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  1. Btw, closing intakes does nothing, Intake drag does not change in 1.02.
  2. Im not sure if anyone asked this already, but Im using MJ to see how much drag the vehicle has. Thing is, it only works outside VAB or SPH. Is there a way to calculate this in VAB/SPH at perfect prograde orientation?
  3. I find nervas somewhhat usefull as if they fire for 4 minutes, its a gain compared to rapiers. Then. Again, my 36t cargo ssto weighs 120t.
  4. Yeah that thing is an overkill, I got the orange tank to orbit with like half as many rapiers. Actually I used 10, or actually 6 rapiers, 4 turbos and 2 nukes. But that thing has 26!
  5. Im still inclined this was not intended. As the feature was in 0.9 and there still are ways to modify drag multiplier of the part on the go. Just like landing gear for example. And as in real life the front part of the intake might not contribute much to the drag, but overall the air inside the duct will surely make more drag than if it were just a pointy cone. Then again changing current drag values would mean increasing drag alot when they are open, and making it slightly more than a cone when closed. Which would put even more drag on various SSTO designs. So, whatever (code still needs a
  6. I think you will cover most of the changes if you set global drag multiplier to 6 and global lift multiplier to 0.4. In the alt f12 menu under physics/aero options. As for drag model from 0.9... you would have to get 0.9 version...
  7. Does the second objective light up if you have that much ore on the launchpad? As maybe you could satisfy the first requirement with a separate vessel.
  8. Dont know exactly, but atmospheric pressure does start to increase rapidly when you fall trough 6km. Any pictures of the craft?
  9. So its intended that closing intakes does not matter, and that a standard nosecone has higher drag than shock cone intake? - - - Updated - - - A separate but similar intriguing thing, a fairing base has the same drag coefficient after fairing separation:
  10. This is not a mod issue, thats why I ORIGINALLY put it into unmodded section!
  11. Seems to me like the drag doesnt change when you close the intakes... What does change is just a relic of the old aero. Another sign of BETA...
  12. I have been testing a little something. A normal shock cone intake at low altitude and around mach speed. There seem to be 2 drag systems still in the game. The old one with 0.3 drag value and adjusted for air intake. This is the drag that shows up in the action menu even if you dont have aero forces enabled in menus. As you see the relic of the old system is showing drag of 1.78 while the new one under it says 20.07. When you close the intake: The old system shows 0.3, the new one 19.94. The difference in the new one is I think just those few meters of altitude and fluctuation in speed b
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