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  1. Can you post a picture of your craft? Also are you playing with RP-0 (if so, what's your tech level?)? Also, I have a bug to report. I seem to have an issue with weird rotations during EVAs:
  2. Random failures are part of (optional) TestFlight mod. Not my first Kerbal to orbit in this career, but I just thought it was an interesting blend of Kerbal high jinks and Realism Overhaul realism. I also thought the rocket turned out to be pretty interesting. An American Capsule, boosted by a British upper stage, with Russian boosters, including what are basically improved V2 rocket engines. Interestingly, both the Venus VI-D-M rocket I used and the Atlas rocket used for Project Mercury both have a mass of 120 tons. Please tell if there is anything wrong with images or ca
  3. So I'm having frequent crashes when transitioning (craft - craft, VAB -> Space Center, craft -> Space Center etc). Only very rare crashes when actually flying a craft (exceptions seem to occur coming out of time warp). It seems to have gotten more frequent. Is this due to memory issues? If so, going by the first page, does running in windowed mode really help? Any use in dynamic texture loading or active texture management mods?
  4. Realized I forgot to get back to you on this. Bigger heat shields worked like a charm!
  5. With the patch, the craft still blew up, but the probe core was able to ride the heat shield all the way down (not sure if the patch did that). I suspect the size of the heat shield was an issue. I'll try tomorrow with a bigger one.
  6. Blows up around 75km. I am pointing retrograde. Here's the video, reentry starts about 4 mins in. The heat shield might be a bit to small, but I've never had such substantial reheating so high when I played RO on previous versions of ksp before. Thanks for the fix, will use it if this is not due to user error. I'll try. But considering how high I blew up it's a long shot. Do you mean this? http://pastebin.com/PUwSfkPS
  7. Thanks! Any quick fixes you can think of to make reentry more manageable for now (such as adjustments in the Deadly reentry files or debug menu)? The inability to do any reentries pretty much puts this career on hold until I can fix it.
  8. Thanks man! Here you go: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0t93j85h5m4frpo/ModuleManager.ConfigCache?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/na8ispgie8odxny/output_log.txt?dl=0
  9. Low orbit. 350km circular. Plus I can't seem to find the configuration menu for deadly reentry, event though I definitely have it installed. My craft, in case I'm doing something wrong:
  10. I don't think I have rentry heat properly configured. My craft overheat and explode without atmospheric reentry effects event with 90km periapsis reentries. Most of the ablator remains untouched. Was there some bit of configuration I may have missed?
  11. Question: For funding I think some of the documentation suggested putting difficulty on Normal and using part unlock costs, or to not use part unlock costs and drop contract payouts to 20%. I'm currently about 10 hours into a game where I have difficulty on Normal and don't seem to have part unlock costs. Can I enable part unlock costs or drop contract payouts without starting a new save?
  12. Come on, there's nothing in your original post that suggests you're targeting a subset of complainers. It's full of massive generalizations. What positiveness? Your "solution" is to make complainers use an outdated version of the game. What would that accomplish beyond splitting the community? First off, most complaints are not because 0.90 was inherently superior, but because the release version had promising new features (heating, new aero etc.) but the execution was in their eyes botched. People gave beta versions more leeway because that were explicitly beta versions and thus tolerated fla
  13. Disclaimer: Please don't take this as a comment about your PSA. It has valuable information that could help many. Every time somebody points out complaints tangentially related to realism, somebody points out "It's a game, not a sim!", as if that invalidates the complaint. Just like realism isn't inherently good for the game, unrealism isn't inherently good either. What if you believe that KSP would be a better and funner game if the aerodynamic models were more along the lines of FAR? Is that an absurd position to take?
  14. So you're saying that people who do not like the current version of KSP should not complain, but resign themselves to playing an old version, thus cutting themselves off from updates, bugfixes etc. Not to mention cutting themselves off from the mods you claim as a solution, as all developers I'm aware of develop for the most recent build of the game. I'm sorry, that's not even remotely reasonable. Besides you're making the complaints sound so insidious ("making noise", "force squad"). Essentially, they are giving feedback about a failings in a product that they like. What exactly is wrong abou
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