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  1. I third it... a Mk1 Pod IVA in the same style would be VERY *awesome*
  2. It's a contract thing... I'll grab screenshot tonight
  3. Is anyone else seeing the bug in which it fails to correctly unlock the planet the first time you visit ? (you've got to go back to the tracking center before it unlocks)
  4. - Fixed a problem not allowing the new Biomes to work - Added Stock Inclination back as a option - Updated the Readme - Made the Sun a bit smaller to represent the size of the system > How about providing a zip that's simply the changes between N and N-1 versions ? (The main download is 700+ mb... so having to download it again simply to get an updated cfg/dll is a bit of a pain) Thanks Mooner
  5. Got to laugh, So we've gone from it's "your computer" to "found the issue" in 20 mins.
  6. Updated to 1.04 (from 1.02) and I'm seeing the noted issue (timewarp is limited to x100) and the frame rate as really taken a hit. Can you please use Github, makes it a lot easier to see the updates / roll back to a previous version (I had to fine the old zip to roll back to 1.02). CKAN would also be great as it's easier to keep up to date then checking the forum every day. As a side note, sorry but I think the sun flare is a bit too much now.
  7. Ditto... it's a great little mod that's missed atm when playing 1.1+
  8. Has anyone else noticed there's city lights on the dark side of Mun?
  9. Any plans on "RasterPropMonitor"'ing those 3 IVA screens? This is a great little pod.
  10. Hi Cicatrix, "after MJ fails to execute a maneuver node sometimes I cannot even fire the engines manually (the only option at this point is to quit and restart ksp)." Same, although I was able to fire the engines manually after going on EVA (which makes me think it's something to do with Mechjeb thinking the pod isn't manned) Thanks Mooner
  11. Love it. Saves me having to close KSP to quickly accept a incoming skype call (and then waiting a couple of mins for the game to load again after the call is finished) Thanks Matt
  12. Hi, Small White asteroid + white smoke trail (i.e. from a engine) + the logic that makes solar cells track (i.e. to point the tail away from the sun) = Comet Added bonus would be a biome so that science could be collected. Anyone interested ? It would be a great add-on IMO Thanks Matt
  13. Hi dlrk Those lander legs, any idea which mod ? (Deadly Reentry burns off one or more of my legs all the time) Thanks Mr Mooner
  14. parameciumkid This mod, well I'm a little lost for words.... like Kamuchi I'm wondering how I missed this mod when it came out, it's great ! Thanks Mr Mooner
  15. rbray89, I dip my hat to you sir... this mod, well words do no describe how nice it is to see Kerbin at night
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