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  1. Look for fuelCrossFeed paramater in relevant part.cfg.
  2. Indeed, afaik there is only one other greenhouse mod out there, 2.5m and made by zzz if i remeber correctly. It is a nice greenhouse but ive always had trouble making it look "natural" with other components. Cant wait to get one which goes with LLL components.
  3. Do want the greenhouse, even if it is just for looking preety.
  4. Sorry, Squad, but this is just embarrassing. With all due respect to the author of the craft... How is this a mod or even a .craft file worthy of such high exposure? Did anybody even look at what was being posted?
  5. As requested... The .craft files for the Seekers, Crawler and the Mun base complete with launch stages Tbh i never expected people to request these ships. They still need work. I would definetly recommend you at least remove the B9 ladders from them. These ladders turned out to be quite a dissapointment. Try moving a kerbal from one B9 ladder to another and see why. Now the ugly part... To make these work you will need some or, depending on specific ship, likely all of these mods: Aviation Lights B9 RBI tracks (.22 version, someone did update it, cant remeber who atm, sorry) KER KAS Procedural Fairings KW LLL MagicSmoke IR Tal Spherical Torodial Pack Tal Radial Experiment Storage NovaPuch2 RemoteTech2 To make the ships actually fly you might also need: DeadlyReentry FAR KerbalJointReinforcment I doubt these affect the craft in any way but just in case: Firespitter Chatterer ScienceLog RCSBuildAid PerciseNode PartCatalog You definetly should use FAR if you use my launch stages. All of the ships are highly unstable in atmo under FAR so delay your gravity turn until at least 20km and even then take it slow. Dont panic if the ships start flailing, just turn on SAS, throttle up and do not touch the commands until you are farily high up and atmo becomes less dense. I dont exactaly recall but some ships might require delaying not only the gravity turn but also any staging which drops tanks. If you are still having trouble with the ships just PM me, lets not derail the thread into a discussion about pushing asymetrical ships designed with 0 aerodynamic consideration out of atmo under FAR.
  6. You mean the 2.5m probe core. But yes, you are right. As far as getting the needed number of Kerbals, if using stock+RT only, i find a full hitchhiker with a 2 man landing can on top of it to be the an elegant solution .
  7. If you are only looking for information Kerbal engineer and Protractor provide just about everything i could need. If you are looking autopilots besides MechJeb you are out of luck afaik.
  8. Your impression is correct something else is the problem.
  9. Not true. One dish will communicate with as many dishes as fall into into its cone and range. Well im not sure if the number is infinite but its definetly >1.
  10. Thanks, jhonsonwax. These small things on the decks do end up taking the biggest portion of time needed to build these. Destroyer, which one? The big dish on Seeker II is the largest of RT dishes, GX128 i belive is its name. The dishes on Seeker III are Comtech-1 form RT, i belive these are originally Aies dishes. The big radar dish on Mun Base is the bigger roatating dish from LLL.
