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  1. Heckspress

    Heckspress' Craft!

    three or four craft are coming down the pipeline, getting fine tuned. Hopefully I don't get burnt out from schoolwork before i get around to uploading em :p
  2. look into Rade_ 's props and stuff on KerbalX.
  3. Heckspress

    Heckspress' Craft!

    Don't thank me, thank the offset tool.
  4. yea the way buoyancy is calculated just by mass/volume so if tweakscale scales the ore tank incorrectly and adds too much volume without enough mass, then it floats. quick trick that i found out: if you get really close to neutral buoyancy you can actually use landing gear as "ballast tanks", if you extend them it reduces density so it actually causes your depth to rise
  5. Heckspress

    Heckspress' Craft!

    Many more are on the way, trust me.
  6. Heckspress

    Cupcake's Dropship Dealership...

    i mean i've downloaded it and tried to take off, but it just noses down and breaks!
  7. Heckspress

    Heckspress' Craft!

    Number 5 - The Cicada! The airborne equivalent of a hot hatchback! Doubles as a driftcar when on the ground. https://kerbalx.com/Heckspress/Cicada
  8. Heckspress

    Heckspress' Craft!

    New Addition - Number 4: The DragonFly! A cargo lifter, great for moving small craft around the KSC! Just use shift + the offset tool to move the claw vertically to the necessary height for the craft you wish to move! Or just fly it well, I'm not a cop. https://kerbalx.com/Heckspress/DragonFly
  9. Heckspress

    the stock helicopter thread

    craft file??
  10. Heckspress

    Cupcake's Dropship Dealership...

    how in the world do you take off without breaking any part of this?
  11. Heckspress

    Heckspress' Craft!

    i've finally gotten back into the game after leaving my joystick to gather dust for WAY too long, and here are the designs that i've cobbled together so far! Number 1: The Wildebeest Transport! https://kerbalx.com/Heckspress/Wildebeest-Transport A simple, two-man transport. NOTE: since i'm dumb i used the gemini capsule from Making History as the throwaway crewpod. Will reupload the file when i fix that. FIXED as of 9/6/18 Number 2: The Horsefly! https://kerbalx.com/Heckspress/Horsefly A nimble and speedy 1-man vtol, inspired by Cupcake's many VTOLs. Number 3: The Sea Imp! https://kerbalx.com/Heckspress/Sea-Imp A plane inspired by the Convair Pogo VTOL. Has a few tricks up its sleeve. Absolute blast to fly.
  12. how do I get the DLC if I purchased before May 1 but transferred my code to Steam afterwards? EDIT: nevermind, excuse my foolishnesss
  13. wouldn't this be better fit for the challenges section? May be mistaken, given the fact that this is a craft design challenge. @Vanamonde pls
  14. positron+molten salt reactors are a hell of a drug
  15. sorry about that! only a few buttons work when i press them (for example, the graph used to appear, but now nothing happens) and when I do press something and it works, it is then stuck to that option. Pardon my vagueness. Going to try reinstalling and relaunching