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  1. I have this one It is 4 Generations older than yours.
  2. Hi, I just wanted to ask a little question what kind of Hardware do you use to run KSP. I'm really frustrated lately and stopped playing because everything has more than 5 parts doesn't run fluid. Docking on this is a real pain in the ass. If someone has tips to improve the performance you are very welcome to post here. My Hardware: Intel i760 Radeon 7870 8 GB RAM SSD
  3. I think I found my problem, the Dropbox Link on the first Page goes to 3.3.1. Where can I find Version 4? EDIT: Found it, it's in his blog.
  4. Same here, putting the Parts, Plugins, Plugindata files in the folders in KSP root, doesn't work either. Maybe it's the Version that is on Dropbox. Running Windows btw.