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  1. severedsolo's post in Normal behavior? Wings explode was marked as the answer   
    Yes - your wings are overheating due to re-entry. The mk1 pod has a similar heat tolerance to those wings, and cannot survive re-entry without a heatshield from the Mun.
    As the wing's have a high surface area, they are naturally absorbing alot of the heat (and I bet the heat from other parts is radiating into them too).

    You need to find a way to dump that excess heat, or re-enter at a lower velocity.
  2. severedsolo's post in [urgent] i need physics warp but can't enable it was marked as the answer   
    Right-Shift is the modifier key in linux my friend.
  3. severedsolo's post in 1.3.1/1.6 Debian Linux - copying parts in editor not working was marked as the answer   
    On Linux the mod key is Right Shift - try that.
  4. severedsolo's post in Download corrupted was marked as the answer   
    If it worked after copying it over, I would say that Linux is not needed - you know your OS can handle it, you are just mangling the zip (for whatever reason).
    At this point, I really don't know what to suggest, except make sure that your drivers for the dongle are up to date (you don't mention explicitly, but I assume you downloaded the zip to your phone through the same router). It may also be worth uninstalling the dongle through Device Manager and reinstalling it.
    It's obviously your router mangling the packets or something, but that's something that is well beyond my expertise and you probably need a tech support forum to help you (or contact the official support for your dongle if that's available.) - I'll recommend Ten Forums, I used to volunteer there many years ago, and they are a knowledgeable bunch
  5. severedsolo's post in Training Nº3 next button blocked was marked as the answer   
    FYI for anyone else who tries this, the tutorial he is talking about is "Intermediate Construction"
    This seems to be a bug in the Spanish Version (I loaded it up myself in Spanish to test), the other languages don't seem to have this issue (I don't speak the other languages, but I can see the message clearly changes, and the text is highlighted in the same places the english tutorial is).
    In the english version, when you click "next" it tells you to load the "Hopper" craft and remove the engine. In the Spanish version, the message doesn't change.
    What you need to do, is load the "Hopper" craft in the VAB. The tutorial then moves on (I didn't test it any further, because I don't speak Spanish, I was just following the English instructions from my other install).
    I've reported this on the bug tracker for you here: http://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/15485
    Man, that awkward moment where you know KSP so well you can navigate the menu even when it's in Chinese.
  6. severedsolo's post in Crashing on loading - mono.dll - Plenty of RAM left was marked as the answer   
    You say you have no mods, but the entry directly before the crash is "Compiling Part 'Parts/quantumStrut/part/QuantumStrut'This is not a stock part. Your log also confirms that the QuantumStruts DLL is present.
    Weirdly, your log also says its not in your GameData folder... have you installed mods in any of the (defunct) folders in the main KSP directory?
    Anyway, the advice is the same. I'm assuming you've installed through steam, as you said about veriying integrity. Uninstall, delete the KSP directory completely, and reinstall.
  7. severedsolo's post in KSP Stuck on "Squad/Spaces/mk2InlineInternal/Internal/mk2InlineInternal" at Startup was marked as the answer   
    Here is your problem:
    What this scary looking message is basically saying is "I can't read this because something else is trying to".
    I know your on Mac, but any anti-virus that might be interfering? Maybe you have other programs open? Otherwise, not sure, I don't use OSX, but something is trying to read that file at the same time as KSP
    Possible relevant help thread (check near the bottom) - the person who had this issue said it was a problem with the filesystem they were using on an external drive?:

  8. severedsolo's post in Differences within a contract-type. was marked as the answer   
    No, if you look in your persistence file you can see the weighting. It doesn't care whether you accept one man tourism and decline the rest, the weight is for all contracts of the tourism type
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