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  1. Yeah its an issue with my Scatterer configs. Hoping to get it fixed soon but no promises. A quick fix would be to delete the folder/files at "GameData/Spectra/Spectra_scatterer/Planets/Kerbin" What this does is delete my custom atmospheres on Kerbin, replacing them with Scatterer's default atmospheres.
  2. true but I don't really know the root of the issue yet. @Dooz Do you know if this issue has been reported when only Scatterer is installed? EDIT: Sorry @13gaw I missed your question D: @Galileo is right are you running in 32 bit or 64? It sounds like you're running out of RAM (An issue with 32 bit KSP)
  3. It's got something to do with Scartterer I bet. Can you remove it and see if this persists? Only time I've seen this before was underwater.
  4. You could try using the KSP 1.2- link in 1.4.5 perhaps? The config files are different for TR and TRR so they aren't hot-swappable
  5. I honestly have no clue why that's pinned still that advice was meant for the 32bit version of KSP since there was no 64bit version at the time. 32bit programs crash if they get close to 4gb of ram usage and in KSP it was fairly easy to hit that cap if you started installing big visual and part mods. Now that KSP is 64bit that issue is completely obsolete since the program no longer has a cap. Speaking of which, why are you concerned about your RAM usage? So long as you have 8gb+ it has hardly any impact on your game in comparison to your CPU (for physics calculations) and GPU (for visuals/visual mods). Can someone else back me up on this though?
  6. I wouldn't recommend installing via CKAN also could you describe the issue?
  7. Avera9eJoe

    Surviving Duna(A ksp novel)-Chapter 9:Unespected find

    Woo! I'll have to start following this
  8. Avera9eJoe

    [1.4.5] Smart Actuators v1.1.1 (8/1/18)

    Woo! Will add to my list to install
  9. Yes-ish (needs one folder from KSPRC) No (KSPRC is where the texture files come from and Spectra uses Kopernicus to implement them) Yes Yes, and it runs more smothely than Astronomer's, and with more state of the art graphics! I.E. Moving bioluminescence, flickering thunderstorms, multilayered planet fog and dust storms, ablation, etc. See the image gallery. EVE is a must if you want to add clouds; its the only mod that does. Kopernicus adds terrain, but its EVE that adds clouds and atmospheres. You'll have to live with EVE what's so bad about it though? Don't install any portions of Spectra with CKAN; there's a lot of components and there's no way I can guarantee CKAN has everything updated correctly. Also, a lot of the time the mods on CKAN are uploaded by fans, and not the original author. I've never used CKAN for that reason.
  10. How much do you have? I'd suggest 8GB+ but If you're running 64bit than 4 should be fine too technically? Real question is how good your GPU are CPU are .
  11. This is a scatterer config issue if I recall correctly, its not that the land is disappearing but that its getting covered by the atmospheric haze. Don't know how to fix sadly. Blackrack might know?
  12. xD thought as much yeah. To me though it honestly sounds as a small price to pay in respect to everything else it does so well.