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  1. It's only present when Scatterer and WindowShine are both installed though; it doesn't occur when it's the only thing installed: I can't think of any reasons why WindowShine and Scatterer would behave like this, but nonetheless they are the culprit after removing all else, and then repeating on a stock install.
  2. @Ger_space, Stratzenblitz pointed out to me a rather annoying bug and I pinned down to be an interaction between your TextureReplacerReplaced reflection plugin and scatterer of all things... The terrain flashes extremely quickly when underwater with Scatterer and WindowShine are installed: As I demonstrate it also happens while the game is paused. Any ideas?
  3. Apparently the Volta can reach 900m/s...

    1. Urses


      Nice Design. 

      Reminds me on "Bird of Prey"?

  4. Yeah the OP is still very barren sorry A video is in production though, as well as an imgur album with gifs
  5. Greetings! Could a mod please move this thread from Add-on Development over to Add-on Releases? It's finally out for show
  6. Well it's almost 4:30 but I'm finally able to let Spectra v1.0 out of the bag. Gnight everyone :) I'll be up sometime in the afternoon...

  7. I tested and that new release works perfectly with Spectra; in fact it actually works better seeing as it fixed the terrain scatter issues It's not in the release though; if you want to you can simply remove and replace the two folders that come in the kopernicus download. That being said, you might want to just wait as I should have a groundbreaking update coming sometime within the next four hours.
  8. Congrats on the release! I noticed that you have an outdated version of ModuleManager in the zip though?
  9. Those would be lightning strikes
  10. Hey @WazI was curious about a few things related to textures and performance - are png images converted to .dds during load? I'm curious because a lot of cubemaps textures are .png files to so the channels don't blend in compression. If they are all converted in loading it would be better to save the RAM and file size and go with .dds... Relating to performance, it feels as though new EVE is more GPU intensive than the pre-reboot ever was. I'm too reliant on the Scatterer-EVE integration (and cubemaps) to go back to KVE but I'm curious if there was a performance drop with the reboot?
  11. Hey, I wanted to apologize for my GPU usage complaints Scatterer is only using around 50-60%, and the extra 40% has been taken up by a mixture of Smokescreen and EVE clouds. Sorry
  12. Honestly I'd prefer to turn off eclipses on moons than have it look this bad. Everything would still eclipse properly on Jool/Kerbin/Laythe; it would simply remove the marble glow by making non-atmospheric planets no longer eclipse. EDIT: Huh. It seems as though Scatterer is drawing eclipses by painting the atmosphere black instead of the planet? I copied the config from Duna to Ike and it's doing eclipse to the atmosphere I pasted in. From this I can extrapolate that Scatterer only adds eclipses to the atmospheres it adds itself; it doesn't directly add anything to any planets without configs (though it might be breaking their effects via EVE-integration). @blackrack I'll ping you here just for interest We chatted about this a while back being able to enable and disable scatterer effects per planet, and it could be that I'm just not doing it right. In a nutshell though: The Scatterer-EVE integration option is causing lots of havoc to the layer2D glow effects when they are eclipsed by a different body (I.E. Duna eclipsing Ike, Kerbin eclipsing the Mun, and Jool eclipsing any of it's moons causing the planet to look like this in the dark). I think that disabling Scatterer-Eve integration on the planets without a scatterer config will fix this issue, but I don't know how to. I'm guessing I need to add a line into planetlist.cfg? 2ND EDIT: I added a module for Ike in scatterer's planetlist.cfg and disabled Eve-integration on it, but nothing happened in game; still broken effects.
  13. Dude... good stuff
  14. Update: It's definitely EVE-Scatterer integration causing the issues. Turning it off or removing scatterer makes it completely vanish. However the EVE eclipses look dreadful... I took that image without Scatterer. I've been using the Scatterer eclipses since they have a faded edge. My guess is that if I could disable EVE integration on all the planets without an atmosphere it might fix this whole issue, and let me use Scatterer eclipses. Though I tried and failed at doing that in configs. When it comes down to it though, I'd much rather keep the ugly eclipses I have now than use the EVE eclipses. It's far more intrusive seeing a massive black dot than seeing the glow IMO. The other solution would be to remove the glow configs... wait a second. Testing something else.
  15. I've been using your mod as an example and for testing took both your shadow configs. The "shadows.cfg" is the same as it is in standard EVE if I'm not mistaken, and the only change to the "Scatterer_EVEShadows.cfg" I'd need to make is changing the top bar to say "Spectra" instead of "StockVisualEnhancements? The thing is, there aren't even any Scatterer configs for Vall or the rest of the non-atmospheric bodies. The glow is an old Layer2D "feature" from EVE 7-14 before Scatterer was around, and I asked Blackrack to try and get them compatible with Scatterer a few months back (And he did! Hence them being in Spectra). You probably have more knowledge on this than I do but I don't know if it's as simple a solution as that. I'll uninstall Scatterer though and see if the glow still mess up like that. EDIT: I pinged you on Discord too if that's faster?