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  1. Fingers crossed for more mods getting Waterfall configs--offhand, KW Rocketry Rebalanced and the B9 mods, but I'm sure there are others that could use 'em too. LinuxGuruGamer has already said he won't be making Waterfall configs for KWR himself, but that doesn't preclude someone else making 'em.
  2. Fair. Hope someone else works up suitable Waterfall configs then; I've been wishing for mesh-based plumes pretty much since I started playing KSP, and I really like KWR parts (old textures be damned).
  3. Any word or thoughts on support for Waterfall plumes? (reference: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/196309-111x-waterfall-a-framework-for-continuous-mesh-driven-engine-effects-feb-25/&_fromLogin=1)
  4. Any word or thoughts on support for Waterfall plumes? (reference: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/196309-111x-waterfall-a-framework-for-continuous-mesh-driven-engine-effects-feb-25/&_fromLogin=1)
  5. Using this and Community Tech Tree (among many, many other mods). Is there a particular reason the KPBS landing legs aren't unlocked in the same tech node as the "Planetary Adapter" part (the one with attachment nodes specifically for the landing legs)?
  6. For manual mod install, the ZIP file you downloaded should have had a /GameData/ folder in it. Merge that with the /GameData/ folder in your KSP installation. To put it another way, all of the contents of the mod's /GameData/ folder should wind up inside the game's /GameData/ folder with exactly the same subfolder structure. Using CKAN makes this much easier.
  7. Would be nice if this could go up to e.g. 250% scale. Even with the game running at 1080p and scaled up to 200% by Windows, I still have trouble reading some things. Also, there are some things this still doesn't affect, like the flight info from KER at the top of the screen.
  8. I'm seeing several antennas that don't seem to have RT configs—mainly relay antennas. Pretty sure a lot of them are from other mods (I'm using a ton of them), but a few of them might be stock, I'm not sure. Anyone know of another mod (or even just some drop-in config files) that add RT configs for antennas that aren't included in basic RT?
  9. Module Manager will load any properly-formatted .cfg file within the /GameData/ directory, so you should be able to just save this as its own .cfg file and drop it anywhere in there. [EDIT] Confirmed. I copied the contents of the first code block in your post, pasted it into a blank new file in Notepad++, saved it as RemoteTech_NearFuture_Exploration.cfg, and copied it into /GameData/. However, I'm not sure your config is working for all of the NFX antennas. (edit 2: upon review, your config does not include an entry for this antenna. Looks like you missed it, and pos
  10. I'm pretty sure RT itself doesn't have this, but does anyone know of a way to have RT antenna range visualized on the in-game map in a similar manner to what Antenna-Helper does for stock CommNet? On a separate note, two questions about the CommTech EXP-VR-2T omni antenna (RTLongAntenna3): For being so big, its range is disappointing. It's huge when deployed, but it only beats the range of the Communotron 16 by 20%. Is there a particular reason for this? Is there a particular reason it can't be node-attached?
  11. It seems there's been no change to this as of yet. I'll give the full RealChute mod a try, but it looks more complex than I really want to deal with, which leaves me torn between adding RC, dropping FAR, and putting up with clipping chutes. Even if it lacked the aerodynamic benefits that chute-spread has in vanilla KSP, a basic spread-angle function just to avoid clipping would be very much appreciated.
  12. Thanks. Time to go investigate the FAR thread and try to determine why it removes the chute spread function. :V [edit] Looks like it's 'cause FAR's "RealChuteLite" module is literally just a pruned-down version of RealChute, which was built from the ground up only implementing chute-spread for its own added parachute parts. Since FAR doesn't add those parts, the result is no chute-spread function.
  13. Here ya go: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vt76ouhjdwfixof/ModuleManager.ConfigCache.txt?dl=0 I poked around in there myself, and it looks like one of my mods replaced the stock parachutes with its own nearly-identical versions, but I'm not sure which mod is the culprit.
  14. For any game that *has* a lot of mods available, my general philosophy is "mod it till it breaks".
  15. Isn't there supposed to be an option in the context menu of radially-mounted parachutes while in the VAB/SPH to set their spread angle? Even with advanced tweakables enabled, I can't find it. Screenshot: Posted in this section 'cause I do have a lot of mods installed (list below), but I don't think any of them should block this functionality.
  16. Tried that, it makes no difference if TU is installed. Without TU, that switches between current and previous-version Proc.Parts textures.
  17. I'll just remove TU until I decide I really want it and can find a suitable PP config/texture-set for it.
  18. I didn't have *any* separate configuration file installed, as I hadn't yet found one I wanted. Simply having Textures Unlimited installed interferes with the normal textures and texture-swapping function of the Procedural Parts mod. The following screenshots were taken from a completely fresh copy of KSP 1.8.1. The first two are with only Procedural Parts installed. The next three are with Proc.Parts and Textures Unlimited.
  19. This mod seems to override the default textures for Procedural Parts; that mod's normal texture-switching function in the VAB/SPH has no effect, and its icons in the parts list are just black silhouettes. Removing this mod fixed it.
  20. Yeah, I'unno where that idea came from either. They're fans—extremely dedicated fans—not modders.
  21. Xbox 360 launched in '05, and I think $60 was the typical price for a "AAA" game even before that.
  22. Ship construction at orbital colonies will be a thing, but it probably won't be depicted in an enclosed space.
  23. The group that went to visit Star.Theory all went to dinner later and discussed their visit; Scott Manley streamed it. Here's the VOD: [edit: replaced Twitch VOD with youtube upload] [EDIT] One thing I picked out from this video: when asked about the binary planets and how that will work in-game, the devs' response was that they have a solution, but they did not specify what that solution was aside from the fact that it is not n-body gravitation.
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