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  1. I've uploaded a version to spacedock with the fix for the PEBKAC Agency name missing from contracts. No other changes.
  2. Thanks, I wasn't aware of this issue.
  3. I verified this is working in 1.3.1 and updated Space Dock page accordingly. No changes to mod.
  4. IRL the weight of the tankage is negligible compared to the weight of the fuel inside. Some tankage actually needs pressurized fuel inside to maintain structural rigidity. You might factor in a small reduction in dry mass, but it won't/shouldn't be much IMO.
  5. The short answer is, without mods, it can't be done. You CAN spend a LOT of time futzing around and getting it looking like it's all hooked up but you will come back at some point and one end or the other will be disconnected again.
  6. I'll take a look at those, but yeah, if it's something you can sort of leverage already with existing mod, I'd rather let the incredible @linuxgurugamer be on the hook for maintaining it ;-)
  7. Not familiar with that.. can you give a link?
  8. If you're asking me, re: disappearing struts: I'll try to make something up in a sandbox game using only stock parts and see if I can replicate the issue.
  9. @ExplorerKlatt that's probably it. More info on the weird strut behavior: When I loaded my game today, the struts were still there. I undocked my fuel tug/tank vessel from my space station. The tug and tank are the ones strutted together with EVA struts. Did a quicksave in prep for descent to the surface of Minmus. As I was futzing around on the surface, adjusting my landing spot to get a little closer to my mining operation, I fumble fingered and needed to hit F9. Upon the reload the struts had disappeared. After filling the tank with fuel, I returned to the orbital station. Did a save. Went to the space center screen and loaded that save. When it reloaded the struts had re-appeared.
  10. Is there some mod's capsules you had in mind?
  11. I'm not sure how I'd go about adding anything for the spaceplane cockpits. Or are you asking about larger/smaller capsules? The NASA Gemini capsules had dual ejector seats instead of an escape rocket... you'd have to somehow automatically kick the crew out into EVA and trigger some chutes on the chairs. Might be fun! I was just watching some of his VIDs and was thinking it would be cool if he reviewed mine. How did I miss this? LOL!
  12. After posting the log file I loaded my game up again. Struts were still AWOL. I messed around for a bit and decided to load up a save I made earlier, and the struts were there. I want to say this save was made when they were invisible, but it could have been made after the second time I attached them. They stuck around the entire session. I'll try to check in on that vessel and note if they ever disappear again. Another sort of weird thing is happening in that I am now missing inventory access from various ships. For example, one of the Mk2 lander cans that make up my space station no longer has a button for "Seat 0 Inventory" or "Seat 1 Inventory". I want to say that I've lost actual inventory (science experiments from the BDB SEP mod and other stuff) when arriving on the surface of Mun or Minmus. I am rather inattentive at times, so it is also at least as likely to be ME being the problem there.
  13. The log file is at https://www.dropbox.com/s/db8uu7hdm1vip0b/KSP.log?dl=0 Thanks!
  14. Will do when I get back to that machine. I am wondering if it is Tweakscale.. the part one end of the struts are attached to has been scaled up quite a bit, IIRC. I play with what feels like a lot of mods, so I guess it could be anything. I had Recoupler briefly, but while I had it installed, the Kraken would inevitably show up when I started attaching struts. This ship was built/deployed/strutted after I removed that mod, I think. I'll get the logs up on dropbox or something when I can. Thanks. More info: yesterday before I quit, I went on EVA and it acted like it was not strutted... in that I was able to link the struts again.
  15. I have an issue where the EVA struts that I connected have disappeared visually. I strutted together two parts of a vessel that were docked together. It worked great. Now the struts have disappeared. I tried to undock the two vessels (as a test.. I don't actually want to) and they won't budge, so it seems the struts are still there. I just can't see them. Is this a known thing, or if not, what do you need from my end to help solve?