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  1. Just checked the code, the vessels met has to be above 0 to get credit. This usually happens when the vessel gets moving.
  2. Sorry, ignore me. I'm remembering wrong. They have to leave the pad, atmospheric flights will give them credit. What they don't get credit for is world firsts completed before they have been to orbit (otherwise you'd get like 12 for almost free at the beginning of the game)
  3. Ah yes, it only starts counting when a Kerbal gets to orbit, and only if they actually leave the pad.
  4. sigh thank you - I've tested my end and can confirm it's working so must be a mod conflict (I can see it's not working from your log but it's working here). Can you test in a new save, and make sure that it's not just your save that was messed up from the original bug. If it's still not working in a new save (and you still want help with it), you'll need to do the 50/50 method - ie keep half your mods (and their dependencies) until you track down the minimum mods I need to install to reproduce (keep ResearchBodies and Bureaucracy in each time).
  5. KSP.log or Player.log (I personally slightly prefer KSP.log and it's easier to get to as it's in the root game directory), but either will do)
  6. Has she done a World First (or have you turned that off)? That's on by default. If you're sure she should be, send her on a flight, recover her and throw me a log (don't recover from the pad, FlightTracker ignores kerbals that do that).
  7. On recovery. The recovery dialog will show them in the white suits still (it's just a timing thing) - but if you go into the astronaut complex after dismissing the recovery dialog they will have the orange suits.
  8. Could you try this build and see if it fixes your issue before I release. Bleeding edge build, back up your saves etc (should be fine, but it's late, and I've been known to balls up worse than this before XD) Things I need testing: 1) Does it clear the "Can't find the facility" issue (my testing says yes, but I tested on a minimal install, so throw your mods at it and see what happens) 2) Does it remember your upgrade between scene switches 3) Does the upgrade actually complete. I'm fully expecting the answer to all those questions to be yes, because the actual internal structure of how the upgrades happen hasn't changed at all. For those of you interested in the technical details, see spoiler:
  9. Thank you - I am about to start work, but will look at it this evening. I was going to release 1.4 today, so if I can get a fix in for this too I will do.
  10. If in doubt always provide the full log No worries though, if it was a problem just in Bureaucracy what you gave me would absolutely have been enough to diagnose it. I know the exact point my code is falling down, but my code isn't the problem (and to be clear - ResearchBodies (or whatever) isn't bugging out either from the information I have). From the sounds of it, it's just a case of Bureaucracy doing it's setup before ResearchBodies (or whatever) has finished doing it's.
  11. I don't mean to be awkward about this, but I really do need the full log. Upload it to dropbox or another file sharing site and send me the link. What you've given me gives me a start, it tells me that at the point Bureaucracy sets up the Facilities the observatory isn't in the list. What it doesn't tell me, is what mod is causing the issue (ResearchBodies I suspect), when the Observatory is added (in relation to Bureaucracy loading) or what I can do about it. With a log, I can dig through the load order and find the salient code in the offending mod and try to workaround it.
  12. That is the reason yes - there is no difference between the EVA suits for vets/regular kerbals, it's the IVA/Flight suits that get affected. The SciFi suit happens to just be orange (which is why by default EYS uses it as a suit for vets)
  13. This can be done with some save file editing. Turn "Strip existing honours" off and go into your save, find the "Big 4" and change the Veteran flag to false. Edit: I'll take your feature request though - it is possible to differentiate the Big 4 in the code, I can probably add that in. Raised #3
  14. If you have "strip existing honours" turned on, I would expect it to strip the veteranhood from them. "Veteran" is just a boolean that's set in the ProtoCrewMember (which is the internal name for a Kerbal) - Earn Your Stripes won't care if it's from a mod, a ProtoCrewMember is a ProtoCrewMember.
  15. I forgot to include the patch - I need to do another fix anyway, so will include it with the next release
  16. KCT you just need to choose whether to let Bureaucracy for KCT handle your facility upgrades, and turn it off for the one that you don't want to use. Additional launch locations should be fine - Bureaucracy doesn't touch launch code at all, and I'm currently using it in JNSQ with Kerbal Konstructs with no issues.
