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  1. Played with Cryo and Atomic engines quite a bit in 1.1.x. Even added the boil off module to tanks from other mods with mm patches. Really heavy modded install. Never had this issue. EDIT: and i checked out the old install. Got some ships with cryo tanks in flight. Didn't notice any boil off unless i cut power. Also noticed cryo tanks mod added boil off to various tanks and not me :). I did modify said patches to extend the number of cryo tanks (prevent boil off with EC).
  2. That's a nice rig. You using the on-board gfx subsystem or something else?
  3. Concerning the latest release - It seems several parts are missing textures. They are: SC-D-CM Reentry Module, SC-D-LAS Launch abort system and the SC-D-SM-Service module. Other then being texture-less the parts appear fine. Can someone confirm this is actually the case and i didn't somehow fudge my install? I guess it might also be possible these parts are unfinished and this is normal, first time i am using this mod.
  4. Honestly i wouldn't worry too much about IVAs. A good IVA is a very nice thing but it is also the least important part of a part. What i am try to say is... If IVAs are a lot of work just release without them. Updating IVAs later, at a slower pace, doesn't break any craft anyway. My opinion at least.
  5. This is a really good idea. Together with Filter extensions this mod might make my part lists manageable again without me clearing literally hundreds of parts by hand. Thank you!
  6. Leave them if its not too much work. I don't trust auto strutting, i tend to build crazy stuff where i ESPECIALLY don't trust auto strutting and B9 struts were always the best looking. That said... If its too much work... frack it. They aren't vital.
  7. Thank you, I'm a great Ghost in the shell fan. Was considering this or a Tachikoma outline. But we probably shouldn't clutter this place with GitS or profile pic stories.
  8. Really nice to see the Asimov in development again. New parts sound awesome!
  9. You are not alone in this sentiment. I also think Blenders UI is garbage. But it does work and the alternatives are quite expensive (3D max, Maya, Lightwave3D etc...) while Blender is free. I guess there might be other professional alternatives for free nowadays but i haven't been in the modelling game for a long time.
  10. Good job. Kerbals spawning in random parts with crew capacity but no hatch has a been long standing issue with rescue missions and part packs.
  11. Revamp looks really good. Pretty sure this going to turn out to be the best looking station parts, again.
  12. I am really enjoying Strategia. The Crewed and uncrewed missions make a lot of sense and really help out with finances on Hard(or above) difficulties. This or something similar should have been stock instead of the bland pointless system we have. Only thing bothering me is the "cannot have more then one crewed or uncrewed strategy active at one time" requirement. It becomes a pain once you hit interplanetary, especially if you play with something like OPM. A single interplanetary mission can easily take many years or even decades but you are tied to a single strategy this whole time. When you get to the interplanetary phase of the game the tempo of the game becomes tied to transfer windows. For example before Strategia i always used to run Eve and Duna probe programs simultaneously but it seems like Strategia wants we to do them consecutively. Of course you can just time warp and focus on a single planet at a time... Unless you play with LS mods and have an extensive infrastructure of bases and space stations setup in which case you need additional supply runs and crew rotations and... well you get it. It comes down to deciding whether to sacrifice transfer windows and being forced to do additional supply missions to existing infrastructure or sacrifice some strategies (and their rewards) and run interplanetary exploration simultaneously. Which i guess might be exactly what @nightingale wanted when he designed the system as he did. All this said i am not sure how i would change the system. Maybe allow multiple interplanetary missions but make them cost you credits upfront and increase final rewards instead of getting a significant advance as you do now? Having more then one of these strategies active would make the "failure" conditions completely pointless tough as you would need never cancel them, i guess the punishment would be not getting a return on the initial investment. Anyway.. just throwing out some thoughts, great mod.
  13. Mod definitely works in 1.1.2. @Lo Var Lachland I am afraid we cant help you further without more information. A listing/screenshot of your gamedata folder would be a good place to start.
  14. EDIT: Nevermind. After rereading it seems you are using LH2 tanks. Doesn't sound right to me. Are you sure you switched the tanks from using LH2+Oxidizer (which cryo engines use) to LH2 only (which nukes use)? If you put a nuke under a LH2+Ox tank it will still work but since it doesn't use oxidizer at all you will be hauling a lot of dead weight and end up with a worse dV then cryo engines.
  15. Only if you are from Liberia, Burma or USA. Rest of the world stopped using imperial units long ago (or never started). Officially at least. Also... Sorry for off topic but i couldn't resist.
  16. Sounds really nice. I think this mod will help a lot with immersion. DLing now. Thanks!
  17. Really like the 2.5x5 stubby shuttle look. Keep up the good work!
  18. Vrana


    You say "rocket crash on Mun" but what you really meant was "I did a Luna 2 recreation!" Welcome!
  19. I have been thinking of using old KSO station parts. These are, without a doubt, still some of the best station parts out there. The shuttle is awesome but not "lego" enough for me. So i found myself mostly using the station parts from this mod. Thanks for the help with the cupola.
  20. Love following this thread. Even though i mostly just stalk it, its really enjoyable to read. Keep up the good work.
  21. Pretty sure there is an actual bug with this as i have seen it my games. The TCA icon shows manual only (TCA MAN) and no "control" icon. This can happen even on a ship which has previously had proper TCA control (previously as in same game, same KSP version). Never really reported it as i think somebody did so already and, if i understand correctly, its a small miracle TCA works at all in 1.1.2 since Alista hasn't yet had a chance to even try it (let alone do a proper update of the mod).
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