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  1. Being fan of Debian and using Terminal to install packages I really welcome what you have done. I was thinking about such a aproach before aswell. It would be great to do repository style mod installer where authors of mods will be able to upload their mods in a fashion that your plugin will be able to handle and install it in KSP with all dependencies or lets say if particular module cant work with other, dont allow installation or ask for removal of interfering module. Also when Squad finnish the game they should consider adding this method of mod installing to KSP so its native.
  2. Well you are right. I was just purely wondering if it is any efford to do so. But you are right. Until we have at least telescopes etc. it is useless. I have some telescopes plugins installed but they are pretty hard to stabilise on distant bodies. However they gives you some Science points if you take some pictures of it, so maybe in a future it will give you a reason if you get rewarded pretty nice by taking pictures of an eclipse but it is just my thought. But thanks anyway for an efford to answer my question. I appreciate it.
  3. Hi I am new to KSP. So far I have launched 2 COM satellites into Kerbin orbit and one Kethane-Ore scanner into the Mun orbit. Yesterday I just encountered solar eclipse visible from Kerbin. I have read that it happens once a kerbin month, but I was wondering if there is any way to calculate other events outside Kerbin like on other planets. Having a Events Calendar plugin is not so bad idea but I havent found one that do such a thing.
  4. Yep thanks for help. I found out its because of what you said. And crash problem was solved. It was other interfering mod that caused all the problems.
  5. Hello guys I just installed this Mod but every time I start the game and hit OK to confirm progressive building it puts me to Mission control and then it crashes. I have no idea whats wrong. I am using latest KSP version on Steam.
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