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  1. I know right. Here is the issue, someone who wrote the MM-patches for stock Ion engine and Nerteas engines, made a bloober of some sort. Also, while in the subject, who's smart idea was to make ion engines use MejaJoules instead of EC? Now tiny reactor wont able to power small ion probe, and that...isn't fun.
  2. Greetings. Is it just me, or is someone made a mistake on spelling again, my stock Ion Engine reads that it requires megajoules and Xenon Gas as fuel. All fueltanks, including those that comes with KSPI-E, reads XenonGas. I think that engines still work, but KER doesn't calculate their dV, which is bit of a pain, really. I though that we rid from this weird resource naming thing, when pretty much all modders started to support CRP?
  3. Has anyone tried to make RT configs to Ven's new dishes? It would be nice to see maybe 200Mm antenna there... (Playing 4x HSS Career, 90Mm antenna isn't enough to Minmus... )
  4. Hi Zodius When i download the v02, i get a 3 Mb file that has like three parts in it? Should i just use older pack that i might have? Also, great parts mr. Infuser EDIT: Right, i am dumb. They were under the probe-folder...my bad
  5. Nertea, just FYI, your dropbox link goes to old version of the CryoEngines.
  6. So, what was the Isp with AM+Thermal nozzle before 'nerfs'? I can't recall, and to be honest, i didn't use them that much... The thing that makes me bit sad is the nerf of upgraded Fusion(D/T)+Thermal engines have lost a loads of Isp, probably for same reason. I recalled that they had like 3-4k Isp with LFO. And now it is 'only' 1700-ish.
  7. Any idea if Duna's atmospheric scaling has been still kept same as stock, ie. 5,000m? I mean, the planet feels bigger, but still, in order to get aerocapture, we have do go to 12km or so to get there? I am wondering if increasing the scale height would solve the problem, maybe get the atmosphere up to say, 70-80km? Isn't Duna almost similar size than kerbin anyway?
  8. How much problem is there with B9 5.2.1 and TweakScale in same install as Interstellar Lite uses TweakScale for most if not all of its parts?
  9. Yes you can. Although, technically they extract uranium (or thorium) and refine it to UF4 (or ThF4).
  10. I wonder if the atmosphere could be bit higher, it seems bit 'low', if compared to normal RSS, and yes, i realize that this is Kerbin that has unreal atmosphere height (1/10th would be like 18-20km in stock...). But anyway, a 120km atmo limit could work, i think... Otherwise it is really challenging variation, especially when played with mainly stock without realism overhaul. Obviously, 120km atmo would kill all remaining orbit contracts, even those that go above 91km...
  11. I have also noticed that spiking, but no major problems, though. My Dres ship was also powered by fusion, although powering thermal rocket. Only problem was that my lander couldn't dock back to the pusher tug as middlepart containing scansat satellite and impactor probe was sort of jammed on its position, oh well...
  12. You do realize that optimal return from Mars doesn't happen right after you have arrived there, do you? I think there was a pictoral of an mars mission on RSS threads starting post and if i recall correctly, return window is from 300(!) days from arrival, and it takes 100 days minium to get there. And if you send manned flight to Mars, then landing should be a thing, why bother else. Sure, you can aerobrake there, but even after that, there is still 2-2,5km/s speed left that is very difficult to reduce fast enough by any current means... Oh well, better stay stock space, trying to get those o
  13. Semmel, without quoting your longish post of how you feel the RPL is working, but i think that one point needs bit thinking of: Science Jr. and Mystery(Sic!) Goo, although in stock gameplay, best result it received when they are returned back to kerbin..or more precisely, just the 'result' is returned (works better on deadly re-entry). But that is because distances are reasonable because of stock game. BUT however, on RSS, distances are huge and any trip longer than moon, will take ages. I would like to see you returning 3 or more if them examples from, say Duna/Mars, back to Kerbin/Earth? Ho
  14. I had that same problem a while back, then i realized that the moduleRCSFX is really needed as most RCS blocks uses it rather than stock behavior. There should be link either in top two posts here or in Realism Overhaul threads top posts.
  15. Nuclear rocket engines burn usually just one liquid fuel type, like specified. Hydrogen gives best Isp but requires HUGE tanks to get any decent dV. LiquidMethane gives slightly weaker Isp but doesn't require so huge tanks and is not cryogenic, i.e. it doesn't boil of over time like LH2. Option is an (O) or orbital engine that used hypergolic fuel mixture and hence gives best dV although not so great Isp (usually around 320-350), the second fuel mixture could be a error in configs and probably belongs to...Nathans work as it is his 'baby', the RftS engine pack, that is
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