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  1. The sunflare for Destiny seems to be broken for me at least. Anyone else getting this issue?
  2. To Boldly Go is not giving the reward for science around a new celestial body, at least when the first science report is transmitted and from a body around the homeworld (I am playing in the Beyond Home system but this has happened in the stock system as well). I am not sure if this issue happens for other planets and moons since I haven't explored them yet.
  3. I put probe cores and power generators on almost every separable piece of a spacecraft just in case I need control, even when it is permanently inhabited by Kerbals. I also like to keep all of my experiments within reach of a Kerbal on a ladder or on the surface so I don't have to float them around and risk breaking the solar panels. This is probably necessary for high gravity bodies like Eve or Tylo.
  4. I have found out from testing that it is due to Contract Configurator.
  5. At the maximum capacity of the spacecraft, 4,250.
  6. The craft was running in the foreground and the recycler would fail at 10,000x and 100,000x time warp settings.
  7. I am having trouble with recycling at high time warp despite the recent update. Something I noticed was that the Hitchhiker container said it was missing electric charge in the info box. My ship is capable of generating the electricity needed and I have three Kerbals onboard so it should be able to keep up.
  8. I have tested the Mobile Processing Lab and the Local Science bonus doesn't affect science processed in the lab, probably because the data is clumped together when the lab is processing it.
  9. Does the Science bonus for Local Science affect Science that has been researched in the Mobile Processing Lab? EDIT: If so, does it add the bonus based on the original Science value or the new value from being processed in the lab?
  10. I am also unable to get the contracts for setting up networks around the Mun and Minmus even in the newest release. Can someone tell me precisely what I need to have set up in order for the contracts to become available. Maybe it is because the orbits of my Kerbin network are not within the eccentricity parameters for it to be classified as a constellation in the code? EDIT: I found the solution on github. You have to point a dish or antenna with the required range at "Active Vessel" to meet the requirements.
  11. The planets are not being scaled up for me. Anyone else getting this bug? Output log:
  12. I keep getting crashes with this mod (I am using at least 60 other addons). Output log:
  13. INTJ Introvert(67%) iNtuitive(12%) Thinking(75%) Judging(44%)
  14. Another good mod would be NeverUnload: This means that any object with this module will not unload until it reaches a set distance (300km default) from an object you are currently controlling, allowing for spent stages to land safely back on Kerbin. It hasn't been updated in a while but it appears to not have many problems.