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  1. Just wondering if anybody here knows why LLL antennas break in atmo while under RT2+FAR (they didnt do that in older versions of RT2 or possibly older versions of FAR). And no, they are not activated. Here is a sample cfg for one of the problematic antennas: PART { // Kerbal Space Program - Part Config // --- general parameters --- name = LLLCommPole module = Part author = Lack // --- asset parameters --- MODEL { model = LLL/Models/Science/64 } rescaleFactor = 1 scale = 1 // --- node definitions --- node_attach = 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, -1.0, 0.0 // --- editor parameters --- TechRequired = advElectrics entryCost = 0 cost = 1200 category = Science subcategory = 0 title = Communotron 64 manufacturer = Lack Luster Labs description = // attachment rules: stack, srfAttach, allowStack, allowSrfAttach, allowCollision attachRules = 1,1,1,1,1 // --- standard part parameters --- mass = 0.02 dragModelType = default maximum_drag = 0.05 minimum_drag = 0.05 angularDrag = 0 crashTolerance = 4 breakingForce = 200 breakingTorque = 200 maxTemp = 3400 MODULE { name = ModuleDataTransmitter packetInterval = 0.5 packetSize = 4 packetResourceCost = 25.0 requiredResource = ElectricCharge DeployFxModules = 0 } } And here is the MM cfg i use to make it compatible: @PART[LLLCommPole] { !MODULE[ModuleDataTransmitter] {} @MODULE[ModuleAnimateGeneric] { allowManualControl = false } MODULE { name = ModuleRTAntenna Mode0OmniRange = 0 Mode1OmniRange = 5000000 MaxQ = 3000 EnergyCost = 0.38 DeployFxModules = 0 TRANSMITTER { PacketInterval = 0.3 PacketSize = 2 PacketResourceCost = 15.0 } } MODULE { name = ModuleSPUPassive } }
  2. When you have the time... Would you consider adding a set of less colorful, posibbly more stock like, textures? Really appriciate all the work you did for this amazing game but our aesthetic values differ so greatly i stopped using some of your mods just for thier color scheme and i fear this one is likely to suffer the same fate.
  3. Your sig image is very symptomatic of your attitude towards the state of aerodynamics ingame, 5thHorseman. Not sure why i felt the need to share that, no offense intended. Guess i thought it was funny.
  4. I have very mixed feelings on this patch. I do not like a good bit of these new "features" and i do not understand Squad at all tbh. They remove features because they are not fun and overy complex (resources, the constant delay of proper aerodynamics, life support, communication channels) and then they implement stuff which imposes artificial difficulty (no SAS, no orbit lines) and which only a child would find "fun" (attempting to control a wildily flailing spaceship while flying blind) so they have a reason to implement RPG like elements to game. Squad, im fairly sure the majority of your players are people who study physics at least as a hobby and not a bunch of schizofrenic kids. Do not be afraid of complex and realistic systems if you want "difficulty". Your game is unique and this is why it sells. When you try to forcefuly implement features from more standard titles you diminish the very thing which made you a sucsess story.
  5. My LLL antennas have recently been breaking off in atmo under RT2+FAR. Any ideas? And yes, they are not activated. Also getting the same results if i put them uder Procedural or KW fairings.
  6. Really missing this mod in .25. I do hope it gets an update for .90.
  7. Aerodynamics are now "post-scope complete"? And even then a "maybe"? While stuff like destructable buildings is getting all this attention? My Saturday is now more sad then it should have been. I remember the good old days when the current aerodynamics model used to be called "placeholder" and nobody had any doubt in their minds replacing it would be a priority.
  8. 1. Install the new version. 2. Mess around for a short time to take a peak at the new features. 3. Wait for 1st bug stomping hotfix. 4. Wait for mods to get updated. 5. Start a new save.
