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  1. Not a FMRS user but if it's doing a "stock recovery" this should automatically be added to the inventory by ScrapYard, unless FMRS is doing weirdness with save files.
  2. I actually have some code that sort of does this. In my personal copy of Oh Scrap I implemented the ability for failures to play "catch up" when the vessel is loaded (ie will do failures that would have happened when vessel was unloaded) and rebalanced it to take that into account (it was never implemented because it would be hell with current settings, way too many failures). If I still have the code, happy to submit a PR if you're interested. Does it have to be a separate GUI? Oh Scrap already implements an entry in the stock "difficulty settings" screen.
  3. Don't install any other mods than the ones that your mod is dependant on. Get the mod working in stock before you even consider supporting other mods.
  4. @[email protected] - ScrapYard_ContractConfigurator is an extension class. It adds a few PARAMETERS to Contract Configurator that can in theory be used if ScrapYard is installed. It doesn't actually do anything without CC installed, and AFAIK nobody is using them anyway (probably because they are undocumented)
  5. The departments still get allocated the monthly budget, as per the allocations. The only difference is that your funds aren't capped, so you'll get given the "funding" departments money on top of your existing funds.
  6. If you are planning to go interplanetary, in my experience this is a problem that solves itself later in the game - I turn on Rep Decay (at about 5/10%) - although I have plenty of money in the "Apollo era" - when I'm going interplanetary it's not unusual for a launch to cost me 400-500k funds which obviously takes a big chunk out of the budget. Without flying other missions, the rep is decaying between launches and you find yourself on a tight budget. Otherwise, you could turn down the multiplier, or the rep rewards as you said. Or you could allocate less money to Funds and give your Construction and Research departments more budget.
  7. It's the daily budget catching up with itself. The budget runs (approximately) every 1 solar day on your homeworld. However, if you happen to leave the scene before a full day has passed, you won't get the reward. So when the mod loads, it checks when the last update was and catches itself up.
  8. Expected behaviour - although I agree the tooltip could be worded a bit better (or possibly split into two tooltips). The margin is both the margin before the event, and the margin within which an alarm won't be set (to stop it from triggering alarms straight away when within the margin - as per your Maneuver node report below). That's definitely a bug, it should be respecting it if you are within the margin. These two are really the same issue, just coming at it from different ends - but definitely a bug. Thank you for the reports - raised #5
  9. That change would probably have to be done within TWP. It's all rather academic at the moment anyway as I understand TWP doesn't work in 1.12, but as I understand it TWP adds the alarm to KAC, so it would be up to TWP to update itself to add to the Stock Alarm Clock instead.
  10. I can certainly look at it! I've never used that feature so what does it do? I'm assuming it's an alarm for when an experiment has finished processing? (I never use the labs so excuse me if I ask stupid questions)
  11. Actually, the feature update is taking a while, so let's do it now. As I haven't received any feedback on the performance improvements, I'm going to assume they worked. Alarm Enhancements 1.0.2 Released Cache the list of Alarms to (hopefully) alleviate the GC stutters that were reported. Fix Maneuver Alarm setting not being respected.
  12. Yeah I missed a setting... sorry about that. Will get a fix out for that today, it's a simple enough fix.
  13. To be perfectly honest, your best bet in situations like this where your log isn't obviously blaming a candidate is to start doing the binary method. Remove half your mods (make sure you leave any dependencies) and see if you can reproduce the issue (probably in a new save, as loading an old save with half it's mods installed is asking for trouble). If the issue disappears, you know the problem is in the second half, so replace them and keep doing that into you narrow it down to the minimum set of mods required to reproduce the issue. Then report the issue to the mod makers and provide your logs etc, as you have here.
  14. Yep, it won't work 100% until you've upgraded your tracking station and got patched conics, but it won't break anything being installed mid-save. It doesn't save any data at all.
  15. @Apricot (and anyone else who might be having performance issues). Can you please try this build: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AtG2PODa0fmwi7g1Ey-jLgLKA0MkGA?e=gwb4F8 and see if it helps. (I've zipped it so your AV doesn't freak out, just replace the DLL in the AlarmEnhancements folder with this one).
  16. There's definitely some potential for excess GC allocation in the SOI calcs, thank you for raising it - I'll try and clean it up a little for the next release. I'll probably give you the option of increasing the timestep too, which should help. Raised #2
  17. Is this when you are in/your orbit is intersecting the atmosphere or all the time?. 99.9% of the time you shouldn't notice it as the mod aborts the calculation if there's nothing worth doing. It's probably the garbage collector, I'm doing some not very well optimised things in terms of allocations and Lists right now, because "get it working" comes before "make it fast". There's definitely some optimisation to do, if it's causing issues I'll try and clean it up a little for the next release.
  18. How did you download 1.12 without access to your account? Either way if you've lost access to your account you need to contact support: https://www.kerbalspaceprogram.com/support/
  19. I can add that - the auto-renamer can be turned off in the difficulty settings. It's late and I'm about to go to bed, but I'll pick it up tomorrow if I get time (or the weekend at the latest). Just to clarify (I'm assuming yes, but let's be thorough), do you want to be able to set the default name of the auto-alarms as well as manual ones? Raised #1 EDIT: I've just realised what you meant. I'm not sure I can mess with the default names for manual alarms but I will have a dig and see what I can do. I can definitely let you choose your own name for the auto renamer though
  20. It shouldn't completely lock up your system tbf - sounds like your system might be using up all it's swap (or your swappiness is set too high) - I've seen this before but only in low memory situations. The OOM killer in the kernel does actually need a small amount of memory to work. Try watching the results of watch -n 1 free -h See how much swap you have/KSP is using at the point of the freeze.
  21. Raise an enhancement request on Github and outline what you would like from it - BoK isn't finished - this is just a first pass.
  22. Hello everyone, I've just released Alarm Enhancements 1.0.1 which fixes a few questionable decisions the mod was making. Informed the mod it's perfectly safe to remove Maneuver Alarms if the vessel doesn't actually have any maneuvers. Informed the mod it's perfectly safe to remove Atmospheric Reentry Alarms when the vessels orbit does not actually intersect the atmosphere. Mod will now remove SOI Alarms if it can't detect an SOI change AND the timewarp rate is 1x
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