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  1. Whoops, my lack of research is showing
  2. Personally no - I've barely any time on my hands to even update WindowShine in the free time that I have That being said though if someone makes a version of WindowShine that uses Sigma Replacements, I'd be happy to link it in the top.
  3. [1.3.0] Malah's Quick mods [2017.05.31]

    No worries Malah, it's been an honor to serve with you See you in the country.
  4. Air Superiority Fighter Competition

    Fantastic!!!!! I'm glad to see I'm not the only one with a fighter this maneuverable Makes things interesting...
  5. Air Superiority Fighter Competition

    Hm, I bet you can hide the dome behind the cockpit in the empty space made by the Tail Connector A (The pointy part directly behind the cockpit) What does "locked downward" entail? Can the engines still rotate up? Also thanks - My intention wasn't to take over the thread lol...
  6. Air Superiority Fighter Competition

    Reposting now that it's uploaded: I'm sure I probably did this completely wrong (Probably wasn't supposed to stop) but it was fun and so why not.
  7. Air Superiority Fighter Competition

    I got bored and while I realize this wrong for at least two reasons I can think of off hand (Didn't have a payload, probably didn't have to stop), I had fun doing it. Hah. (Video will be finished in a few minutes of posting thing - my internet doesn't like 2k60)
  8. Air Superiority Fighter Competition

    You might wanna test the Volta XV for speed too. I don't know what the champion speed is but the Spear reaches 800km pretty quickly. And you're only submitting the Spear right? The switch is much heavier and less maneuverable due to the VTOL engines so there isn't much point in running it through the dogfights. Lifting capacity is another story though if you count flying with the VTOL engines pointing down...
  9. All the planets that have an atmosphere have effects added by Scatterer (I.E. Eve, Kerbin, Duna, Jool, and Laythe), and all atmosphere-less planets have a glow effect added via EVE. I think the solution is more complex than simply tweaking the values on Kerbin, though. It could be that the atmosphere config for another planet is bleeding onto Kerbin's and causing the abrupt line. It's basically the only 'glitch' with Spectra that I have yet to address.
  10. Yeah this is a known bug. I've tried and failed on multiple occasions to fix it. One thing you could try doing is going into GameData/Spectra and deleting the Scatterer folder and the config from Spectra_configs to set atmospheres to Scatterer's default ones. It's still a slight problem in plain Scatterer too if I remember.
  11. Huh. Thanks for the screenshots - you've got it installed correctly I might have to up the reflection on the cupola and toroidal tanks. I agree they do look pretty flat in those pictures. I don't know when I'll next have time to make a new release though. Thanks for the feedback!
  12. Yo! To install WindowShine right you put ModuleManager.dll floating inside GameData, install TextureReplacerReplaced how it says putting it inside GameData next to ModuleManager, and then install WindowShine next to both MM and TRR. They all sit next to each other. Sorry to hear your cupola module looks so bad.. Could you take a picture and post it here to show what's wrong? As for the toroidal ring, it used to have a very overblown shine to it and I dimmed it down a lot in the most recent release. Do you think it needs more shine?
  13. Air Superiority Fighter Competition

    Yeah, part of what makes the Volta unique is that it doesn't lose stability after stalling - that's what I'm curious if the AI can accommodate.
  14. Air Superiority Fighter Competition

    Hm, I've been thinking a bit on the Volta again and was curious - is the AI good enough to take into consideration it's supermaneuverability? I fear that the AI wouldn't know properly how to use it's stall and/or in air flip mechanics to their full ability, I.E. if an enemy fighter is on your tail you can do a quick flip and fire a volley backwards before continuing or point perpendicular to the airflow to completely stop forwards motion and start tailing them. Make sense?