  9. Hmm... The rover itself is a mish mash of parts from many mods. Front to back main axis: LLL command pod, STX fuel tank, Stock Lab, STX crew pod, another STX crew pod, KW fuel tank, Karbonite conversion thingy, Stock large docking. Wheels are mounted on LLL structural parts, there are also radial Karbonite drills and LLL RTGs. Upper deck is B9 plates, solar panels are mounted on Infernal robotics Rework Extendatrons, and the radar on top of it is LLL. There is a bunch of other stuff scattered all over.
  10. Sharing a little something i made with your wheels. Ive built quite a few similar rover-bases but this one takes the cake due to the wheels. Capable of moving unattended and at x4 physical warp at 20ish m/s or up to 40m/s attended and no physical warp on the moon... Mind you there is plenty of stuff to break on the bottom side and it never touches the ground(unattended drive). This makes it the fastest mobile base i made so far.
  11. Eh, you misunderstood me. What i can easily do is the "B" option, remove the decoupler completely. I did however set out to find the part i saw it at but no luck so far... Will let you know if i run across it.
  12. An observation... I rarely decouple *just* an engine(s), which is what decoupling on these parts would mostly be used for. If i want to use an engine+fuel tank radial combo(something we all often do) we already have perfectly fine decouplers for that. My point being i would rather these do NOT show in the staging as decouplers at all. I saw a part somewhere which can decouple soley through action groups/right click. This would be the prefered method for decoupling for these parts as well, for me at least. Failing that i would rather they are not capable of decoupling at all then to show up in staging. But this is something i can easily do in my own KSP install so no worries, just thought id share some feedback. And make no mistake i will definetly be using these wonderful parts. Thanks for making them.
  13. Expirienced the same issue as PDelta41. Also the probe is gone? Not needed anymore?
  14. As far as i know, the part does nothing for TAC or any other ls mod and thank you.
  15. No, they are all from the same save and i didnt use any life support in that one. They are there because they look nifty and so i can pretend to use lifesupport.
  16. I decdied to share my Kerbin orbital science base with you... Indeed, its gets ludicrously expensive really fast. But it is worth it, i mean, why else would i build this... ...and that station is worth every penny just for being there, even if will take ages to make up for its cost. To me at least. Ok. Ok. I admit i would have(and have been) built similar gargantuan projects anyway. Still its nice to have a purpose for them(other then my imagination). Thanks for the awesome mod.
  17. Some of my large "rovers"... These actually docked on Munar surface and formed a base: And here are some mostly LLL based "base rovers": Each is a spaceship as well, they all landed on own propulsion and used wheels(or tracks) to touchdown.
  18. People are not stumbling over it. Almost everyone here is computer savvy if not some kind of an IT expert. The problem is that this mod transmits private data, doesnt ask for permision to do it, doesnt tell us what it is transmitting and its removal requires *some* effort (even if it is trivial this still can and apperently is being interpreted as an attempt at obfuscation). It is not inconcivable to me at all that a significant percentage of those 6.5k(if i remeber correctly) reports came from people who never knew they were sending this data.
  19. Hello, i just noticed this mod in my gamedata folder. Never installed it so i guess it came with another mod. Just wanted to pop in and voice my disaproval of what this mod does. I would adivse the author to discontinue this mod until an ingame GUI opt-in mechanism is in place AND a clear list of transmitted information is easily and readily available to the end user, for his own protection. I would also adivse end users to avoid using mods which try to implemet ModStatistics in their current form. I am currently working as a university assistant lecturer on information systems security if that has any bearing on my statements.
  20. Ive been hoping for something like this since i started playing. Thanks for an awesome mod (deserves to be stock imo).
  21. The greenhouse, along with most of the other parts, is from LLL. And thank you.
  22. My old stock only Mun base from a few versions back: And here are some newer LLL based bases:
  23. Well, seems to me you kinda defeated your own point. Like you said you can manually remove stuff you dont want and it seems to me that this is exactly the kind of work us, the mod users, should be doing. Someone is gonna want just the rovers, someone just the cockpits, someone just the engines.... Let the mod developers focus on new parts, features, ect. rather then maintaining 20 differenet distibutions of thier mod(LLL already has at least 2) and we can customize our own installs however they suit us best.
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