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  1. I've done a fair few searches and downloaded some of the more popular part packs (KW, B9) to see if I can find these parts but to no avail. What I'm looking for is: - 3.75m docking adaptor i.e. clamp-o-tron maximus! - Greater than 3.75m head shield, perhaps 5m I ask as I'm planning on building a big transport system to colonise Laythe and want to exploit both the 3.75m parts and aerobraking to achieve this. Any help would be appreciated
  2. I wasn't a fan of the new aerodynamics at first due to a number of rockets spinning out of control during gravity turns, but when I unlocked basic plane parts at tier 3 and took a jet for a test flight I was bowled over - so much more fun than it used to be! Kudos Squad!
  3. Drag chute to stabilise the craft during re-entry worked a treat, Val is safe and sound One thing I noticed was that the new resource for the heat shield (ablator?) didn't diminish during the re-entry effects, is that a bug too or do you have to be really really aggressive to make a dent in it?
  4. Thought as much. Guess I'm far too used to the old model, where you could chuck craft in at almost an angle and be okay (obviously heating was only cosmetic before unless modded).
  5. Been playing a new 1.0 career since launch and run into a bit of a problem, namely trying to re-enter the atmosphere after a steep sub-orbital flight. I was trying for the orbit Kerbin contract but came up with another mission of my own, namely getting plucky Val into high orbit and grabbing goo/bay/report science points to advance up the tech-tree. The craft is a mk1 command pod with one inline and two radial parachutes, an equipment bay with two goo cannisters, two science juniors and a heat shield. That was fine but when I come into the atmosphere of Kerbin the craft, which is lined up with the trajectory, flips end over so the command pod is facing forward into the oncoming air. This then promptly explodes due to overheating. I've tried it with SAS off and on. The only difference is that the flip happens sooner with it turned off. It's not a question of electric charge either as I have had at least 10 units. I do have the heating effect at 100% for a bit of a challenge but after several quick save reverts I am at a bit of a loss how to proceed. Am I entering the atmosphere too steeply in the new atmospheric model? Is the SAS of the mk1 pod just not strong enough to overcome the turbulence of re-entry?
  6. Just caught the last three chapters, glad to see this is back
  7. I've just installed the latest SCANSat and Karbonite releases and tried it out by putting a satellite in a polar orbit of the Mun. While Karbonite deposits are showing (the orange markers) I'm having trouble when I use the "big map" view of SCANSat as no resource overlay is showing. I've checked the options and everything is set correctly. I used this for reference - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMozN4jpxbU - and expected the pink resource overlay to the map. Wanted to know if this feature has been removed or is not working in the current version. If it is a still a valid/working feature, any ideas why I am not seeing this overlay?
  8. Some members of the Kerbal Space Program often ask "When building a space craft, how fast is too fast?". Then Jeb laughs for several minutes, gives them a knowing wink and they know "it is never too fast!". This mission began as a question I was considering on my drive home from work when I had a chance to put my foot down on the open road and cut a few minutes off my commute. Most of my interplanetary transfers were based on the most fuel efficient burns i.e. Hohmann transfers. However, with the popularisation of new advanced technology in mods such as the Interstellar pack it seemed that if the Kerbals had a lot of Dv available on their spacecraft then they would likely explore non-Hohmann transfers. So if they were not worried either about being fuel efficient, what could they achieve? So I used alexmoon's KSP Launch Window calculator (http://alexmoon.github.io/ksp/) to work out how to cut the transfer from Kerbin to Duna from a Hohmann-based 251 day snoozefest into a less than 60 day speed-run mission from launch to landing, using only stock rocket parts and a couple of game play mods. This is only a proof of concept mission and I am already thinking about follow up missions to other planets and a manned mission to Duna using the same method. Hope you enjoy!
  9. Fantastic capsule, think I will be using this a lot
  10. I had the same thought. Longer tether and faster spin, you could build enough energy to do this. Timing it right, keeping it under control so its aimed correctly and getting enough momentum going before the tether snaps would be the tricky parts.
  11. Here you go The debris in the circular orbit is the decoupler used to separate the craft before spinning began