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  1. o-O I thought I fixed that... Looks like I'll have to add that to the list again. Also it looks like I forgot to remove the unneeded .raw/.half files >:( I'll mark both down to fix in the future
  2. :L I'm afraid that is the work around. You can see the comment just above yours with a reply from Blackrack, the creator of Scatterer. It's a big related to Scatterer and not Spectra from my knowledge. There's something you can test, though. Could you completely remove the Spectra folder from GameData and see if Duna is still white?
  3. Hm. This is a bug with Scatterer that seems to happen randomly and isn't tied to any particular modpack. Can you try deleting Scatterer from the CKAN cached mods, re-downloading it, and reinstalling it? I haven't seen this bug in a while but I've found that a complete re-download of Scatterer always fixes it. It could be something that's corrupted? @blackrack, have you encountered this/have an answer?
  4. That's normal for now... it doesn't effect anything in gameplay, only the menu. It's a side effect of me trying to make Kerbin's sunsets bigger I should be addressing that in a upcoming patch. It works with 1.11 right now you just need to force compatibility in CKAN with the last few versions of KSP, since the parent mod EVE isn't yet updated to 1.11 causing CKAN to think you can't install it.
  5. This is also heavily dependent on the number of parts in your craft; it could be your frame rate is low because you have very high part count craft?
  6. You can sort of pull off snow with EVE by making a cloud texture that's a bunch of tiny specks (snow), but rain isn't really doable since you can't make the particles move vertically
  7. I'm starting to feel the call of space once again... I might start streaming my careerbox save again soon.

  8. I'll be home for Kristmas Its hard to believe its been six years since I made this little cinematic
  9. Thank you for the constructive criticism! Sad to say, but this isn't possible to change at the moment. I'm right there with you that they look unrealistic. The reason it looks like a shader being slapped into a sphere geometry is because that's is exactly what it is- a flat texture being applied to a sphere; the same EVE feature that adds clouds just with a bit of color and glow. As it stands there's no way to make textures that are vertical, let alone vertical and shifting. This is the best we can do with KSP at the moment unless someone creates a new mod or addon for EVE that allowed i
  10. Oh shoot, I did? That's definitely a mistake on my end. Wait a sec, TextureReplacer might actually not be required anymore either; I typed that out in the morning when I was still a bit foggy. Are you installing manually or are you using CKAN? CKAN is the most updated and reliable way of installing Spectra, and it also has a list of recommended mods like custom city lights and 64k clouds.
  11. Hey there! The reason you don't see any of these features is because they are no longer included in Spectra; with KSP's official updates to the skybox and surface terrain, I no longer found it enough of an improvement (and in some cases a downgrade) to include my custom terrain and skybox textures. Kopernicus is no longer a required mod. TextureReplacer is still required though to change the planet textures from orbit, though I might end up removing that too if their textures are improved enough in the future. TL;DR: KSP updated enough that I no longer needed custom terrain and skybox tex
  12. Many thanks! I'll have to take a peak when I have more time/interest, I've been tied down by Elder Scrolls Online and Cyberpunk 2077 recently, but if past is any indication I'll be back to playing KSP again sometime in the not so far future. From what you say with the error code disappearing after deleting Spectra's custom configs, it definitely sounds like there's something wrong in my configs that is causing the error. If you're brave enough you can try to patch in Blackrack's edits? Spectra's Scatterer configs basically just change the atmosphere color on Eve/Duna/Jool, and that's real
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