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  1. I made a huge career change at 32, moved from network tech to information systems security to programming professor in a couple of years. Its really up to you, you will be too old when you decide you are too old and cant be bothered, not when some time counter reaches some arbitrary limit. Looking at your work with the Asimov, you definitely have talent for CG. Best of luck to you!
  2. It is what i have been doing all along. Every tank capable of storing cryo fuel is also capable of electric cooling. Having only a few tanks (as pretty as they are) capable of permanently storing cryo fuels puts, what i feel is, an unnecessary limitation on using cryo engines. I really like the engines but the tanks provided just don't fit into every design i want to use. Probably the biggest problem is the lack of cooling for procedural tanks which i use very often. So yes, please add cooling to more tanks by defoult. However, in the meantime since there is interest in this i will post my hacky way of achieving this... 1. Delete or rename \CryoTanks\Patches\CryoTanksFuelTankSwitcher.cfg to something which wont load. 2. Add a custom CryoTanksFuelTankSwitcher.cfg somewhere in Gamedata. Custom CryoTanksFuelTankSwitcherCustomAllCoolECv2(112).cfg: / Lifting tanks @PART[*]:HAS[@RESOURCE[LiquidFuel],@RESOURCE[Oxidizer],!MODULE[InterstellarFuelSwitch],!MODULE[ModuleEnginesFX],!MODULE[ModuleEngines],!MODULE[FSfuelSwitch]]:NEEDS[!modularFuelTanks&!RealFuels]:FINAL { %LF = #$RESOURCE[LiquidFuel]/maxAmount$ %OX = #$RESOURCE[Oxidizer]/maxAmount$ %totalCap = #$RESOURCE[LiquidFuel]/maxAmount$ @totalCap += #$RESOURCE[Oxidizer]/maxAmount$ %massOffset = #$totalCap$ @massOffset *= 0.000625 // standard dry mass per units of LF/OX @massOffset *= -1 @LF *= #[email protected]_DEFINITION[LiquidFuel]/unitCost$ @OX *= #[email protected]_DEFINITION[Oxidizer]/unitCost$ %costOffset = #$LF$ @costOffset += #$OX$ @costOffset *= -1 !RESOURCE[LiquidFuel] {} !RESOURCE[Oxidizer] {} MODULE { name = ModuleB9PartSwitch moduleID = fuelSwitch switcherDescription = Tank Type baseVolume = #$../totalCap$ SUBTYPE { name = LF/O tankType = LFOX addedMass = #$../../massOffset$ addedCost = #$../../costOffset$ } SUBTYPE { name = LH2/O tankType = LH2OCryo addedMass = #$../../massOffset$ addedCost = #$../../costOffset$ } SUBTYPE { name = LH2 tankType = LH2Cryo addedMass = #$../../massOffset$ addedCost = #$../../costOffset$ } SUBTYPE { name = Oxidizer tankType = OX addedMass = #$../../massOffset$ addedCost = #$../../costOffset$ } SUBTYPE { name = LiquidFuel tankType = LF addedMass = #$../../massOffset$ addedCost = #$../../costOffset$ } } MODULE { name = ModuleCryoTank FuelName = LqdHydrogen // in % per hr BoiloffRate = 0.05 // in Ec per 1000 units per second CoolingCost = 0.08 } } // ZBO tanks @PART[*]:HAS[@RESOURCE[LqdHydrogen],!MODULE[InterstellarFuelSwitch],!MODULE[ModuleEnginesFX],!MODULE[ModuleEngines],!MODULE[FSfuelSwitch]]:NEEDS[!modularFuelTanks&!RealFuels]:FINAL { %LH2 = #$RESOURCE[LqdHydrogen]/maxAmount$ %massOffset = #$LH2$ @massOffset *= 0.00003125 // <- EDIT HERE (dry mass per unit LH2 capacity) @massOffset *= -1 %costOffset = #$LH2$ @costOffset *= #[email protected]_DEFINITION[LqdHydrogen]/unitCost$ @costOffset *= -1 !RESOURCE[LqdHydrogen] {} MODULE { name = ModuleB9PartSwitch moduleID = fuelSwitch switcherDescription = Tank Type baseVolume = #$../LH2$ @baseVolume *= 0.1 SUBTYPE { name = LH2/O tankType = LH2OCryo addedMass = #$../../massOffset$ addedCost = #$../../costOffset$ } SUBTYPE { name = LH2 tankType = LH2Cryo addedMass = #$../../massOffset$ addedCost = #$../../costOffset$ } SUBTYPE { name = Oxidizer tankType = OX addedMass = #$../../massOffset$ addedCost = #$../../costOffset$ } } MODULE { name = ModuleCryoTank FuelName = LqdHydrogen // in % per hour BoiloffRate = 0.05 // in Ec per 1000 units per second CoolingCost = 0.08 } } Changes in line 2,75,77 if somebody wants a closer look. Surely there is a better way of doing this but it works for me.
