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  1. Love the mod, helps a lot :)

    Found an issue when using Kosmos R4.7.2.

    1. Changing tabs in VAB/SPH while the textures get refreshed, it either hanges when it gets to one of the parts/when you select that part: both cause a crash

    2. When I do select one of them, and i add it to the ship (esp if I add multiple one like 3 radial) it crashes.

    When I remove the LOD.dll it works.

    Don't know if it could be this or Kosmos, but I'd let you know just incase.


  2. TBH, I didn't even think about the possibility of releasing alternate configs for the planet pack. If no one has gotten around to it after all of those alternate configs have been updated (I think some already are including metaphor's), I'll spend a little time to make them work.

    That would be great. Tx.

    I started to fiddle around, but can't put real hours into redoing it, with deadlines at work.

    With EVE not receiving updates in near future, decided to let that be (v5 + EVE + BA + 1/10th) and move to RSS and its official addons (planet pack).

    On a side note, how hard would it be to include a global var to determine what scale you want in the .cfg? 1, 6.4, 10x?

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