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  1. Hi, Some things that I found helpful in lessening crashes, I'll post below, though I still get random crashes just clicking on things with the mouse, even clicking start game - occasionally......( modded or stock). My setup xp32 that could use a reformat on a core duo 2, Nvidia. Don't laugh it works... I also test on a windows 10 lap top for log comparisons. I run the game from a shortcut to the exe, not through steam, steam not running. Anyways - Please note that I do not recommend doing any of the following - except for testing, by experienced peoples: I rip the steam controller goop out of the ksp dir and the squad plugins folder the - game plays and it gets rid of this: [EXC 19:19:50.847] InvalidOperationException: Steamworks is not initialized. Steamworks.InteropHelp.TestIfAvailableClient () Steamworks.SteamController.Shutdown () SteamController.KSPSteamController.OnDestroy () SteamController.KSPSteamController.OnApplicationQuit () I don't use special controller so I don't miss it. Also the game started, so that was a plus. I've been doing it since Squad added it in 1.05 Just for clarity, by ripping out the steam goop - I mean delete in: Kerbal Space Program\ these: steam_api.dll & steam_api64.dll & CSteamworks.dll this: Kerbal Space Program\CSteamworks.bundle in: Kerbal Space Program\GameData\Squad\Plugins\ these: KSPSteamCtrlr.dll & Steamworks.NET.dll & Steamworks.NET.dll.config I leave the SaveUpgradePipeline.Scripts stuff as I don't know what it does...I guess it throws the new script errors or something I don't know of, and have not yet seen, any negative impact from doing this. So that's my first 10 min. with KSP 1.1.2. Also I have low memory so I clean this up: (Steam version:build id = 012602016.04.30 at 11:49:48 CEST Branch: master) Kerbal Space Program\GameData\Squad\Parts\Wheel\roverWheelM1 delete convert roverwheel1.mbm (to .dds) Kerbal Space Program\GameData\Squad\Parts\Wheel\roverWheelS2 delete convert roverwheel2.mbm roverwheel2_n.mbm Kerbal Space Program\GameData\Squad\Parts\Wheel\roverWheelTR-2L delete convert ksp_r_medWheel_diff.mbm ksp_r_medWheel_normal.mbm ksp_r_medWheel_wheel_diff.mbm ksp_r_medWheel_wheel_normal.mbm Kerbal Space Program\GameData\Squad\Parts\Wheel\roverWheelXL3 delete convert mount.mbm mount_n.mbm wheel.mbm wheel_n.mbm Kerbal Space Program\GameData\Squad\Parts\Utility\landingLegLT-1 texture duplicate ksp_r_landingStrut_diff.mbm Kerbal Space Program\GameData\Squad\Parts\Utility\landingLegLT-2 texture duplicate landingLeg.mbm Kerbal Space Program\GameData\Squad\Parts\Utility\landingLegLT-5 texture duplicate leg.mbm delete old/legacy name file Squad\Spaces\LargeCrewedLabInternals convert to .dds from .png -also thanks for doing your excellent Claw stuff. It helps a lot (makes the game playable). I hope this info is helpful to someone. -edit I just read the bug report chatter in the link posted and saw the steam controller stuff was already suggested.... sorry about that .
  2. I wanted to attach 2 at the wide ends. Thanks, I appreciate your help. Works perfectly...
  3. Howdy, I'm enjoying the mod. The 3.75m Expanded Cluster Tank doesn't seem to have a bottom attach node. Am I missing something? I'd like to use it but there is no way to stick anything on the bottom of it. If you get some time, can you post the bottom node line here. I would like to paste into the cfg. Thanks very much.
