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  1. Avera9eJoe

    [1.4.3] Gameslinx's Planet Overhaul v3.4.0

    Wish my phone let me do @'s! A ping will have to do I'm all down for beautification. If there's anything in Spectra that you think might work well, feel free to use it. Only exception is Proot's textures since they're under a separate copyright.
  2. Sadly a pack for OPM isn't currently in my plans. as awesome as it'd be I only use the stock solar system, so I don't have the motivation to maintain an add on that I wouldn't use.
  3. It should work fine so long as you don't install WindowShine - the reflection plugin is still bugged, but other than that it works fine. If any random panels or objects are solid pink it's probably the reflection plugin.
  4. Sure Hm.... that'd be pretty cool though Duna doesn't really have enough of an atmosphere to support one
  5. It's really a matter of whether TextureReplacerReplaced is updated The reflections in WindowShine run off of it's reflection plugin so no plugin, no WindowShine.
  6. Yeah! There's been a lot of improvements since the last as well. I'd love any feedback you've got as well.
  7. Avera9eJoe

    Every couple of years...

    Man... It'll always feel like an honor having a video quoted by you Kat It's good to know it's still liked! Though I really do need to re-upload that video with better sound quality! Speaking of reminiscing, the video that really got me into streaming and making my own videos was your Contstellation video:
  8. The CKAN file was uploaded by someone else that got my permission, though I doubt it's up to date Thanks for the info though
  9. You could remove the atmosphere configs for Kerbin if you want - you'll need to remove two "atmo.cfg" files, one from Scatterer/configs/planets/Kerbin and one from Spectra/Spectra_Scatterer/planets/configs/Kerbin. EDIT: Hmmm in hindsight it's not actually that simple... You'll also need to copy the "Kerbin glow blue" module from EVE_afmoStock.cfg" config in Spectra/EVE to "EVE_atmoMain.cfg" in the same location, that way the glow is applied when it still senses Scatterer.
  10. good to hear that fixed the problem - it's the easiest mistake to make since it's not listed in the same step as dependencies.
  11. Hm... I'll take a peak. Is the terrain just solid orange? Which link did you use to download KSPRC?
  12. Hm... Did you make any manual changes to the EVE clouds/atmo with the GUI? I have the configs set up so that if the game detects Scatterer, it uses the blue glow config found inside EVE_atmoScatterer.cfg. If it does not detect Scatterer, it uses the stock .cfg file with an alternate blue glow config. If you reload the EVE configs via the EVE GUI it breaks it though and copies both glow configs to the main file. Could that be what's happening? Also though, I don't usually run Scatterer so it's possible I missed a mistake before releasing the newest version. I've got the previous releases downloaded so when in doubt I can revert back. Thanks for the updates.
  13. Avera9eJoe

    [KSP 1.4.3] Astronomer's Visual Pack [v3.71 "Warpspeed"]

    That new trailer looks and sounds incredible Question though, did you get permission from @Proot to use his planet textures? His license doesn't allow for redistribution so in Spectra I had to include instructions to install them separately If you're able to include them though I might see about doing so in Spectra too
  14. Avera9eJoe

    Put a Face to the name

    Woah that 's awesome!
  15. Avera9eJoe

    Patch 1.4.3 to be released next week!

    Yo! Huh, I didn't know that before and that definitely makes a lot of sense. Thanks for the insight!