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  1. Something I saw in that comparison picture. Duna didn't move. Either Kuzzter kuzzed up or it's tinfoil hat time.
  2. It's not too old, but it's from awhile ago. I think it's from .90 [video=youtube;qbH8zRfjyRA]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qbH8zRfjyRA[/video]
  3. I did try it. Didn't feel any more immersed than I did before. In fact, it was much worse because I was getting half the FPS. The only way I would ever give clouds a greenlight is if it was toggleable and took less than an hour of development time to fully code, implement, and bugfix.
  4. I don't know what anyone's talking about when they say FPS has decreased. 1.0.5 runs fine for me, so have all the other patches. If anything, it's faster.
  5. Not sure if troll... Incompetent noob... Or CoD fanboy...
  6. 1. The Eve SSTO http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/132211-Eve-SSTO-Limbo/page2?highlight=EVE+LImbo 2. Jool ascent craft http://imgur.com/a/dahmU#0 EDIT: Neither are mine
  7. If anyone wants the craft files, I'll post them. Even the You idiot you forgot parachutes.
  8. All right, now that I've had my coffee, here's the rest of the mission. A LOT of stuff went wrong. First off, the Eve Return Vehicle. It was quickly cobbled together, which will come and bite me in the engine bell later. Flipped it once, boosters ate my engines once, then got to orbit. Got an encounter with eve on the transfer burn, but I should've waited about a kerbal week for a better phase angle. Correction Burn, quicksaved. Tried Aerobraking. Nope. Going way too fast to not need a heat shield. Reloaded. Tried a higher periapsis, 70km. Still burned up. Reloaded, and decided to d
  9. Big rocket? It's not THAT big! Well, I guess it is... Will finish this mission tomorrow, it's too late at night to for it.
  10. I DID IT! AT LONG LAST, I DID IT! I decided to take another crack at Eve, because I had nothing better to do. This time, I did careful testing of the ascent vehicle. It had to do this: Launch prototype and ascend to 40km, staging as necessary. Cut throttle and note remaining fuel and stages. Remove expended fuel and stages in the VAB Relaunch to orbit Achieve escape velocity And have this: Room for one kerbal Docking port Heat shielding for descent Parachutes for unpowered landing Plenty of room for error(and boy, will there be a lot of it) The mission was to proceed like so: Orbit the Pu
  11. Uninstall your mods, or get a real computer. Craptops can't handle modded KSP very well.
  12. I wish you good luck in this endeavor. I've yet to leave Eve's gaping maw, let alone do it in one stage.
  13. 1. Give Laythe more land 2. Give Jool a liquid surface to "land" on and give science from 3. GP2 and moons
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