  3. This is correct in my case. I built quite a few VTOL craft but always with double, fixed engines. The two of us hardly constitute a relevant sample tough. Indeed i doubt you could get a significant number of users to express themselves on the forum at all. The answer to: "How many people use those VTOL engines anyway ? " will have to be a guess.
  4. Since Take Command is not updated to 1.2.1 i suggest using Walkabout: To make this contract more sensible (N.B. Take Command is on the highly recommended list for GAP).
  5. You are right, @StarStreak2109, it is an, unintentional, understatement. Let me fix that. It looks supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!
  6. The "author" was quite willing to take credit for other peoples work despite being called out for it multiple times. If the op was something like "Hey, remember the good old Firespitter parts. I have redone some textures and brought them back to life..." i would have loved it. As it is, even with Snjo's blessing, the whole thing leaves a sour taste in my mouth. Thanks for "your" WWII fighters and bombers but no thanks.
  7. Well, that was bizarre. New version did nothing, game behaved as it did before (no statics on any KK version above so for the heck of it i tired reinstalling KerbinSide as well. And now it works as expected on any version. Problem solved, i guess. Wish i knew what caused it....
  8. Latest update does not work for me. Plugin seems fine, with the button and all showing up but none of the KerbinSide statics are present in the game. To confirm the issue i reverted from to and changed nothing else in my gamedata folder and the issue disappeared, all the Kerbinside statics are present again. This said, my gamedata folder is... complicated... It is quite possible the new version is conflicting with something else. Listing of \gamedata is in spoiler. Unfortunately i do not have time to properly troubleshoot this at the moment. I will be able to do so Friday. Please let me know if there is anything specific you want me to test.
  9. I want to thank @COL.R.Neville for showing me how to properly write FStextureSwitch modules and solving this problem for us. v1per, Ive made a somewhat clumsy Github pull request with the needed changes but i will also list them here in case anybody else is following these developments. 1. rename command_module_diffuse.dds to command_module_diffuseBlank.dds and move it from Extras to asimov_commandmodule folder. 2. Add following module to asimov_commandmodule.cfg: MODULE { name = FStextureSwitch2 textureRootFolder = IncredibleMachines/Asimov/Parts/asimov_commandmodule/ textureNames = command_module_diffuse;command_module_diffuseBlank objectNames = command_module textureDisplayNames = named;blank mapNames = command_module_normal;command_module_normal useFuelSwitchModule = false nextButtonText = Next Texture prevButtonText = Previous Texture } That should be it. Now that we have this working. Might i suggest adding even more name alternatives? Perhaps Lem and Heinlein would be appropriate.
  10. For me, perhaps, not so urgent but still very appreciated. Thank you.
  11. I have tried to do this. I cant get it to work for unknown reasons. Following docs here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1iD52DfHft04Hb48TEhF5a4n5JOc8efUevdg5Y_QPICQ/edit#heading=h.5f9297qfu2wh And looking at parts using FStextureSwitch2 from USI i have come up with the following changes to asimov_commandmodule.cfg... I think you need stop using the deprecated style of mesh on a line by itself and switch to using a MODEL sub. More info on: http://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/CFG_File_Documentation I have written this as such: // --- asset parameters --- //mesh = asimov_commandmodule.mu scale = 1 rescaleFactor = 1 MODEL { model = IncredibleMachines/Asimov/Parts/asimov_commandmodule/asimov_commandmodule texture = Asimov, IncredibleMachines/Asimov/Parts/asimov_commandmodule/command_module_diffuse } Then you need to add the FStextureSwitch2 module. I did it like this: MODULE { name = FStextureSwitch2 moduleID = 0 useFuelSwitchModule = false textureNames = IncredibleMachines/Asimov/Parts/asimov_commandmodule/command_module_diffuse;IncredibleMachines/Asimov/Parts/asimov_commandmodule/command_module_diffuse_01 objectNames = asimov_commandmodule textureDisplayNames = Asimov;NoName nextButtonText = Next Name prevButtonText = Previous Name } For this to work you need to place the alt texture from Extras folder to IncredibleMachines/Asimov/Parts/asimov_commandmodule/ and rename it to command_module_diffuse_01.dds, obviously. I messed around with this for a while and i think it should work. However, it does not. The part appears normally ingame, proper texture and all, has FStextureSwitch2 buttons but they do nothing. I have also noticed that if i try changing the name of the default texture (the one defined in the MODEL sub) i lose the diffuse map completely (part is present with normal and emissive). This led me to question if it is possible the .mu file is somehow tied to the the default diffuse texture map and refuses to work with the alternate one (which has a different file and ingame object name)? I have no idea if this is possible, i know nothing of .mu's. Could also be i made some other mistake, first time trying to write my own FS module.
