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  1. ^Any Mercury-style ballistic re-entry will produce high g-forces. A lifting re-entry on a spaceplane will not. (Apologies for the bump, just logged in after a long time.)
  2. Christa McAuliffe was one of the first things that came to mind. If this child dies, you have a tragedy and PR disaster. NASA, of course, learned this the hard way. Let me make my prediction. The first child to fly in space will probably fly on a suborbital, SpaceShipTwo type "tourist flight", after said tourist flights have become safe (and thus open to a wider age bracket.) They will probably be an older child, obviously - mid to late teens - not just for maturity reasons, but also because the medical effects of spaceflight on a younger person would be less predictable (just speculation.) And "safe" will be a very high standard - not the pre-Challenger Shuttle approach, which in retrospect was not really safe at all.
  3. ^I'm thinking LKO reentry with as much "skipping" as possible. EDIT: Ninja'd... but this applies to all replies so far.
  4. Just coming back from a Mun orbit return in a career save... I forgot the freaking heat shield. Can an orbital re-entry be performed without one? I plan to aerobrake into LKO over many passes and then attempt a re-entry, but I'm wondering if there's any change I can enter without being incinerated or if I should just circularize and send a rescue ship. I'm not too familiar with new KSP re-entry heating, though. I have a bit of delta-V left, but not a ton, and the capsule is a mark I capsule with a chute (and no heat shield.)
  5. ^Wow. What is the downside to balloon tanks? I'm going to fly a mission using a Centaur upper stage, and I was wondering if balloon tanks are OP or if they have downsides such as weakness, etc.
  6. Total 59pts -2 Vulcans (14) 4 Ammo Boxes (16) 6 AIM-120 missiles (24) 1 chaff and 1 flare (5) Inspired in no small part by the Extra-Maneuverable-Fighter near the start of this thread.
  7. Somebody who I follow seems to have retweeted this account's picture. CZ-6 lifted off.
  8. In the point list, what does "Hammer" refer to? I do not see any weapon in the mod called a "Hammer."
  9. Are all the engines in RP-0 based on stock engine models from Ven's revamp? (Besides the in-progress FASA engines)
  10. So is the "doesn't install the recommendations of dependencies" and similar errors a CKAN issue?
  11. I don't see TestFlight on CKAN yet. Can somebody send the request? I'm not experienced in doing that.
  12. How do you install RP-0 though CKAN? RP-0 suggests its dependencies and recommendations, such as RO. But RO and other reecomended mods don't give their recommendations, thus you don't get RSS and other essentials. What should I check for installation in CKAN?
  13. I installed RP-0 with CKAN. Everything still looks like Kerbin. Do you need to install RSS separately?