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  1. sorry about that! only a few buttons work when i press them (for example, the graph used to appear, but now nothing happens) and when I do press something and it works, it is then stuck to that option. Pardon my vagueness. Going to try reinstalling and relaunching
  2. hey, can someone tell me how to produce/gather positrons? trying to create an "infinite" ranged spaceplane using positron reactors and kethane gathering
  3. The Sidean Ship Collection!

  4. oi, the mod link for Precise Node is outdated, change it to this:
  5. [1.3.1] Throttle Controlled Avionics

    Does this mod have any features that assist in fixed-wing, pure horizontal flight or just VTOL? Thank you
  6. by crashing into them
  7. Formula One Car (Mercedes Benz W08 Hybrid)

  8. Kerbal Foundries has been picked up by someone- you may be able to revive the trains!
  9. That's because this plane is from 2015. Seriously how do people keep finding these old threads?
  10. Jet-of-the-Day Collaboration

    I'd like to see X-planes, just because people do make lots of Russian replicas on this forum and i wan't to see some weird stuff.
  11. Jet-of-the-Day Collaboration

    is the JSF going to be the Marine VTOL?
  12. oi, matuchkin, watch it, no need to be rood also i think he was talking about the orbital stage, not the crew stage
  13. Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    just use chrome, you plebeian