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  1. Could not resist reposting this. "How to Stop Lauging at Roskosmos Plans" Advices from Psychologist Publishing Agency "Medicine"
  2. More on topic, I think the recent failures with the booster and the hole in the spacecraft show one thing: the personell that does the actual manual job is overworked AND is stimulated to conceive mistakes. This is absolutely a management failure. In aviation, CRM that has been saving our lifes for 3 decades, clearly states that reporting own mistakes (especially those that can be quickly corrected) must be not penalized. Otherwise, issues tend to accumulate or fire later, in much more dangerous way.
  3. Things change over time. Not quickly, but they do. 1) We have society that learns to act collectively and pursue common interest or social interest. In mid-00's people were expecting to get into business or bureaucracy and earn money alone or with close friends. Now, there's a whole new culture of collective action, unthinkable back in 2005. 2) More transparency and exposure thanks to internet make people make their minds and act. In 90s or 00s there was less transparency and less action: people would only have become cynic about exposed corruption cases back then. 3) The generat
  4. Let me make a political statement: current Russian space agency management is corrupt just as the government. As soon as we get more investigations by the antimonopoly agency and prosecutors office, and management rotation, things will improve. I expect it will take about a decade, based on what changes I've seen since mid-00's.
  5. I do. Travel time was 1y ~150d. Not sure if the intercept speed is manageable.
  6. Almost made it the super-hard mode, but found out cosine losses eat up 500 m/s dV. Need moar tanks! Hold on a week or two, tank you!
  7. Amazing tool. I did use an AoA/Torque tool similar to this, but lost its trace. This is even a greater replacement, saves so much painful time!
  8. Roskosmos has to show some activity before the government to maintain importance, that's why they keep proposing such projects. (For the same reason, Russian Railways (state-owned corporation) keep disucssing high-speed lines for 15 years without any action.) But currently, budget income keeps decreasing, other ministeries and agencies sell themselves too, and it's very unlikely such an expensive project gets financement.
  9. Actually, this is doable with aero GUI panel (with total lift and total gravity forces visible).
  10. I'd suggest making the challenge to actually travel some distance, like to the island airport and back, and somehow measure fuel (or fuel mass percentage), to make it more practical and avoid semi-vtol designs.
  11. Confinming this. A craft with medium landing gear jumps on un-warp or when I come close to it in another vessel. Please write that to the report. This happens on any terrain, the runway or other planets. The other craft with large landing gear stands down there where I hyperedit my crafts, and nothing has happened to it ever. I don't know if it's related, but medium landing gear, when it's being retracted under load, also bounces the host craft.
  12. Well, the idea is to fly this for real. ...And when I was tweaking the orbit, I was changing the params slowly to not put the ship close to periapsis. Couple of times it happened, and the ship exploded earlier than I moved the mouse to the mean anomaly slider.
  13. Ok, will do. What bothers me most is that "Current" button makes completely wrong coords. Otherwise, great tool. I used it today to find the lowest possible trajectory for the low-fly challenge (just pulled the sliders of AN longitude & PE argument)
  14. Using and Hyperedit 1.5.6, still the landing coordinates drift on other planets. On Laythe, the "current" coordinate is different from the real one (seems like opposite). When I set coordinates, after some time they differ by 1-2 degrees (do they drift?)
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