  11. Tought I would share some of my LLL vessels with you along with some of thier stories. Hope you bear with me and enjoy. Now these are not 100% LLL+stock, there is B9, RT, some Aviation lights, Magic Smoke IR, KAS, NovaPunch, Tal and god know what else but LLL does make the vast majority of parts and makes these possible. All were created to fulfill some function in my "main" save, carrer mode, and are posted cronologically so you can maybe see how things developed with regard to tech available and my own building skill improvment. First off the Seeker series. The Seekers were created as my multipurpose ships and are inspired by naval ships, as in, they all have an outside deck you can walk on on their top side. They are capable of performing rescue and refuel missions, tuging other ships, transporting many kerbals around but mostly they act as RemoteTech long range comms relays (instead of sattelites) and just plain look cool. They were intended to fly around Kerbin and its moons but with 4 to 6k delta-v on full tanks (depending on model) they can go interplanetary if needed. All dishes on Seeker class vessels are made movable by MagicSmoke IR. Seeker I The first of the series. Didnt have really long rng dishes yet so this one can only communicate to Duna/Eve. The highly asymetrical desing means its hard to handle until the top and bottom tanks run dry. Still as the first big LLL project in this save this one holds a special spot in my heart. It is currently in geosync orbit right above KSC and unlike the other ships described here is commaned by one of the big three - Bob Kerman. Seeker II Next ship in line. Double winches and long range dishes make the Seeker II a much more competent vessel. Also it atuaclly flies well despite the still present high degree of asymetry needed for its rather spacious top deck. Seeker II is currently flying in Kerbin geosynic orbit on the oppsite side of Kerbin compared to Seeker I. Comms between the two is provided by a network of boring, mostly stock short range comms sattelites. Seeker III Top of the line model, finally using the beautiful LLL nuclear engines and inspired by Homeworld ships. The first Seeker to actually fly without any problems, the Seeker III is the pride and joy of my Space program. Currently in orbit around the moon where it supports commuincation for the next two projects, Mun Crawler and Mun Base, along with long range comms for probes to Jool and its many moons. Crawler I Actual designation of this vessel is Mun Crawler. It is the first step in fully exploring and colonizing the Mun. The Crawler is a multipurpose carft and the ground version of Seekers and while it lacks any long range dishes it is equipped with more science equipment. While it is primarly desinged for tracked movement on the surface it actually makes a very good space ship as well, handles very well. This comes in very handy for "jumping" in and out of Mun craters. Currently observing the strange Mun Arch. Mun Base Our first permanent and mostly immobile(with 6 2x1 Nuclear engines it is actually a fully capable spachip) Mun habitat. Getting this thing out of Kerbin atmo while using FAR was a huge a pain. The thing started flailing like mad once it broke Mach 1 but the 6 brave rookies which compose the first crew complement made it to thier destination - the Mun crater just below the Arch. That is all. Thanks for watching but now i must dash and get back to my LLL orbital facility.
  12. .22 chatterer? This is turned out to be a good weeked indeed. Thanks.
  13. Just wanted to chime in and say thanks for trying to take care of RBI Tracks. I find it a very unique and fun mod and was sad to see it go unattended for so long.
  14. This is false. There is an antenna which will not break and its farily low in tech (FlightControl). The small dipole antenna (Reflectron DP-10) wont break in atmo and is activated by deafult but it only has 500km range so use it exit atmo and then activate a proper antenna. Also keep in mind antennas need electricity not mention range and line-of sight to KSC or a comms relay (satellite or similar). Your craft will become uncontrollabe if any of the former is missing. RT makes the game quite a bit more complicated when it comes to probes i would suggest to the OP to explore it a bit more and then decide if its his "thing" or not.
  15. Since release i have been using RT in my heavy modded install so i can help you narrow down that list a bit. From my expirience the following mods you have installed are NOT causing any problems with stock probe cores under RT: b9 engineer redux KAS nova punch proc fairings TAL Spherical fuel tanks
  16. You need to have an active connection to transmit science data. RTLite antennas will not automatically extend and transmit like stock ones do. So... Manually activate the antenna, make sure you have a working connection to KSC and then transmit data.
  17. No comments. Just an overabundance of anticipation. RT (even without signal delay) gives a whole new dimension to KSP. I find it diffucult to play the game without it. Thanks for all your hard work.
  18. Good work, EPD. New numbers look right. Id probably reduce the TWR on Ion's even more but its close enough now. I really like your solution for the hybrid engines. Considering the story from the begginning of your post.... I am sure you arent the only one who feels or felt that way about KSP so why not make two versions of the cfg files? One with very advanced engines for "Kerbal Future Space Program" and one with stats inline with stock. Then pick one of these verions to be the base of the mod and, on the Spaceport DL page, include a link to the cfg files of the other version. PS: About the non-existant "big radial ion". Was very late, I probably just chucked on the radial hybrid. I guess lack of sleep gets to us all.
