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  1. First played the game in 0.8.5. I joined in September 2011 and I still look at the forums once in a while.
  2. I just leave it there, I like how Kerbin looks with rings. I remember when debris first came out I would make ships that would eject decouplers everywhere, with the sole intent of creating debris.
  3. I first played the game in 0.8.5 I bought the game in 0.14 since it was free before then Landed on the mun the update it came out(0.12 I think)
  4. Few early access games go below 50% off. KSP isn't the only one.
  5. I first played KSP in version 0.8.5 and joined the forums in around 0.11.
  6. I like the idea of using EVA to upgrade an unmanned ships hardware.
  7. I called them the Meling Mountains, after my first Kerbal to land on them.
  8. Probably the same way it did it before. Only now instead of coming up with 3 random kerbals every time you start a mission, it comes up with more when you run out of kerbals to hire.
  9. I tuned in to the 0.18 livestream for about 5 minutes, and it just happened to be when they were showing off the new render-vous system. I learned everything I needed to know from watching that.
  10. It was already revealed that the building was mission control in a dev interview.
  11. Grass. They evolved from grass.
  12. Wouldn't Laythe be heated from the radiation and tidal forces from Jool? It also has an atmosphere to trap heat. Just because it's far from the sun doesn't necessarily mean it's really cold.
  13. Back when persistence was first added, I built ships to bring as much debris as I could into orbit. My Kerbin nearly had rings.