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  1. You're right that should have any effect curious, that narrows it to pretty much either a bad dl or too big of a file. It'll be a few hours until I get home I'm afraid
  2. Strange. I'll re-download it tonight to check if it's on my end. How consistent is your download speed/Are you doing anything else online at the same time?
  3. These are beautiful! I'm also a stock part purist so I can really appreciate the effort that you've gone through to make these!
  4. You can just pull the folder from Gamdata and boot up like nothing changed. Spectra should work the same with the exception of no terrain textures
  5. Wow this is an incredible analysis and fix. I love how you presented it in an easy to follow way! I'm personally more fond of your collapsible category image. I love that you added headers that explain what each category is. That said I understand why you wanted to make it simpler. Congrats on thread of the month! I'll pass this along too
  6. Another thing to note, I found that a few of the new robotics parts have badly placed nodes... either that or they have badly placed textures but the nodes are fine. The small blue servo in particular is atrocious if you use it in symmetry, and the new R7000 turboshaft is not only misaligned in translation, but its twisted too. Here's a link to a moment on twitch to show it. Here's a second clip where I have the realization its the R7000 and not the other parts.
  7. Thank you space cowboy! Nice name, too. It should be comforting to know that I've done my absolute best to optimize this mod so once you're on your main rig you should be able to squeeze out a lot of frames
  8. Yeah! I'm not a huge fan of city lights myself, but you can add them custom from KSPRC without too much difficulty. Download the most recent KSPRC and copy the city lights folder from there to the Sam filepath in your Spectra install. Hm... Do you know if that's a built in function, or does it require mod makers to set it up?
  9. What OS are you using and are you using any arguments like dx11? I don't use GitHub but you are correct that I'm aware of this and looking for a solution. It's something to do with how KSPRC's textures/UV maps work, though reloading your game seems to fix it most of the time. It's dodgy, so it's difficult to figure out exactly what causes it.
  10. How many tons do you think you could make this guy lift? Also, opinions on the new propeller blades?