  12. No window. But some window isn't horrible either. Just do your thing, Shadowmage, you are the talent behind this.
  13. Ive finally had some time to actually play with the new parts. Its new but still the good old Asimov i love, thanks for keeping it alive. I definitely appreciate the USI compatibility patch. And now a bit of nitpick.... i mean feedback. Because i care. Is the the "nameless" command module still on the table? I feel having a name written on the side of it creates a needless limitation on ship names. Honestly i have always called this ship Asimov but i can certainly imagine a situation in which i would have 2 variations flying at the same time, having a name on the side breaks immersion in this scenario. Also not a big fan of the black "spots" on the top of the command module. I just cant imagine a purpose for them. Maybe a small window, some kind of a sensor cluster or even a small built in antenna cloud go there if you just want to break up the hull plating a bit on that spot.
  14. Congratulations on release. Was definitely worth waiting for this one.
  15. I have experienced the bug described by percyPrune and others while launching the stock KebalX rocket to test my modded game. Rocket was at about 35 km and maybe 45 degree tilt when it suddenly changed heading for no apparent reason.
  16. Looking really good! Also looking forward to USI support. When you say engines will be cryogenic... Are you planning to write your own boiloff plugin or are you using NearFuture CryoEngines/KerbalAtomics plugin?
  17. The wheels and tracks from your mod were the best we had by far. I hope at some point you will find the will to "play" with them again. If not, you did way more then most, thank you.
  18. New screenshot shows ship during a blackout with LqdHydrogen tanks displayed and total EC under resources. http://imgur.com/a/quyTs As visible in the ss total Hydrogen is 7435*2+11520 but only 1810 of that remain in the tank closest to the engine. Plugin reports 0.14ec/sec consumption to prevent remaining fuel boiloff. Total ship EC capacity is 4820. During a blackout total EC consumption is 1.58/sec. This leaves the ship at ~2500 EC remaining when it sees Kerbol again. Blackout lasts around 26 minutes in this orbit.
  19. I guess there's a lesson in this about reading first or something similar... Anyway, thanks for the help. Issue resolved.
  20. With more messing around i have been able to replicate the boil off issue after all. Using KSP 1.1.2 along with CryoEngines version: Kerbal atomics version: Unsure anymore as to which one of them provided the "CryoTanks" folder. Also installed are many, many other mods: Unwanted boil off happens on following ship: http://imgur.com/6xbvwKD The ship is an old RT2 Duna comms relay which pushed some other probes/sats with it when it came to Duna. The tanks are KW tanks which have been moded by me to act as Cryo tanks. Ship is in stable orbit around Duna as visible in KER window. Unintentional boil off happens only when: a) game is at max time warp; b) ship is focused. There is no loss of fuel if i time warp while focusing another ship or in the tracking station. Ship has enough battery power to survive a full Duna sun black out. Boil off doesn't seem to happen under less then max time warp (at x10,000 or less) but happens if ship is focused and at max time warp(x100,000). It is difficult to say with certainty whether the boil-off plugin fails during max time warp or KSP fails to calculate EC consumption and ship runs out of power. But the tank interface shows "ElectricCharge deprived!" during these (split second) periods. I can provide the craft file or even the whole save game file if you want to try to collect the needed mods(i could also transfer the whole ~3.3GB gamedata folder from my install). Offhand on the ship i can see: stock, KW, CryoEngines, RT2, Coatl Aerospace, DM orbital science.
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