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  1. Sounds like a good idea, but I'm not sure if/how this can be done. I'll do some investigating. Anyone know of any mods that currently do something like this? Another good idea. I can add a new filter type for celestials, or one for planets/one for moons. I'll work on this for the next major release.
  2. Blizzy, you are the man! I assumed as long as I don't try to access "t" after removing I would be fine. Learn something new every day
  3. I've been seeing this message on occasion ever since KSP updated to 0.23. I seem to only get it two or three times in a row then nothing. I'll do some more investigating and see if I can find what triggers it.
  4. Thanks again. I'll get it right one of these times! Version 1.3.4 should fix this.
  5. That was not the intended behavior, more an oversight on my part. I just released version 1.3.3 to fix this. It should now save the toggle state properly. Thanks!
  6. Blizzy, great job on this. I started using the toolbar while adding support to Targetron and plan to continue use it. A couple of suggestions from a developer's point of view: Provide a standard wrapper class for developers. That removes dependency on the Toolbar.dll file in case someone deletes it or replaces it. I used the wrapper Toadicus wrote and it works great. Add support for multiple size button textures. Current size is 24x24. Maybe 48x48 for larger res screens? If no Tooltip value is provided, fall back to using the Text property. I noticed VOID plugin, for example, provides only Text. Keep up the good work!
  7. Thanks blizzy! I tried removing it but found it stays visible after I leave flight mode. It looks like [KSPAddon(KSPAddon.Startup.Flight, false)] only affects when the plugin is started. It isn't getting destroyed until the game is exited. Not sure if I'm missing something or if that is the intended behavior. Actually I just added this in the last major release. If you right click a listing that is in range (< 200m) and mouse over a listed docking port, the actual port will highlight red. At this point I don't have a problem with de-highlighting since it doesn't stay highlighted, but I plan to have any targeted docking ports highlight another color at some point. I'll check out Ship Manifest and see how you did it.
  8. Great plugin! I just released v1.3.1 which adds support. Also, thanks to toadicus for the wrapper class.
  9. This bug has been fixed in today's release. It should perform much better in EVA mode. This latest release is tested working with 0.23.
  10. Yes I am noticing it now, especially with a lot of flights listed. It does appear to only happen in EVA. I am looking into this and should have a fix soon...I also need to make sure it works with KSP 0.23 when it releases tomorrow.
  11. The plugin uses the built-in rename feature, just like if you right clicked the command pod to rename. So you can change the vessel type as well as the name already.
  12. Great idea! It may not be in the next update but I definitely want to do something like this.
  13. Yeah that is a good point. Really the AU thing is stupid since nothing in the game uses it. I think I'll just forget the AUs and use m, Km, Mm, etc like KSP uses. If anyone would really miss AUs let me know and I can make it an option. I might have some time during the week (it's an easy enough change) but if not I'll have it ready this weekend. Thanks for the suggestion, keep them coming! P.S. Anyone know if there is a hard max on distance in KSP? Any reason to go up to Yottameters? (Thanks wikipedia!)
  14. I updated this forum post finally, since the forums were down when I released 1.2.1. This newest version contains a fix for IVA mode (in the cockpit). The right click context menu didn't work, since right click toggles mouse control in IVA. Now when in IVA, the context menu can be activated by a left click on the vessel name instead. I also fixed the rename feature. Apparently the new name does not stick unless the vessel is currently loaded in game. This appears to be within a few km but if anyone has more specifics please let me know. With this update the option will be disabled if the vessel is not currently loaded, so to enable it just get close. Finally, as an added little bonus, I added a quick way to toggle multiple filter icons. Simply right click one icon, then left click another and it will affect all icons in between. Might take a bit to get the hang of and hopefully people don't do it by accident, but it can be really convenient. Happy targeting!
  15. No, the purpose of this plugin is to be able to see all active flights and easily target or switch control to another flight. If you are close enough, you can also rename or target a specific docking port.
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