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  1. I am seeing the same issue as Kazvan. Looks like something is wrong with the lighting on both 2.5m Tundra hubs and construction ports. It is quite easy to reproduce as the effect is already visible in VAB.
  2. The new parts really do look awesome. I love small, intricate, "bits n bobs". Keeping an eye on this one.
  3. I couldn't find an up to date patch for Tantares antennas so i made one. Not saying this is balanced or even thoroughly tested(quite a few antennas in Tantares) but it seems to work. So, in case someone needs a Tantares compatibility patch or a starting point for making their own, here goes: //ANY folder //standard probe @PART[Castor_Control_1_N]:FOR[RemoteTech] - standard probe -Vrana { %MODULE[ModuleSPU] { } %MODULE[ModuleRTAntennaPassive] { %TechRequired = unmannedTech %OmniRange = 3000 %TRANSMITTER { %PacketInterval = 0.3 %PacketSize = 2
  4. Trying to use GAP 1.2.9 in KSP 1.3.0 and having this problem. No wings are detected as begin part of the Aero group. It seems to be a mod incompatibly problem but i am having trouble narrowing down the culprit. Just in case somebody has an idea what might be causing this here is a list of my Gamedata.
  5. The first Apollo mission, Apollo 7: CrewPod Test Flight, is it supposed to have "Land on the Mun" as an objective? Doesn't seem inline with the historical mission it is simulating or its own mission description.
  6. Heh. I wonder, is the abbreviation BARIS intentionally the same as the original great space game?
  7. For me it is happening only with this pack tough and i do use others as well.
  8. I have a really strange problem with Stations and Bases contract pack. The "Launch the @/targetBody1 Space Station!" contracts appear in my available contract list and then disappear a few seconds later, as if auto rejected, only to be replaced by other "Launch new xxx Space Station" contracts. I do play with a heavily modded game but i tested the save game in a stripped down version and im still getting the same situation. I skimmed through my output_log.txt and found nothing which seems related but i can provide it. Im using ksp 1.3.0, contract
  9. Thank you for your efforts! The Kopernicus issue on the Tiros/NOAA-N mission is fixed.
  10. Did more testing and searching and i couldn't find another mod which changed solar panels so i went with the stripping down mods route to pinpoint the problem. This gamedata does not recognize solar panels... Mode LastWriteTime Length Name ---- ------------- ------ ---- d----- 18.7.2017. 19:33 Kopernicus d----- 18.7.2017. 19:34 MissionControllerEC d----- 18.7.2017. 19:34 OPM d----- 18.7.2017. 19:34 OPM_Textures d----- 18.7.2017
  11. I have been playing with the dev version. It seems to work fine but i finally got another Tiros(NOAA-N) mission and... OX-STAT not recognized again. Seems to be the same for any other solar panel i throw on it. I don't know if you are still tackling this problem, malkuth, but if you are let me know how i can help. I guess its possible there is another mod modifying panels? In case someone reading this can recognize one i am including a list of that games gamedata. Otherwise i will try going through it again. Mode LastWriteTim
  12. I use OPM 1.3 maintanence version by Galileo. I might be reading it wrong but doesn't: @MODULE:HAS[#name[ModuleDeployableSolarPanel],~useKopernicusSolarPanels[false]] { @name = KopernicusSolarPanel } change the name of the module to KopernicusSolarPanel?
  13. Ok, ill go through my gamedata. EDIT: Got it in one. You even hinted at it in your first post regarding the issue. Its Kopernicus. This is the relevant module manager file: SolarPanels.cfg @PART:FINAL { // This will replace all instances of ModuleDeployableSolarPanel with the Kopernicus version // that has proper support for multiple lightsources // // If you want to keep your ModuleDeployableSolarPanel, add "useKopernicusSolarPanels = false" to the MODULE node // That will stop Kopernicus from replacing it @MOD
  14. Looks like boborene was right about this, I have encountered the problem with solar panels as well. I would provide a save but its a highly modded game and the situation seems to be easy to reproduce. Tiros 7 mission is not recognizing stock OX-STAT panels (partname: solarPanels5, filename: radialFlatSolarPanel.cfg) and a number of fixed and deployable mod panels. OX-STAT is stock and uses ModuleDeployableSolarPanel (as do the mod panels, such as those from bdb). I noticed you write ModuleDeployableSolarPanel in plural (ModuleDeployableSolarPanels). This is probably just a typo in
  15. felcas, your request requires extra work for a feature the author did not want. Remember, mod authors make mods for themselves, not for others. They are merely kind enough to let others use them and sometimes even provide free support. Still... some do take feature request and others don't. Honestly not sure what the case here is.
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