  4. Howdy folks. Hope everyone is well. I was setting up a new install and noticed two textures are called but are not present. RepulsorSurfaceDiffuse SurfaceTrackSurface I had both files from earlier releases but I just wanted to let you guys know for the next time you pack up a release. I also get [ERR] Invalid integer value on all the repulsors. I'm still using ksp 1.02 if that matters.... [LOG 10:15:18.359] PartLoader: Compiling Part 'KerbalFoundries/Parts/Repulsor/KF_Repulsor' [ERR 10:15:18.375] Invalid integer value [LOG 10:15:18.421] PartLoader: Compiling Part 'KerbalFoundries/Parts/RepulsorGimbal/KF_RepulsorGimbal' [ERR 10:15:18.437] Invalid integer value [LOG 10:15:18.484] PartLoader: Compiling Part 'KerbalFoundries/Parts/RepulsorSurface/KF_RepulsorSurface' [ERR 10:15:18.500] Invalid integer value I dont know the implications of an Invalid integer value, but I was wondering if it was actually a problem. As always, my thanks for the neat toys.
  5. I'm just adding to the list of people who get this. Only in solar orbit.
  6. NecroBones, these are realy cool. Thanks.
  7. "As well as being able to at least view what the custom action group assignments were, even if not able to change them" That would be excellent and should be added. Actualy I think it is long over due. Good addition
  8. I dont undersand what you have written in relation to my post. I see you disagree with my idea but your explaination of why makes me think you may have misread my post or dont understand the word example in this context. Anyway thanks for taking the time to post, however I dont know what it is your trying to say. You seemed to have missed the point. Also I could swear that you have just paraphrased an unrelated post from a totaly unrelated thread.
  9. Hi RJ, "Okay. The orange hotspots are an artifact of ORSX, which was the ISRU framework Karbonite used to run on. It has now since been converted over to Regolith, a custom built ISRU framework. Resource concentration is now linked to biome and can be scanned for via SCANSat (you MUST have the 9.4 dev build though..." -This means the mod has changed since the pictures you saw. SCANSat is the mod that allows scans of planets and makes the maps there are a couple versions of it right now. the 9.4 dev version is the one being actively developed for use with karbonite's changes. I dont think it is included with Karbonite. It is a seperate mod that supports karbonite and other mod resources as well as informational mapping. You will want Blizzy's toolbar 1.7.8 (mod) to get most functions working. I havent tried karbonite, and I am not currently using toolbar or scansat so I dont know how well they are working since the new versions dropped. Not that there should be any problems... Tips: I would add one mod at a time. In case one of the mods doesnt play well with others. Also read the threads for the mods you are using, especialy the first post and the last couple pages as they often have important instructions, tips, and late breaking bug reports and work arounds. Good luck to you.
  10. Hi, Here's the things: 1.) Right click menus on parts in flight not following the craft. Example: Bad radial decoupling knocks off 1 of 4 radial attached engines, I want to shut off the engine on the otherside to regain balanced control, it takes awhile to click the part (because the rocket is spinning) - well now the menu is spinning - Doh!!! Perhaps being able to get the right click menus on the stagging Icons would help - or at least have the menus only move in response to user made camera adjustments or being draggable while holding a key. I dont realy know what the best way to handle it would be, but not having the menus follow the part the way they do now would be appreciated. 2.) Tech nodes should do more then unlock parts, they should upgrade some existing parts, (I aready do this). Example: when reaching composites, New upgradded versions of command pods become availeable, using only extra configs. So the Mk1-2 Command Pod would have a new varient (using the same model and textures), Mk1-2b Command Pod that contains more electric and more monoprop and a thermometer but at the same weight. This would be due to the better materials and fabrication processes available as well as the miniturization of electronic components. A second gen skipper with same stats as the fist gen (but this one was in the dumpster and had a racoon living in it) but it's a little lighter - ect... A way to put old versions in a depreciated parts catagory might be helpful to keep down the clutter, but the parts should still be accessable. Also there is no appreciable performace impact by adding another config to the already existing part folders. 3.) On the pause menu have an option to see the key assignments even if it is not interactive and only information. I was flung out of a hatch and I forgot how to use the jet pack! 4.) Using action groups keys in the map view. (unless I'm missing something) Thanks.
