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  1. Hello! @R-T-B made some builds for 1.9.1 that work and he posted them here. Download it from the github link and manually install, and it should work.
  2. Wow, many thanks! I've seen you posting up a storm recently and it looks like you are not only looking into, but also providing solutions and even builds for the bugs you are finding! I'd say you live up to your profile picture, mister bug-squasher
  3. Beautiful. I'm looking forwards to what this brings
  4. Greetings! I seem to have run into a strange bug with highlight in-flight highlighting not disabling for fuel merchants. I also find it a bit awkward that the menus open on the downpress of left click, instead of the release of left click like other functions. Would it be feasible to change that? Also is it possible to give statics the same behavior as the standard KSC space center tiles? I.E. clicking on the tracking station takes you to the tracking station, clicking on the runway brings up the launch screen, the R&D facility takes you to the R&D screen, etc. I would love it if I could completely make the KSC obsolete and have my own functioning space center view. Here's what I've been working on
  5. Hello! Nope, you can make the entire part shiny if you like, there is a mod for Textures Unlimited that does just that too. WindowShine is currently set up for TextureReplacer, not TextureReplacerReplaced- there is a slight difference in the shader syntax between TR and TRR that effects the config files so the current version only works with TR.
  6. Welcome to the forum!! V8 has a list of all of his mods in the OP if you want to get everything set up for 1.3, it might be easier for you to go through and grab them yourself
  7. Oops it looks like I read it wrong! I thought that @EricSan was asking if Orbital Decay and Persistent Rotation were compatible, and I suggested trying to install both of them to see. It looks like he was asking generally if there was an orbital decay mod. Eric there is a mod that adds this, although it hasn't been updated for 1.9 yet. You can try it though. Orbital Decay - Resumed
  8. I suggest installing both and seeing if it works.
  9. You can install via CKAN and force install mods even if they are marked as incompatible- select the mod you want, click on 'versions' on the details pane, and check the box on the most recent version. You can also install manually by taking the most recent release from github.
  10. Hello! Is there a way to make veterans have the classic orange suits and the other kerbinauts have white? All of my veterans have the odd sci-fi suit and I'm hoping to revert back to the old designs.
  11. Hello! Would it be possible to increase the resolution of the icon, or better yet add the option for users to create their own off/on variants? I've been making a solid white icon pack and AutomatedScienceSampler is the only mod that does not have a replaceable .png icon ([x] Science! doesn't either but the icon is already white).
  12. Greetings! Your most recent version v1.3.0 Collide-o-Scope seems to work perfectly in 1.9.1. Could you update the header to clear up some confusion? I had a quick request as well- could you add the option to hide Collide-o-Scope from the toolbar? I like having a clean toolbar, and since all the features from Collide-o-Scope are activated via the hotkey, I don't have use for the extra button on the toolbar. Something along the lines of '_useStockToolbar = True/False` The icon two up from the bottom is a custom icon I created for Collide-o-Scope to match the solid white format I've been going with, although it would be best if it was gone completely, or at least gone during flight
  13. What mods do you use that aren't in CKAN? The only mods I use that aren 't in CKAN are Collide-O-Scope and CollisionFX. Since its only two mods I install them manually, and use CKAN for everything else. The fact that it automatically tells you when there's an update to a mod is a very big benefit to me since I use about 50 QOL/visual mods (I don't use part mods because I like knowing my craft work the same in a vanilla save) I used to be like you and install everything manually, but I found in the past month that CKAN is the easier solution.
  14. Hello! Would it be possible to add functionality to the delete key? It would be nice if I could delete selected craft by pressing the delete key instead of having to move to the button in the GUI or via the right click menu.