  17. Update to 1.3. I fixed that a while ago (yes I know 1.3 is marked as 1.9 only, but it works fine. I'm using it in 1.8.1 as I type this).
  18. Hotfix Incoming! Exploration 2.0.1 Released Don't offer contracts to land on the Homeworld. Return from Orbit contracts should actually check you've orbited, and not landed on the body.
  19. It's not a dependency, just highly recommended, both because it's an awesome mod, and it ties in well with Bureaucracy's "stuff takes time to do" ethos. And if you are going to install KCT, throw ScrapYard in there too.
  20. Fixed thanks - I do that alot. My OS doesn't really care about file extensions and knows what it is, so it still gets the zip icon on my side and don't notice
  21. Well nobody is shouting about major issues, so I'm assuming it's fine Exploration 2.0 Released Contracts will no longer randomly select whether to ask you to return home. If you don't do it, later contracts will offer you the chance. Removed maxSimultaneous from most contracts - if you've been there, you'll get them Rebalanced rewards against stock. Return contracts now require Kerballed Missions Removed DockingSetup - it's now all handled in one contract. Probably other stuff I'm forgetting. My thanks to forum user @sirmalfet who did alot of the work here for me, I built upon his changes. Changes from the beta: Fixed missing braces in a couple of contracts. Note the major version change, there have been enough changes here that I can't guarantee your contracts will come through unscathed.
  22. @zer0Kerbal - I think I may have found the cause of @uglyduckling81's issue, and he's right. It's failing too much. Noticed myself that the failure rate seemed a little high, but couldn't put my finger on why - then I noticed that debug mode was reporting that the sampleTime for rockets in atmosphere was 5 minutes. The cfg says it's supposed to be 2. Here's your culprit. It's trying to read /GameData/OhScrap/PluginData/DefaultSettings.cfg but the file is actually at /GameData/OhScrap/Plugins/PluginData/DefaultSettings.cfg Also - and this one is my fault but never got picked up because the cfg was being read before. The hardcoded default settings are way too aggressive. Plane mode is checking every 10 seconds.
  23. Hey guys, I've just published a pre-release of Bureaucracy 1.4 and would appreciate your help with testing it. Changelog: Kerbals can now retire and will be assigned a random retirement date on first load. They can delay their retirement date by running missions (Credit for the idea to the RP-1 team, code is my own) Kerbals can now be trained using the new "Crew" option in the UI. By default this training will cost $100000*newLevel and will take newLevel months to complete. UI windows will no longer lock all control UI windows can be toggled by clicking the toolbar icon again BaseStrikesBeforeKerbalQuits increased to 10 by default. New Settings: RetirementEnabled, RetirementExtensionFactor, MinimumTerm, MaximumTerm, BaseTrainingFee - see wiki for more details. Save Upgrade Pipeline updated to run from 1.1 to 1.4. Saves from a version of Bureaucracy prior to 1.1 will be reset to default. If in doubt, check the version in BureaucracySettings.cfg The changelog says "refer to Wiki" for the new settings but I haven't actually updated the wiki yet, so I'll outline them here: RetirementEnabled (bool) - whether Kerbals will be allowed to retire. RetirementExtensionFactor (float) - how much of a completed missions MET is added to the retirementDate (so for example: if this was set to 0.5 and a kerbal had been gone for 10 days, their retirement would be pushed back by 5 days). MinimumTerm (int) - The minimum amount of time (in years) a Kerbal will be given before they retire. MaximumTerm (int) - The maximum amount of time (in years) a Kerbal will be given before they retire (note this does not include "extra time" from doing missions. This is the base value a kerbal is assigned when the retirement system runs on that Kerbal for the first time). BaseTrainingFee (int) - The base cost of training. The actual cost is calculated as BaseTrainingFee*<kerbals new level> As ever, back up your saves first. I've tested it, and it seems to basically be working, but it's not had a thorough beating yet, which is where you guys come in. You can get the Beta here