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  1. @linuxgurugamer I'm sorry, I forgot that... here it is!
  2. so I tried to get it to work, using CKAN, and using 1.7.3 with both DLC's. For some reason it doesn't seem to work. I tried with many other mods, no mods (outside of just the module manager), and it doesn't seem to work. It worked fine when the game was 1.7.2. I foolishly updated the game, and updated all the mods, nothing else changed. every other mod I had seems to work. I then re-installed the game (making sure to delete all files), tried both ways, same results.
  3. Thanks! i was able to fix mine and post the fix to the other forum post!
  4. nevermind i fixed it myself Edit: I'm not sure what the limit should be, I have been testing it, and 5+ starts messing it up!
  5. Sorry, it wouldn't let me write outside of the quote, but I found this, related to the bug with the contracts.... The base and station contracts in the normal game are horrible, i've always enjoyed this contract pack, and right now its not working, (but if you can put in that fix, i would be extremely appreciative! I know your extremely busy, and understand if it takes a few days). I really want this pack to be part of my game.... Thanks!
  6. So far I have enjoyed your three uploaded crafts! I can't wait to get my hands on all your other crafts!
  7. @wile1411 I was also pointing out that it isn't part of scansat, not just that it is supported or not.
  8. @wile1411 @nightingale the Scansat contract pack by @DBT85 still works, and is separate from scansat. sure it hasn't been updated, but it is different then the ones within scansat.
  9. thanks @DStaal and @wookiee_goldberg for your help, i will be using this!
  10. @rawghi How did you skin your planes for that description for the kerbin navy and army? what mod is that?
  11. Although i do enjoy ksp weekly, being, well, weekly, honestly, I feel like if you do not have any information, or have to find something to say, it isn't worthwhile for me. Also I dislike all the history section, it feels like its copied/pasted from wikipeda and was written by a robot. If you want to put in history, make it exciting. I know it sounds strange, but have you ever been in a boring history class where its rote memorization? it sucks, it dosn't bring history out. now, ive been lucky where i had many exciting history teachers who made it exciting and fun WHILE still learning dates and important parts. My first major at school was originally economics with a minor in history. Ive read many exciting books on space history, and none of these history sections have been at all exciting. Its constantly a letdown honestly. I would rather have a pr person write up a history using extremely broken English, who cares about it, over a lame Wikipedia type article! believe me, if i want to find out more information, most forum readers can find it out with a simple search. I love KSP, it is my favorite game, but i'd rather have a chunk of good and worthwhile information that excites me, at a less regular rate, then have a small amount of pushed (filling in space) information, with a wikipedia type article! in my mind, when ksptv was active with its own show, playing an unmodded version and showing it off, while sometimes making announcements, that was the best! It was a great way to promote the game, show features that were new or hidden, and just make it a nice environment. I could care less if the person wasn't a great English speaker! The love of the game, the amount of fun they had, and the news was exciting! I enjoyed watching it, and most of the people who work at Squad, speak English really well, especially the PR team!