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  1. I don't know if you're adding functionality, but I'd like to request a "x0" (or paused) button for the resource transfer speed so that I can set up multiple ins and outs without it transferring to unrelated tanks?
  2. Sure, but I'm just trying to come up with something that preserves the "locked in flight" while also handling the "I need to remove this panel in EVA so that the kerbal can operate on the thing behind it" scenario that's added by DangIt. If you removed hinges, actuators, etc, you'd still leave the bolts for the panel accessible so that you can remove it and operate on it in space. Hubble didn't have hinges on its panels, yet astronauts opened it up to fix it. Since making the "locked" door removable would be a significant amount of work (especially since the actual bay is inline and so can't be removed with KAS), I would think it would be easier, while still interesting, to be able to open it from EVA.
  3. Ah, OK, that would make sense. Then the idea of being able to unlock/lock from EVA (which I see TBenz had before I did) would actually be perfect for this situation. It would probably be the simplest solution to just enable the "unlock" action when on EVA, though a more interesting solution would be that if it's locked in VAB, then it can only be *opened* and closed via EVA since "locking" it probably means taking out the motors.
  4. I'd suggest looking up something like "Part Commander" or "Ship Manifest" so you can access the parts that are hidden behind other parts without having to do the camera clipping limbo to get inside shrouds. I can't vouch for how well they work, since they haven't been updated to 1.7.0, but from the threads people are indicating that it still seems to work. As an alternate suggestion for Kingtiger, perhaps unlocking the bays could be an EVA action? That would make some sense.
  5. I'm having an issue with the Remote Operations System: Kerbnet doesn't seem to work. The upper left corner shows no control what-so-ever. No red, yellow, or green probe, no kerbal. No signal strength. No connection indicator. Just an empty box. If I go to "Kerbnet Access" on the probe core it says "KerbNet offline". It shows up as "debris" and the only control I can input is full throttle or no throttle. MechJeb works. If I give it an OCTO it works fine, so the ROS is the part that's broken. I've tested this as KSP Vanilla + US2 only and have the same problem.
  6. You say your API allows other mods to receive radiation. Do you also have integration for other mods to generate radiation, so that I can request the various nuclear reactor/nuclear drive/orion drive mod authors integrate with your mod?
  7. Alternatively, could you make it so that the (now experienced) scientist is either made a part of your roster (like a rescued kerbal) or is made available for hire?
  8. Sorry if this has been asked before (I went back 5 pages), but is there any chance you can integrate with Kerbal Alarm Clock to set a (configurable) alarm for when a Kerbal is coming back from vacation? Extraplanetary Launchpads did this and it was so, so nice. A very interesting mod. Thank you for making it!
  9. Oh, it's name based? That explains why I couldn't find it. It's also too bad that's the route they went with, but OK. Thank you for explaining!
  10. Hey, I was wondering if anyone knows of a way to change a Kerbal's career from Scientist to Pilot, etc? I went into my SFS and did a replace all "Male" with "Female", and while most Kerbals worked fine, apparently a female Jebidiah decided to become a scientist instead of pilot. I looked through the Kerbals in the SFS and I don't see anything that specifies their type. Does anyone know of any way to edit this, either with an Add On or directly in a save someplace?
  11. Is there any way to retrieve the latitude/longitude from existing (non-custom) waypoints? That way I can look it up on Kerbal Maps and find a suitably flat area. Or transfer the values over to MechJeb by hand.
  12. Good to know! Added to my launch options on steam. Now I don't need to use the launcher.
  13. It allows KSP to launch in frameless fullscreen. Steam will only let you use exclusive fullscreen (which is to say, you alt+tab and KSP goes away completely) or windowed mode (which then has the frame get in the way, controls that are on the edges of the screen get cut off). Frameless fullscreen lets me have KSP run on my middle monitor and I can click off onto my other monitors to look up KSP stuff or whatever, but for whatever reason only the launcher is capable of that.
  14. In that case, I found a bug. I can click the "lock" button on the UF6 meter (vanilla. For some reason TACFB won't let me lock it.) and the reactor will shut down with 'UF6 starved' and then when I unlock it it starts right up. I only use this to have the reactor shut down at launch (My heat sinks are inside fairings until I get to orbit) and then turn it on once I'm in orbit. I would really like it if I could "force shutdown" of a nuclear reactor, then EVA a kerbal and start it up once I'm in orbit. (and when KSP adds tweakables, it would be nice if I could set it to "shutdown at launch" with the tweakables).
  15. I've noticed that in the VAB there's an action group on the reactors to toggle, shutdown, and start up the reactors. However, they don't seem to do anything. Also, there aren't any action groups for deactivating generators, doing anything in the research module, etc. There's a "toggle" in the research module, but that's not very descriptive? What's it toggle? The lights? Research? The magnetometer doesn't have an "activate" group, either, just a log group. I haven't gotten to any of the higher items yet, but it's somewhat disappointing that I can't action group some of these things.