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  1. KSP Version: 1.7.1 (Linux, non-steam) What Happens: When using a level 2 VAB or SPH (not level 1 or 3) it;s possible to get the advanced action groups to show up with some clickign around. Mods / Add-Ons: Breaking ground, Making History Steps to Replicate: In career mode unlock the lever 2 VAB and some science. Create a basic rocket with 2 science parts (not ins symmetry) and go into the action group tab. It will only list the basic action groups as it should, Then select a science part or something else with actions. The advanced actions (numbers 1-9) show up. If it doesn't wor
  2. Had the same issue, hunderes of messages when timewarping for other misions with an outpost on minmus. Completly drowns out anything that might be of use. Maybe just have max 1 message about it and have a counter for how often it triggered?
  3. I'm tryign to create a mover with wheels I can pack up and move so it;s compact when transported but it has a wide base for wheels. However when dealign with hinges and rotors there are a lot of symetry issues, in this case for example the rotor is attaching on the left-side node in both cases... I am also havving issues where it looks fine in the VAB but when I deploy to the runday for testign some hinges disconect... the hinge and attached parts then just behave as physics would dictate for a disconected part... but it;s still drawing power and commands from the larger vessel. I
  4. I am trying to create an unforlding rover with the wheels mounted on pistons... but the wheels will stay in place as the piston moves through them. Particularly I am using the 1p2 psiton and the rovomax S2 wheels.
  5. I am so looking forward to the DLC. I was an early backer so I don;t need to buy it for myself... but I will to gift for some of my friends. I trust squad enough, especially since they spent the time before Christmas releasing bug-fixes and stability improvements, unlike some other game publishers. This kind of good behavior deserves to be applauded and rewarded. Plus I love KSP.
  6. Huh I am the opposite. I often use skippers because they have better ISP than mamoths, and they are cheaper, and they are strong enoguh to get an upper stage with a poodle out of the atmosphere or even into orbit outright. If I need more thrust I asperegus some extra stages on there or go to beefier engines than the mamoth. So for me the mamoth is the rarely used engine for me.
  7. Honestly while 1.4.0 is full of glarign bugs that should have been caught it's not nearly as bad as it was in the 1.0 days. But yes QA clearly clearly failed, and they need to release a few more patches to fix things, esspecialy the top row of icons still beign vut in half in 1.4.1. They fixed it on mac but not on linux? WTH?
  8. They made a note in the anouncement forum sayign that it takes them a few hours to add it to all the early purchasers.
  9. I am trying to use the KSP store to download 1.4.1 but I keep getting bounced back to the front page. I assume the store page is just having issues under heavy load?
  10. So after playing with 1.4 some more I feel like I have to revise my opinion a bit. Yes there are a bunch of glitches that should have been caught (Decoupler not playing nice with FL-T400, the cut in half icons, the sound issues, reentry particle effects 1-3 IVA) but if fixed the update will be an improvement over 1.3, and performance seems to be markedly better, or rather take much better advantage of the plentyfull cores. So they should probably have taken a bit longer for some polish but the game moslty works.
  11. I have a fairly basic rocket in early career and the TD-12 decoplers look very graphically glitchy with the FL-T400 fuel tanks, it doesn't affect the T100, t200 or the MK1 fuel tank. I havn;t noticed this glitch wiht other combinations just the TD-12 to the FL-T400. I have noticed other parts clipping the decouplers when attached but since they don;t Z-fight it's very ignorable. The 400 though is flickering like a strobelight. Will this be fixed in 1.4.1?
  12. I have tried it with various anti-aliasing settings and the icons keep bing cut in half. I have anti-aliasing on turning it off doesn't help. Given all the bugs so far... 1.4 really needs a QA team and some more time in the oven.
  13. I have had similar issues but not consistently. but yes glitchy sounds, short burst of music on scene switch , occasionaly no sound or music at all. Restarting KSP sometimes fixes it but I can;t get it to happen consistently. I am on linux not windows so this is cross platform.
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