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  1. Is there a "very verbose" log option for this? I seem to have problems with bases running out of power when I load or switch into scene to a craft that's not the base in a complicated setup. The only thing that seems to work is turning everything off, and specifically turning off any SAFER generators and turning them back on again, including the radiators. The oil rigs always seem to need restarting, even on direct load as well... even with sufficient power bolted directly to them. Haha, I beat you to asking for the logs first! On a side note, not everything is appearing in the NFE monitor - hacienda & doc yes, castillo no. I can help with that (and the very verbose logging) if you'd like.
  2. Hey, I'm coming back for another playthrough of ksp and I just wanted to let you know how cool this mod is. The castillo stuff is a great example of how something relatively simple looking can be pretty cool. I think it's screaming for a blimp hangar if you feel like calling the 3d printer part bad names for a week or three... the Goodyear one actually looks like it's inflated if you ignore the skeleton.
  3. We're pretty close to 1.2. I couldn't get KAC to work in the free time that I've had, and that's much more important than TWP. I think there's a website out there for TWP stuff. Let TriggerAu do the Lord's work on getting 1.2 ready and wow us all.
  4. He's probably on top of things, but most modders are holding out until the official release. I just got an itch to try out the new kerbalnet bit from other planets and took matters into my own hands.
  5. Good news for anyone using 1.2pre... if you update the references and recompile, you can start using TWP today. KAC runs, but has an issue saving to the scenarios {} bit of the save file so all of the alarms disappear when switching vessels.
  6. Are fuel tank tweakables implemented? I put in build 147 and tried auto-ascend on a 7xOrange Tank asparagus config, with the outer 6 set at about 50% capacity, and center tank at 100%. For each of the 3 outer stages I had to jettison manually like it thought they still had fuel. After that, the center tank was jettisoned correctly and flight continued normally.
  7. I don't know where this thread has been since I've been busy playing, but my experience has been: * Ascent and rendezvous autopilots are awesome and extremely optimistic, and conserve a lot of fuel * Docking auto is extremely pessimistic and will burn through 1000 units of mono in no time just to "be perfect" on z 100m out. The game is much more lenient on that, and despite the waste it still won't align xyz with target angles on dock, resulting in many docks an asterisk formation. Auto-docking should also use SRS/burn if it can and take a "good enough" approach since it seems to feel that way about docking in general given the failed angle approach. Especially when the port is lateral to the target/craft rendezvous approach.