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  1. I've been experimenting with the amazing B9 procedural wings mod and made this little spaceplane having something in common with other lifting body designs. The body is made of these procedural wings. The middle sections have 1m thickness. Here it is a second after separating from the first stage booster: Approaching to KSC after making a few orbits: I wish we could offset the tips of the wings to make a completely flat bottom for such spaceplanes.
  2. So I wanted to make a quick mission to Duna requiring a single launch and that's what I made: During the mission I performed 4 Duna landings and a few Ike landings. The mission required 700k money and yielded about 6k science.
  3. Nice lander! I see you too like to put those lander command modules in parallel.
  4. This transfer window planner is great and it works well in RSS: It can also work with the alarm mod!
  5. This thread has been silent for a while... So, I've been thinking about Mars deceleration and landing again and this cool picture I've seen long time ago came to my mind: That's a cool lander, isn't it? I wish I could do it in KSP... wait a second... take a procedural interstage adapter, make these leafs, disassemble the interstange and put the leafs on IR pivotrons, and it's done! I have tested it and it works perfectly with FAR! Also it's possible to add AblativeShielding to procedural fairings so overheating will not destroy the decelerator. This is the result of attaching fairings generated for 8 attach nodes to 6 pivotrons: 8 leafs, more cross-section area: It is also possible to remove gaps completely. Unfortunately, i don't have a screenshot of this shield in folded state. I hope this helps you with reentry and aerobraking in your missions!
  6. I've built this one to practice gravity assists. Made an Eve flyby, then two Kerbin flybys and arrived Jool 10 years after launch.
  7. A simple munar landing mission in Career mode. I used the Apollo plan, but only with a single kerbal. Got 400 science from that!
  8. If anyone else is also having problem with running KSP on a notebook with two video cards, try running the game in forced OpenGL mode(add -force-opengl to launch parameters) or, if it doesn't work too, in forced DirectX11 mode(-force-d3d11). I have a notebook with NVidia and Intel graphics. I have never had such a problem in Windows 7, but I decided to upgrade to Windows 10, making a clean install after the upgrade. Now, if I try to start the game with the high performance NVidia card, it only starts well in OpenGL and DX11 modes, but not in the default mode(DX9).
  9. That's a nice heatshield design! Did you know, you can try to deploy heatshields on one side a bit less than on the other to create some lifting force during re-entry? Or do you use the small heat shields at the top for this?
  10. Better try to make a plane yourself, it's not so hard and interesting. You will have to download all the mods and maybe something will be broken if you try to use other people's crafts, everyone has one's special gamedata folder. Rothank, that's a nice plane! I think you can find an application for it in KSP. For example, you can launch some rockets or spaceplanes from it.
  11. Staying calm when the game crashed not first time during a day
  12. Sorry, I don't remember, but must be something close to real life proposed MAKS - 7 tons.
  13. So huge, flying it through the air must create a hurricane somewhere over the ocean!
  14. I absolutely agree with you, this should be done some time! There is another application for this, it will allow us to align side-attached stages constructed in orbit!