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  1. Comrades, I just loaded the mission up, the latest update did indeed mess with the craft, specifically the fairings. I will look into this, as well as the mission itself, to make it a bit more playable. However, I also welcome anyone who wants to use all or part of the craft to make a better N1 as well!
  2. Comrades, it's time to join the space race. The N1 stands ready. Let's land on the Mun and show all of Kerbin what we can achieve. https://www.dropbox.com/s/udod72znlzzcgbc/Mission-N1-L3 Mun Landing.zip?dl=0 Admittedly, this is my first mission, so I tried to keep it as simple as possible to avoid mishaps. I hope it will be enjoyable.
  3. I just saw this challenge on the forum, and thought about sharing the Kerbalrise that I made for the final Reddit challenge to take Kerbals out of the Kerbol system. It wasn't really designed for this specific forum challenge, but I thought I'd share it just for fun.
  4. This is my first post here on the Kerbal forums, but I wanted to share something I posted on the Kerbal subreddit. Tablet I O my mother, a vision Which I beheld in my night-time Behold, there were stars of the heavens* And before me did I see a city that glimmered by the waters While the heavens were being clothed in night There rose a tower bathed in light – so high was it That the sky did tremble, and the ground did shake Thus did my dream begin *First three lines from the following translation of the Epic of Gilgamesh, translated by R. Campbell Thompson, 1928: http://sacred-texts.com/ane/eog/ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tablet II And within the tower There dwelled three of our kind Kerbal were their faces But stout hearts did they possess As large as the mountain Such as none have known before ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tablet III At once they uttered the command And the heavens split with a fiery roar The gleaming tower rose And smoke did I see ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tablet IV Up rode the three Upon their chariot And even the wind Dared not stir ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tablet V Frightened, and still with terror did I become When at once the tower did break But my amazement grew When the piece that remained Glided ever higher ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tablet VI Out of the darkness o mother The tower arose And the sun Curious to see what caused the thunder Did greet them Once more ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tablet VII Mother – aright did I see the world Its shape was round and full As it swam in the lake of night Speckled with stars ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tablet VIII At once did my gaze widen When large I saw the Mun And the tower flew on Becoming ever smaller ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tablet IX I looked back o mother And my heart did crumble When small I saw our world Such that it melted into night A Mun itself now mother Did our world become A small round ball Wafting in an endless gale ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tablet X Now I saw the Mun Aye, it did come to me Grey and battered As if by heavy blows But steady now Mother I saw the three drift The tower had become tiny But fearless were the three And rearranged the pieces ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tablet XI Then I saw the strength Of these great warriors Who did battle with the night And swam among the worlds One remained as guardsman And only two did go on ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tablet XII All that was left now mother Of the mighty tower That once rose by the sea Was but a tiny crumb And as the world was witness It did glide down Down to the face of the Mun ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tablet XIII Giant holes I could now see As I quaked in terror And they did threaten To eat the tiny speck And my heart grew heavy ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tablet XIV There, upon that grey arena Did the two warriors prove their worth And the Mun stilled its hunger And the fragment of the tower Did come to rest ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tablet XV Kerbal were their faces Aye mother this is true But braver than any I have seen And forth did they go And placed their feet upon the Mun ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tablet XVI My son, what you have told me Has moved very deeply my old heart And your dream has given me hope And has set strength within my bones But a care has stirred within me For I long to know if these brave few Who wear the faces of Kerbals But have the spirits of giants Did ever return from that distant place ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tablet XVII O Mother, though I long for nothing more Than to set your heart at ease The answers I lack For then did I awake And my dream did end
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