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  1. Electrocutor's Thread

    It works! Thank you so much! Time to see if I can get my WindowShine textures running so it's only the windows that reflect
  2. Electrocutor's Thread

    Hm, so it's just not ready yet - thanks for the fast reply! @Electrocutor I've been thinking of migrating WindowShine over to TU and I was curious if you might be able to help me set it up?
  3. Electrocutor's Thread

    Hm, I can't seem to get your stock config working. I've installed TU and dropped your .cfg file into GameData. Also, " -force-glcore" to my shortcut caused this: I uh... well... there you have it :') Did miss something in installation? Nothing changes in-game. No sliders or no effects.
  4. Stock Conversion patches? I've not heard of them no... Might need to look into this more. Know who I should contact if I wanted to use these pre-made window configs?
  5. Hm, I'm heavily reliant on TRR for a different reason since I use it to replace the skybox and add visor reflections. While TU is far superior for part reflections, I don't want to create a new texture for every single part. If it was a quick "load up a texture, change its hue to red, and call it good" then I might but I can say already that I don't have the skill to create new textures from scratch; I'm just a guy with paint.net and some practice with config files
  6. How well does Textures Unlimited work in tangent with TRR? Would it make sense to run both? Debating switching WindowShine to use TU instead, though I wouldn't be adding any extra features. Would that make sense? I'm hesitant because I like avoiding more dependencies if I can
  7. [1.3.1]TextureReplacerReplaced v0.5.4

    Ha that's incredible! This next update is going to be something special.
  8. After a six month hiatus I'm back playing Kerbal again, and to coincide with that Twitch just sent me an invitation to their Affiliate program! I'm hoping to do some more streaming later this week, if not tonight. :)

    - as a closing note to why I've been away for so long, this isn't the first time I've taken an extensive break from KSP. Not the second either. There's something that keeps drawing me back... Curiosity? Nostalgia? Community? Opportunity? Who knows.

    1. Dman979



      There's something that keeps drawing me back... Curiosity? Nostalgia? Community? Opportunity? Who knows.


    2. Sampa


      yeah, I have been streaming a lot lately...and considering getting back into KSP

    3. Avera9eJoe


      Huh, I feel it'd be nice to talk w/ you on stream one evening if you're interested - I find I play for around a month or two and then go on a break to other games for a while before taking it back up again. What's your twitch? I'll give you a follow!

  9. Better Than Starting Manned Revival?

    I did have a short period of interest I BTSM I've drifted into Sandbox once again though; if I do end up playing a career mode save I'd run it with all parts unlocked at the start, and have missions based solely around funding. A "Careerbox" save, so to speak. I don't see that happening for a while though; too busy with other projects.
  10. I don't usually post twice but no one even acknowledged my last I'm getting a game breaking bug with Editor Extension in 1.4 that I'm assuming is tied to click-through blocker. If I add or remove a custom angle snap, the editor locks up upon closing the window via either "save" or "close", and the only way to fix this is rebooting the game. I don't know if this is a known bug or not, and seeing as people should only run into it once or twice while the set up angle snaps for the first time it probably isn't that important to address. I thought I ought to let you know though. It happens in a stock game + Editor Extensions + Click-through.
  11. [1.3.X] KS3P

    I'll have to keep in touch with this!
  12. I'll need to confirm; I thought I had a config to disable those automatically with Spectra but I might have missed something? I'll be back on in a few hours to report.
  13. Just woke up to this I'll give it a go with Spectra this afternoon, most likely on stream since I've been getting back into building. Spectra has relatively few cloud layers all things considered (5 on Eve, 2 on Kerbin, 3 on Jool, 3 on Laythe). I've been running without Scatterer in 1.4 since it seems to be causing a bunch of extra lag compared to before, atleast when near oceans. I was getting 24 frames when flying to the island with an 85 part jet. 1440p, max AA, 1080ti Duke OC, I7-6700K.
  14. Afraid not, I don't use any planet packs so I haven't ever made configs for them