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  1. That would be a question to ask in the mod thread
  2. Huh, I'll try and reupload it. It won't be until late tonight though sadly I get back in about 7 hours.
  3. Yeah I'll definitely need to look into that. Any other visual mods you have installed atm?
  4. @erickerman and @Ocid could you guys try deleting that file that Erickerman pointed out? Doing so should make Duna use Scatterers default atmosphere configs.
  5. Hm... Something is going on then. Did you ever open the EVE GUI or hit "apply"? Doing so breaks my EVE configs for Duna since I did some magic with modulemanager to check if Scatterer is installed, and hitting apply creates a duplicate of the blue hue.
  6. That's how Duna is supposed to look with Spectra and no Scatterer installed, though I've been meaning to dim down the blue. There was an old planet pack called Better Atmospheres that introduced the blue-tinted Duna, and I kept it in as a bit of a homage. Here's the aim for my pack:
  7. Huh, I'll have to look into that. I'm not sure why that might be causing this but that's certainly interesting
  8. I'm sorry but I don't have any other links the folder is about 300mb if I recall correctly, so it makes sense why you might have issues. All I can say is try downloading at a time of day you know your local neighborhood won't have many people online, and hope for the best.
  9. Oh man... Linux, this has been one of my favorite little mods for a while and I am so excited to see it join your family It's a cinematographer's dream, too.
  10. Glad you like it! The darkness is a result of using PlanetShine/DistantObjectEnhancement/Scatterer and you can improve it in the pause menu by setting ambient light to around +10% and map ambient light to +20/30%, or any other value you want. Does that help?
  11. Huh, yeah that looks right. I wonder why it doesn't look right for you. Did you watch the trailer video? It should look pretty close to that.
  12. Yo! I might have a fix, I forgot to update that readme. Can you please remove the KSPRC folder from GameData, and inside GameData/Spectra remove the Kopernicus/terrain config?