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  1. You did half the right thing in removing the Spectra Scatterer config- if you go inside that config and just delete the "Kerbin" folder it will fix this issue but leave everything else still correct Afraid not lots of major changes between stock and RSS
  2. Don't use the CKAN version, I did not make it. Spectra should work fine in 1.6, but you have to follow the manual instructions (very easy to do). The mod pulls from Proot's Renaissance Compilation so I couldn't use CKAN. If you ever hit SAVE in the EVE GUI it breaks Duna's shaders- they have a custom command to auto enable/disable when you have Scatterer installed and hitting save reformats the .cfg and breaks that command. Hm, I don't know how Astronomer has it set up but planet packs tend to change the fundamentals of KSP's planetary system/naming config, and so it isn't an easy fix to make a visual pack work with it sadly
  3. Do you have any other visual mods installed, and have you ever opened the EVE GUI? If you hit save, it deletes some of the modulemanager lines that turn on/off when Spectra detects Scatterer.
  4. Ocean config bugs? Strange... I don't have any custom ocean configs, Spectra uses the default settings. I don't even have ocean configs.
  5. Reason would probably be that TR and TRR use different shader names in the config, I forget the names but its probably an easy fix? I don't use any of the additional part packs though and my interest is somewhat limited to what I use now
  6. Howdy! Thanks! Of all the vidual mods I used in Spectra, Scatterer is the one I have the least experience with. I would honestly be very indebted if someone with skill in it went through and made a prettier version. In lieu of that though, thanks for telling me how to fix it! I was curious. Both of those issues are heavily tied to Kopernicus might have to live with them until it is updated.
  7. Yes from what I hear, you have to install TextureReplacer instead of TextureReplacerReplaced. I haven't had a chance to check myself yet. ;P
  8. Many thanks! I'll reupload with instructions to install TR instead of TRR. Good to hear everything else is working great! I'm more of an observer nowadays so its very helpful that you let me know what's the status with 1.6. Thanks a ton runphilrun
  9. Avera9eJoe

    A farewell is necessary!

    It was an honor flying with you best of luck with your future!
  10. Can you send me some pictures? Also what other visual mods do you have installed? Don't know why Eve/Kerbin clouds wouldn't be showing when other planets are. Usually it's all or nothing
  11. Huh... I didn't know that actually; I might take a peek What's the mod name? "Stock Parts Recolor"?
  12. It should already have the vanilla flare; Scatterer is the only mod that changes it o-O