  11. Hi lo-fi, thanks very much for taking the time to answer my questions. It's been bugging me for a long time. A double ++ thanks for actualy looking at the stuff and checking it out. Super Nice. A note of interest; If you look at the fuel lines or connecting strut you'll see they are still pointing to .DAE files that dont exist, having been replaced with .MUs awhile ago. Sure it works but trying to logic it out as a learn by example modder could be confusing...Why am I typing that here, I dont know... So anyways, the Korpses and grave markers is something I thunkded it up for you guys, so by all means. I tried to think up something cute and catchy and technicly feasable... as a way of giving back without having to actualy do anything . On a totaly unrelated note anyone who needs texturing may be interested in checking out filter forge it has a 30 day free trial and if you make a couple nice filters you can earn a free license. I has alot of premade filters for making stuff like warning tape, sci-fi panels and the like. It makes normal maps. You can design your own filters as well, using drag and drop objects. It requires no technical knowledge but if you have some you can do alot. I suspect that you would get alot out of it. Output from filter forge is owned by the person who hit the render button and not the filter designer. So there are no issues using the textures in free or comercial projects. Unless that has changed in the last few months, I havent been to the FF forums in awhile... It has some quirks but I think it's one of the best/easiest texture making tools out there. It can be used as a PS compatible plugin or run stand alone. The difference being the plugin lets you manipulate layers. The devs there also consider input from the more tech savy users as well. They have been running a sale for like 80% off the next few days,...for about 18 months... The only draw back is that if you like it, we may not see you for awhile... Please dont do that. So anyways, at this point, I will stop myself from babbling on, but I thank you for the hospitality, information, and all your efforts. I realy appreciate it all. -shooty
  12. Hello Gaalidas, I didnt know that about the spaces, thanks. Maybe you could answer a question I have about having duplucate crashTolerance = lines with differing values. like: mass = 0.005 dragModelType = default maximum_drag = 0.3 minimum_drag = 0.2 angularDrag = 1 crashTolerance = 7 maxTemp = 3600 crashTolerance = 50 breakingForce = 50 breakingTorque = 50 (which is from one of the squad wheels btw) I guessed that it would just use the first one = 7 and not the one that looks as it was intended by the person who pasted in the last 3 lines with = 50 -but I dont realy know. I see this in alot of squad parts and mods that used squad parts as a template of sorts. It's also in the claw too... I've been deleting out the first instance and leaving the one that looks like it was pasted in later. It seemed to help with the wheels breaking for seemingly no reason at slow speed on a small bumps, but it could just be a my imagination. I didnt notitice anything bad in the logs... but I have been playing awhile and it always haunts me. I havent looked into KSP modding beyond fixing things the logs complained about so Im not realy up to speed so to speak... so; Am I just a crazy dope breaking stuff because i didnt read any docs or is it a typo? is my question. As it seems like typo -based on my previous experiences with modding other stuff, but I dont know the in and outs of KSP, and being wrong is something I'm pretty familiar and comfortable with . On a side note I spend more time playing with my text editor and converting mbms from mods, (which I see no point in as they are the spawn of something that skitters in dark corners, at least I'm pretty sure they are, mbms also take pictures of me sleeping too, so there is also that...) then I do ksp. And as a bonus because I like to read your posts. I present you with the this mod idea as a thank you. "Korpses and Grave markers©" for where brave kerbals pushed the limits and the limits pushed back. Now with a larger selection of urns for DRE users! I think it would be quite interesting using the flag placing system for leaving monuments to my lost kerbals who I loved and cared for and strapped to a solid booster to gather high velocity statistical data from the VAB wall, for science... Others kerbals could come and mourn a lost comrade and see the details of the fallen heros demise. Or even as statics for static object placing mod, not as cool but they would be nice decorations/memorials on the mun... Festoon the mun with Korpses and Grave markers© will be the headline in all the papers! I would imagine. Unless of course it already exists, in which case I place any blame for stealing that persons awsome idea, on you. Um, I may have gotten off track somewhere after the Hello Gaalidas, part, sorry. Also probabily I should have asked in the general questions or support and not here, but you guys were friendly, so sorry about rambling in this thread...
  13. Howdy. Firstly thanks. Great work, been having much joy with the treads and repulsors. I was just setting up my 25 install, and grabbed the latest version of the mod, and since I'm well, a little odd, I look at every cfg before I install anything, and noticed that in most parts, instances of crashTolerance lines were missing a space or = . Anyways, my apreciation for getting the treads going and making such a nice mod. Good stuff.