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  1. Multiplayer is still listed as a feature to be added eventually. And one I am really looking forward to.
  2. I have the same issue on Linux Mint 17.3
  3. It's just a probe with 2 scansat sensors (terrain and biome) on the way to the first gas giant to map it and maybe its moons if it has enough DV. Candle nuclear engine on the final stage.
  4. Gael seems to suffer from some global warming (reloadign the scene fixed it but comming back to a messed up spacecenter is normal with the mod. It also happens in stock though I have never seen flooding before.)
  5. I am havign a similar problem right now with CKan, the Strategia mod is not showung up... It's probably somethign for the CKAN maintainers.
  6. I have not had problems with the 1.2 prerelease, havn't yet tried the full release.
  7. In most of my career games I will start an interplanetary mission or two (probes towards duna and sometimes eve or jool) and then turn to other closer missions while the probe is underway and then abandon the game for some reason or another. Ussualy because I am buildign a base on minmus and get fustrated by KAS or a shiny new release comes out or other games or.... Hopefully Kerbnet will smooth the transition from short misions to long missions out a bit so I will actually do some interplanetary missions.
  8. There is not that much room, the densest part of the van allen belts is a bit over 000km up. the current ISS orbiit is at 400some km, and current radiation levels are around 1mSv per day, but during solar storms the van allen belts can be pushed down to 200km... in those cases the astronauts and some sensitive equipment have to be in a special shelter to reduce the impact. So one of these red boxes each day, more during a solar storm. That is what the equipment is built to survive, it can't go higher as the flux ramps up by orders of magnitude, and the ISS's inclination is such that it would have to pass through the belts unlike say appolo which had an inclination that skirted through the outer edges and was going very very fast. That is not possible with the ISS unless you do an inclination change and add more boosters. The ISS can't handle interplanetary radiation levels, and the van allen belt is 3 orders of magnitude more intense. And just look at how sharply the van alen belts ramp up, the blue is orders of magnitude less than the red; (First image is outer belts only) Higher orbit also means more debris, and a longer lasing impact if the ISS is hit and fragments. It also means more fuel would need to be used for avoidance maneuvers negating some of the gains from needing less boosts.
  9. Huh, I have that happening on Mint (Ubuntu derivative) x64 with a Geforce GTX 980... but it doesn;t seem like the kind of thing affected by the graphics card.
  10. The ISS orbit is so low that it needs fuel to maintain station, so short term it's not viable to leave it abandoned in orbit and long term if it gets into a collision with some debris it will kessler LEO something fierce. Shifting it to a higher orbit is also not viable it is in a low orbit and designed for that it allows them to skimp on heavy radiation shielding and simplifies the electronics. Shift it to a higher orbit and it runs smack dab into the Van Allen belts which will fry its systems and anyone onboard in short order. Even if you get through them the materials of the ISS will have trouble long term with the higher radiation environment found in a higher orbit. So you can't raise it, if you can't keep it with the effort and cost of the constant resupply missions the only option is to lower it, which means it burns up as there is now way for it to survive re-entry.
  11. check Player.log and tghe unity perfs file. the path is something like (working from memory) ~/.config/unity3d/Squad/KSP/ Sounds like you are being bit by this;
  12. It's bad anti-aliasing of text, there are some sections of text that are affected and some not. It's an annoyance I expect to be fixed someday/
  13. Go to settings.cfg and manualy edit the resolution to be big enough to click on that pop-up, and then you can play the game... somewhat.
  14. got to settigns.cfg and edit it by hand. Anti-aliasing and full screen don't work for me in the config menu, and I'd recommend setting the resolution inside the cfg file as well rather than trusting the config menu in the game, it's badly broken at the moment.
  15. No fresh install. No mods. There is an issue with unity screen size detection on linux, giving absurd results like resolutions of 1x0 or 1900x2. the problem is that once you get a semi-workable resolution say 640x480 the pop up asking about tracking is outside the window so you are stuck. But since startup generated KSP config files you can then edit those, to get a screen big enough to answer the pop-up, and once the pop-up is gone you can go into settings and try and fix stuff... but several of the options seem to break the settings menu. Touching anti-aliasing or full screen will make the accept and apply buttons do nothing, leaving you with just cancel. It looks like these bugs do not affect everyone, but they affect me and make me liquided. Then when I finaly get in game I encounter mission killing bugs, so for now all career games will need to have revert to launch enabled, and I am not sure what I will do about later missions where you switch vessels and so revert is not an option. I probably had some bad luck with the sheer number of bugs I encountered, but I found other people with the same issues in the support forum just with only 1 or two of them, not all of them. But given that in ~5 minutes of play time I encountered 4 different game killign bugs and a horde of minor annoyances.. I'm liquided.