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  1. Kulebron

    [1.4.+] Kerbal Wind Tunnel 1.0.1

    Amazing tool. I did use an AoA/Torque tool similar to this, but lost its trace. This is even a greater replacement, saves so much painful time!
  2. Kulebron

    Russian Launch and Mission Thread

    Roskosmos has to show some activity before the government to maintain importance, that's why they keep proposing such projects. (For the same reason, Russian Railways (state-owned corporation) keep disucssing high-speed lines for 15 years without any action.) But currently, budget income keeps decreasing, other ministeries and agencies sell themselves too, and it's very unlikely such an expensive project gets financement.
  3. Kulebron

    Slowest plane in ksp

    Actually, this is doable with aero GUI panel (with total lift and total gravity forces visible).
  4. Kulebron

    Slowest plane in ksp

    I'd suggest making the challenge to actually travel some distance, like to the island airport and back, and somehow measure fuel (or fuel mass percentage), to make it more practical and avoid semi-vtol designs.
  5. Confinming this. A craft with medium landing gear jumps on un-warp or when I come close to it in another vessel. Please write that to the report. This happens on any terrain, the runway or other planets. The other craft with large landing gear stands down there where I hyperedit my crafts, and nothing has happened to it ever. I don't know if it's related, but medium landing gear, when it's being retracted under load, also bounces the host craft.
  6. Kulebron

    Unpowered atmo limbo

    Well, the idea is to fly this for real. ...And when I was tweaking the orbit, I was changing the params slowly to not put the ship close to periapsis. Couple of times it happened, and the ship exploded earlier than I moved the mouse to the mean anomaly slider.
  7. Such a nuclear fallout. No wonder nobody lives on Kerbin.
  8. Ok, will do. What bothers me most is that "Current" button makes completely wrong coords. Otherwise, great tool. I used it today to find the lowest possible trajectory for the low-fly challenge (just pulled the sliders of AN longitude & PE argument)
  9. Using and Hyperedit 1.5.6, still the landing coordinates drift on other planets. On Laythe, the "current" coordinate is different from the real one (seems like opposite). When I set coordinates, after some time they differ by 1-2 degrees (do they drift?)
  10. Kulebron

    Unpowered atmo limbo

    Agree, showing top 3 would be fair. And here's Duna. 888 m. The most epic shot: And all the other screenshots: http://ibb.co/bT1ijw http://ibb.co/gbT7Bb http://ibb.co/nL6ijw http://ibb.co/jkp3jw http://ibb.co/mp3kxG http://ibb.co/eA7Zrb http://ibb.co/jn8w4w http://ibb.co/gN4Erb http://ibb.co/k7bSBb http://ibb.co/cudkxG http://ibb.co/ihcOjw http://ibb.co/bHaXcG http://ibb.co/jWBSBb http://ibb.co/hrT7Bb http://ibb.co/hsEQxG http://ibb.co/grH0Wb http://ibb.co/fDTUPw http://ibb.co/bWLnBb
  11. Kulebron

    Unpowered atmo limbo

    12,965 m. Notice the heatshield @ 3474°K, 26 degrees from exploding All screenshots: https://ibb.co/b8x7SG https://ibb.co/c3VSSG https://ibb.co/drMqgb https://ibb.co/bSEXuw https://ibb.co/eBpMnG https://ibb.co/bE7Vgb https://ibb.co/ehai1b https://ibb.co/jGg1nG https://ibb.co/gxOsuw
  12. Kulebron

    Unpowered atmo limbo

    Hyperedited the craft into target orbit, everything else was nominal. 13,639 m < = heat shield temperature = 3456°K Screenshots: https://ibb.co/b8x7SG https://ibb.co/c3VSSG https://ibb.co/drMqgb https://ibb.co/bSEXuw https://ibb.co/eBpMnG https://ibb.co/bE7Vgb https://ibb.co/ehai1b https://ibb.co/jGg1nG https://ibb.co/gxOsuw edit: my mistake, these were copypasted from the next attempt. Here are the first attempt screenshots: http://ibb.co/f7B0Uw http://ibb.co/cG1yZw http://ibb.co/mHhqUw http://ibb.co/mTMOhG http://ibb.co/kdDO1b http://ibb.co/b48fUw http://ibb.co/jd2GMb http://ibb.co/d8MOhG http://ibb.co/dQLupw http://ibb.co/mm0ihG http://ibb.co/jVbOhG
  13. Kulebron

    The 2018 Kerbal Dakar

    And here's the proposal (you may take whatever part of it you like). More orienteering-demanding. Download save fiile to try it out. edited: forgot to mention, it finishes at lake, as Dakar rally used to do.
  14. Kulebron

    The 2018 Kerbal Dakar

    @DarkOwl57 tried the old route, liked it. If you still accept route suggestions, here's my chart (did not put all flags yet). This is a more orienteering-like route (since I formerly did bike and running orienteering), driver usually has many options to chose from, for instance go over mountain passes more directly or go around over plain. Or whether to go left or right around a mountain. Etc. Though, after some testing I see there's a very big stimulus to go straighter over moutnains. What's missing here is a detailed elevation map, just like in orienteering competitions. Is there an elevation data file for Kerbin available? Could not find anything online.
  15. ещё есть "снаряжённая масса", но проверьте по источникам, что она точно значит