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  1. Uninstalled Better Time Warp, seems to have fixed it, fingers crossed.
  2. I have encountered a really strange bug/issue whereby my selected craft orbits slower than it's actual orbital velocity when in 1x time warp or physics warp. When in "on rails" timewarp (5x, 10x etc) it orbits as expected. I discovered this when trying to rendezvous with another craft in orbit as as soon as I stop burning the intercept marks move apart even though both craft are not firing engines or even using SAS/RCS. Below is a video showing this happening, using better time warp to highlight the difference between physics and on rails by using 5x physics warp in comparison to 5x on rails. Also below is my mod list. Video: Mods: [x] Science! 000_Click Through Blocker 000_Toolbar 001_ToolbarControl AnyRes AtmosphereAutopilot B9_Aerospace_ProceduralWings BetterBurnTime BetterCrewAssignment BetterTimeWarp CommunityCategoryKit CommunityTechTree Diazo DistantObject DMagicUtilities CapCom ContractParser ContractsWindow ProgressParser EasyVesselSwitch FerramAerospaceResearch FireSpitter FMRS HaystackContinued KAS KerbalConstructionTime KerbalEngineer KerbalInventorySystemNoFun KIS KRASH KSP-AVC MagiCore ModularFlightIntegrator RealChute RecoveryController Trajectories TriggerTech Kerbal Alarm Clock Transfer Window Planner TrimIndicator TweakScale UnmannedBeforeManned WaypointManager
  3. Having an issue where the contract window doesn't show the accept/decline buttons, is this a known 1.4 bug? EDIT: It's working in flight but not in the VAB
  4. The issue was happening before I installed either KAC and BD Armoury, and was affecting a previous version of the plane which had no BD armoury weapons. What I am finding in testing is that the first ejectee will reliably deploy a parachute and survive, whereas the second often won't.
  5. Unless I am missing it there is no bbcode option there on imgur.
  6. Idk how to do it, I've seen imgur albums embedded on here before but the code given on imgur to embed isn't working.
  7. I've redone the challenge with an SR-71 rip off with 2 Mavericks from BD armoury. Turns out having actual bombs makes life slightly easier... Here are some pics first for proof: <blockquote class="imgur-embed-pub" lang="en" data-id="a/FUiQu"><a href="//">KSP Supersonic Bomber Challenge</a></blockquote><script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script> <<How do I embed an imgur album??>> My scores were 505 seconds to target kill, 36 destroyed parts, and a cost of 47,355 credits. Giving a total score of 140... which is actually lower than before. S*%£!
  8. Craft file and log on google drive:
  9. Full list of installed mods: BetterBurnTime, EVAStruts, JettisonFuel, KerbalEngineer, KerbalJointReinforcement, Kerbal Alarm Clock, BD Armoury, and your mod. The ejection module is on the top side of the mark 2 cockpit. Can't get logs right now but will update the post when I do.
  10. My first attempt is a slightly cheatey cruise missile (I'm going to install BD armoury and do it again in a bit) Time to target: 367 seconds Parts destroyed: 5 (15 more were separated but oh well, not destroyed) Cost of missile: 18,166 funds Which gives me an initial score of: ((826/367)*50)+(5000/60209)*30+(96,617/18,166)*20 = 113 + 3 + 106 = 222 points. Eh, not a great score but I'll be trying again! Fun challenge, thanks OP.
  11. I am finding that this mod is consistently failing to deploy parachutes quickly enough for a 0:0 ejection even though the speed the kerbals are travelling is easily slow enough to deploy the chutes. Secondly, the fully deployed state of the chutes activates far too late, often leading to kerbals hitting the floor at in excess of 15m/s because the chute didn't open until within 100m terrain altitude (this was on the KSC plain), lastly the space+f key combo does not work as far as I can tell.
  12. Just noticed a weird interaction between BDA and Firespitter where the AI will not produce any thrust using the propeller motors but will increase their RPM. Not sure if this is on your end or firespitter's end so I've posted it in both threads. Really put a damper on my plans to have an epic WW1 themed dogfight.
  13. Is there a known issue with these engines not working with the BDArmoury AI controls? The AI seems to be maxing out the RPMs but not producing any thrust? They work under player control though.