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  1. hmm I did see at Dannys Channel he did land an Asteroid on Ground. (You know the guy who makes these silly bug Videos)
  2. So, we have now the cool Contract stuff, and we have a destroyable KSP Center, and we have Asteroids. *throws all in a pot* In my eyes it would be a cool idea to use the Asteroid Redirect Mission content to give the game a bit "Spice". Or a bit lesser flowered said: how about making some times occuring dangerous Asteroids that could impact at Kerbin (and the KSP C). And yolu must avoid their impact before... like in all these Asteroid doom films...
  3. Hello. I ask me why you do not (I guess it`s cowork with the autor?) the EVE Mod. Kerbin looks so mutch cooler with Atmosphere and this stuff. I heared you tried this once yourselfe or is this only a "rumor" ? be it like it be. This Mod makes look All the Atmosphereplanets look so mutch more realistic and cool, should be worke din the game general.
  4. Soo, hope the creaor of this is still there. Because seems this is now the only cool looking Jumpgate Mod fpr KSP. The MassRelais Mod seems to be dead and never come to a release. And aditional I like this one here mutch more too. Deserves further Developement, and go finaly to releasestate.
  5. The EM Drive is no quantum Vakuum Drive. It is a simple Radiation Impulse Converter. (That is not meaned bad, that is cool. I want only ay that it`s functionprincip is simple elegant) Study it`s functiondesign. There is no Quantummechanics or Vacuum Energy involved.
  6. You cna make the Mod yourselfe harder. Do nut plug the Jumpdrive onto your ship. I did place it into a orbitting Shipattachment. Waht means before jumping you must first rendevous it and dock your ship. Makes it a bit more hard to use.
  7. Yes but to be true I like this new one not. I like more to build my Warpportal my own (lookstyle) Mass Effect was nice but I want this look not in my Kerbalverse. So hope you let us notmore wit so long, you have now concurence *spooky music*
  8. Yes 3 Warmods and only 1 working No 4 if we call KSPI in too (what works natural too)
  9. Hm, yea electricity is real a bit tooo easy to get "Must have" thingi. One KSPI Low Tech Reactor and you have the Charge energy in lesser than 20 seconds. Yes I know normal they are seperated mods, but you can guess take as given that 80 % who will use your Mod use KSPI too (because these people (like me) liked Sci Fi stuff yet before and before yours KSPI and NFT were the only ones)
  10. Cool Mod, but this Beamplattform beacon I understand not how this should work. It does somehow nothing. (at my tests)
  11. Oh no fear I will not download it till the Mod Author allows it. I asked only, because like said, this game lacks real urgend some good weels.
  12. And when will we normal folks be allowed to play with this too ?