  19. First of all, great work, very nice models and very nice idea. It fills a niche in KSP which badly needed filling. I dont mean to critise anyones hard work but since you asked for advice on this matter... Many parts in this pack seems to be unbalanced to the point where i will have to edit them before they are used on my designs. All generators seem to be massively overpowered. Stock RTG gives 0.75 elec/sec and weighs 0.08. Your smaller generator gives 15 elec/sec and weighs 0.2. To get 15 elec/sec with normal RTGs you would need 20 of them. Total weight of those 20 stock RTGs would be 1.6 as opposed to your 0.2. With 8x better elec. production to mass ratio then stock these RTGs are defiently overpowered as hell. Check out Kordas RTGs for more balanced numbers on high output generators (note: his RTGs are actually underpowered but MUCH closer to stock values). Hybrid Engines are probably (massively) overpowered... You already have 200 ISP more then LV-N AND you have a much better TWR. LV-N + micro AIES fuel tank(0.155 mass) has 2.33 TWR. HF-2500 + micro AIES fuel tank + stock xenon tank has 5.34 TWR. Yes your engine still needs electricity to run and i cant easily include that into the equation since any reasonable design will use at least partialy solar panels(unless they use your generators which are much too light) but these engines still seem very unbalanced. If i used them as they are now i would definetly never use an LV-N again. Currently your bigger enigne weighs 4.5. I feel a more reasonable weight which wouldnt make this the best engine in the game would be around 11-12 (which would give it less TWR then LV-N even BEFORE elec. requirments, thats the price you pay for 1k ISP on 250 thrust engine imo ). Ion engines are overpowered. Stock ion +stock xenon tank = 0.14 TWR Your smaller ion + stock xenon tank = 0.55 TWR Your bigger ion +stock xenon tank = 0.82 TWR Your small radial ion (which has the same thrust as stock - 0.5) + stock xenon tank = 0.23 TWR! Your big radial ion +stock xenon tank= 1.97 TWR! When you consider the fact that all your Ion engines also have 300 more ISP then stock it becomes obvious that these engines defiently need to be heavier to be balanced with stock. I am not sure how your fuel consumption fits into the story (5.0 elec, 0.2 xenon as opposed to 12 elec,0.1 xenon on stock) but im preety sure it doesnt balance out anything. If it is a nerf anyway, it could easily be considered another advantage over the stock Ion. Batteries are inline with stock. Radial adapter is probably ok. Maybe a bit underpowered (too heavy), maybe not. Xenon tanks are actually somewhat underpowered... Stock Xenontank is either 700 xenon for 0.12 wet mass(aprox 5.8k fuel to mass ratio) or 400 xenon for 0.07 wet mass aprox (5.7k fuel to mass ratio). Yours are either 2.4k xenon for 0.66 mass (3.6k ratio) or 5k xenon for 1.35 mass(3.7k ratio). More inline with stock would be 0.4-0.5 wet mass for your smaller tank and 0.9-1 for the bigger one. Oh i now see there is also a radial tank... It is also too heavy comapred to stock. Again thank you this great mod. And please, dont mind my criticism. Only reason i post this is because you asked. If you dont find it useful or have changed your mind i can just tweak my own installation in silence, just like i had to do with many other popular mods, and still continue to enjoy this awesome mod.
  20. Just wanted to say im a big fan of this mod. So far i have been manually patching 0.21 SAS (and removing the old torque) into LLL parts which need it but im really looking forward to an offical update. Your mod, imo, has the best station and base parts in combination with B9 structural panels. Thank you for creating it. Not too shaby for spaceships either.
  21. Very cool. Im not a big fan of the premade ship mods which give you the parts to create one specific ship but this one, this ship, this i will definetly download and have floating around some outer planet.
  22. Thank you so much for this. Im having trouble seriously devoting to KSP without RT and the state RT2 is in atm means ive been playing much less since 0.21 hit the scene. I have been just desinging and not really flying, mostly spaceplanes, as opposed to my ususal megalomaniacal "must build space infrastructure" playstyle. Guess i can start another "big" game now.
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