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  1. Ah, deleting that texture makes the .cfg file have an error because it no longer finds anything at that filepath. duna1.dds isn't related to the purple glow; it's Dina's high alt cloud layer texture if I remember correctly. As for what's causing it, did you ever open the EVE GUI and hit save at all? I have some custom module manager patches that enable/disable depending on if Scatterer is installed but if you hit save in the in-game EVE GUI it removes the patches and duplicates the Duna glow layer each time you hit save. Could that be the cause? It's easy to fix by just re-downloading Spectra or replacing the it's .cfg files.
  2. Glad to hear! I might re-add the scaled space textures in a new update, too. SQUAD revamped a few of them in the updates, but not all of them. The textures Spectra uses were created by a user named @Endraxial a number of years back, and she let me caretake them when her interest waned
  3. Greetings! Yes- if you want to use custom scaled space textures (also called map textures/orbit textures), simply copy the planet textures into GameData/Texture replacer/Default. You can grab them from a previous version of Spectra from SpaceDock; it saves all previous versions. The textures you need to copy are located in GameData/Spectra/Spectra_Textures/Planets, if I recall correctly. I hope this helps?
  4. :O I'll have to take a peak! I've never been too happy with Spectra's ocean settings, preferring FPS over visuals but I never actually tested how many frames there are to gain with optimizing the oceans. Perhaps I can learn about aesthetics from your configs? Directed towards Blackrack- does EVE-Redux (I nominate 'EVER' as an acronym) have any performance improvements to UVnoise? I found that it was one of the laggiest features of EVE, so I only used it on Jool's primary clouds and Laythe's bioluminescence. If it's optimized as well I night add it to Kerbin, Duna, and possibly Eve.
  5. Hm... Perhaps it's time to look back into denser Eve clouds and more polar snow for Kerbin/Laythe...
  6. Woah first time I've heard of this! Yes Spectra does have cloud shadows as well as celestial shadows. Volumetrics are the absolute lowest values I could get with the clouds still looking good. I did a lot of tests and went with the setting with the best FPS.
  7. Nice! I should mention I'm still not settled with my settings for Kerbin, so it might be worth trying what you did if it improves the look while gaining altitude. My settings I tried to optimize to hide the banding that occurs w/ Scatterer
  8. I think that's too prestigious to add to a mod that makes atmospheres and water look better
  9. Hey L3mur! I think it's a trade-off I think 'brightness' or 'multiplier' is the setting that is related to this, one of the first few sliders in Scatterer, but I can't remember offhand. Like you said though I think when you increase the horizon brightness it starts messing with haziness in orbit. It could be one of the consequences of earth atmosphere on a 1/10th scale body
  10. I'll definitely let you know if I run across one- its funny to have to say it, but you have to see a problem to fix it
  11. Ah- this is a relatively new Scatterer related bug it seems. It seems to happen randomly when you enter flight or tracking station. Changing your sphere of influence seems to fix it, I.E. open ALT-F12 and quickly hack or orbit to another planet and go back and it should be fixed. @blackrack any chance you've run into this too?
  12. See title: This said though, I'm also using ReStock in 1.10.x - I disabled all ReStock fairings and other parts that haven't been updated yet: You might not have noticed it, but the new magnetometer science part that was added with 1.10 is automatically disabled by ReStock because it disables all science parts with a patch in the blacklist. You'll have to whitelist it for it to show up.
  13. What's more confusing to me is that you were able to install sci-fi visual enhancements but you weren't able to install Spectra; they're basically the same mod but with different textures/settings I am glad you got something working though
  14. EVE technically isn't updated for KSP 1.10.x which means that CKAN is not installing it because it is flagged as incompatible. It still works but you have to tell CKAN you want to install outdated mods. Go into Settings in CKAN and open 'Compatible KSP versions' and check the boxes for 1.8, 1.9, and 1.10 like so: Do this and try again and it should work