. The KR-03b tops out at 47.6m/s, with DRS active and full boost. Around my test track, the K-500GTR set a time of 2:14 from a standing start. The KR-03b set a 1:36, with no boost, and empty tanks.
  7. Your Best Acronyms!

    Assisted Recovery for Safety in Emergencies.
  8. Show Us Your Rescue Craft

    The KAe Ka-10 'Sherpa'. Seats six terrified crash survivors in relative comfort. Guaranteed to land wherever you tell it to, however far away from the KSC you may be*. *Guarantee void if aircraft has been in the air.
  9. I had the SS Invincible. Let's just say the next ship in the class was called the SS Painful Irony. @Avera9eJoe - that sounds like one of mine. Unfortunately, I've deleted a few of the old ones, sorry. Might be worth starting up again.
  10. Who do you appreciate?

    @GROOV3ST3R, because race-car. Cheers for the good times, man :-)
  11. Lack, If possible, in a future update could there be a lengthened version of the 'Clyde' cockpit? Or, one that could be extended i.e. separate parts for cockpit, passenger cabin, end piece? Thanks

    13,000km range. Turboprop variant turned out to be massively overpowered, so I've downgraded (but rather upgraded) to the Aerosport engine. That has a range of 12,000km, and can climb while accelerating on a single engine. I *may* post a download link, however this does use a few mods.
  13. A part that connects with landing gear. I use planes a lot, and would love to have a tug that works like that.
  14. Why do you never visit Dres?

    Because it doesn't actually exist. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2n1l8_a-gU0
  15. Kerbal Space Program 1.1 Hype Train Thread.

    I thought Hype Train tickets were replaced by the Myki ages ago...