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  1. Can you send me some pictures? Also what other visual mods do you have installed? Don't know why Eve/Kerbin clouds wouldn't be showing when other planets are. Usually it's all or nothing
  2. Huh... I didn't know that actually; I might take a peek What's the mod name? "Stock Parts Recolor"?
  3. It should already have the vanilla flare; Scatterer is the only mod that changes it o-O
  4. Both are taken from roughly the same alititude like 1km difference. I'm guessing the sandbox pic is what Spectra is meant to look like. Both screenshots are from the same install just different saves so I'm not really sure what is causing the issue. Tried looking over the logs but not really sure what I'm looking for. Not a game breaking issue or anything but fps does seem to drop quite a bit and would be nice to have this mod in all its glory Any help would be appreciated. Edit: I can post the log in a few hours. Just thought i would ask first. Hm, I think that's just an inconsistency in the way KSP handles textures. Could you reload both saves and see if you can repeat the problem? To be sure you'll have to take the picture from the same place, as well as the same altitude. Both EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements and KSP's terrain code have some issues when it comes to tiling
  5. The stock version is much nicer but it'd involve redoing all the colors, and relearning the system. Might get to it but it would be a while. Currently my main thought is "if it ain't broke don't fix it"
  6. np lol this is my favorite mod that I run - If Firespitter is updated to 1.5x than this should also run no problem.
  7. Hey there! Uninstalling is very easy. You just need to remove the Spectra from GameData and you can install any other pack. EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements, Kopernicus, and Scatterer are dependencies and you can remove them too if you don't want them. Easy to adjust? It depends on what... either way you look at it you'll need some prier knowledge of .cfg files
  8. That looks normal. Watch the cinematic and compare. I like a more blue Duna, there was an old visual pack named 'Better Atmospheres' that I paid homeage to. If you don't like it though I can give you a new EVE config file and few steps to remove it.
  9. Ah. Hitting save in the EVE Gui breaks Duna's configs. You'll need to remove the Spectra folder from GameData and drop in s replacement from a fresh download.
  10. Yeah I don't think Scatterer is compatible with Linux I should mention though that I don't run with Scatterer either to save some frames. Without it I can run at a solid count even with large crafts. Do you have WindowShine installed? That might be the cause for the purple visors.
  11. Link to the imgur album Huh... those screenshots look like a Scatterer bug. Can you try deleting it and seeing what happens? You're the first person I've seen trying to run Spectra on linux so I'm afraid I can't be of much help. :O It works-ish! Yeah scatterer can be finicky when playing with the solar system. Spectra works without Scatterer though. What happens if you remove it?