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  1. Hack a day posted an article about KSP! http://hackaday.com/2012/05/14/mapping-the-surface-of-a-video-game-moon/
  2. DNA is the main killer, we can always simulate gravity by using centrifugal forces or 'spinning spaceships'. 2001 a space odyssey had the right idea
  3. ps3 controller, My monitor is my TV that I share with the ps3 and other consoles
  4. Take the recommended dosage and your results are guaranteed!
  5. Ive been in comp repair \ clean up for 5+ years both corporate and freelance work. I came across this article witch pretty much explained my exact process this entire time. http://community.spiceworks.com/how_to/show/899 I promise you if you follow the steps it will be clean with all free software enjoy!
  6. aw man you ruined my surprise, its coming in the mail now lol
  7. Have you tried opera turbo on that connection? It acts like a proxy and strips down the website to reduce files size of pics and everything.
  8. you go to level 85 but landed on a shoot and must start from the beginning again.
  9. Good to see one one is using dial up yet lol. dl:13 upld: 6
  10. you go to level 91, the princess is in another castle
  11. cool vid bro, thanks for the upload looking back we have gone a long way!
  12. awesome, a fellow model rocket enthusiast! be safe! lol I had a few close calls before
  13. [mod]No killing/Murdering[/mod]
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