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  1. np lol this is my favorite mod that I run - If Firespitter is updated to 1.5x than this should also run no problem.
  2. Hey there! Uninstalling is very easy. You just need to remove the Spectra from GameData and you can install any other pack. EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements, Kopernicus, and Scatterer are dependencies and you can remove them too if you don't want them. Easy to adjust? It depends on what... either way you look at it you'll need some prier knowledge of .cfg files
  3. That looks normal. Watch the cinematic and compare. I like a more blue Duna, there was an old visual pack named 'Better Atmospheres' that I paid homeage to. If you don't like it though I can give you a new EVE config file and few steps to remove it.
  4. Ah. Hitting save in the EVE Gui breaks Duna's configs. You'll need to remove the Spectra folder from GameData and drop in s replacement from a fresh download.
  5. Yeah I don't think Scatterer is compatible with Linux I should mention though that I don't run with Scatterer either to save some frames. Without it I can run at a solid count even with large crafts. Do you have WindowShine installed? That might be the cause for the purple visors.
  6. Link to the imgur album Huh... those screenshots look like a Scatterer bug. Can you try deleting it and seeing what happens? You're the first person I've seen trying to run Spectra on linux so I'm afraid I can't be of much help. :O It works-ish! Yeah scatterer can be finicky when playing with the solar system. Spectra works without Scatterer though. What happens if you remove it?
  7. Strange... it looks like you installed it with CKAN? Don't install with CKAN, it was added by a fan and not me so I can't guarantee its up to date. Its worth a try I thank OPM only adds planets, it doesn't change the stock ones right? I'd try installing both and seeing what happens. Easy enough to remove Spectra from GameData anyways.
  8. Thanks! Beautiful screenshot too! I see your rings too it gives me a smile seeing personal touches \m/
  9. If I understand what's up I can understand if you need to start fresh. I did want to say a little thing though - For the longest time I used to think that talking to someone was annoying to them, and I doubted just about every interaction I had with other people. It took me a while to get over that fear. It turns out that the vast majority of people here are more than happy to chat, and sometimes even delighted to hear someone who takes interest in their work I never thought of you as annoying, in fact I thought the contrary. And also I should let you know that a lot of the s we have is simply from time and patience - when you've been around for 5+ years you tend to learn stuff along the way take it easy Trekkie! You'll always have a friend in me. o/
  10. Could you take a picture of your GameData folder please? I've never seen that grid in Spectra before.
  11. No I can't because it isn't a big with WindowShine. That's s bug with the reflection plugin from TRR.
  12. Generally speaking you you shouldn't install multiple visual mods that both do the same thing or both run off the same parent mod, I.E. If they both use EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements, or Kopernicus, or Scatterer, TextureReplacerReplaced, etc. You won't be able to install Spectra and Andromeda's for example, or Spectra and SVE. Or atleast it won't be pretty... That said I suggest any and every graphics mod to run alongside Spectra given they don't do the same thing. Help? You are correct sorry I meant kopernicus_terrain.cfg Uninstall WindowShine and you should be good. WindowShine is broken for now. Other than that everything in those pictures looks good.
  13. Can you install just SVT and see if that's what it looks like with just SVT? Deleting the Spectra_Kopernicus.cfg is effectively removing KSPRC as well since its deleting all of the terrain configs in Spectra. In the process of fixing. In the meantime, remove the kerbin folder from GameData/Spectra/Scatterer/Configs to fix it