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  1. I'm unsure sadly; the best solution would be to go into the EVE Atmosphere main and lowering the Eve green glow altitude- Go to GameData/Spectra/Spectra_Configs/ Open Atmo Main.cfg Search "body = Eve" Search "Green" Lower the height value until it looks better
  2. Sounds good I was spoiled when I first started playing as it was a sandbox only game dive career mode want added yet. As a result I always feel too limited than my own enjoyment allows if I play career/science mode. Instead I do a weird hybrid I call Science-box where I start a science mode save and unlock all the whole tech-tree at the beginning, that way it plays like sandbox but you still can collect science as sort of a 'scoreboard', the end goal being to collect all science reports in the game. I've been on hiatus for a time now, though, but I still check the forum most every day.
  3. I think this bug is caused by Scatterer having updated and changed a few things without me pushing an update to Spectra; I'm hoping to get an update out when I have the time/energy
  4. glad to hear it's been working well! If your performance ever gets impacted you can uninstall Scatterer for a performance boost. I'm a sticker for vanilla gameplay/non-part mods myself, and being honest that was part of the reason I started on Spectra; to be able to play a more beautiful version of the original game. For more freedom you can always play sandbox mode, too. I also highly recommend ReStock; I had a small bit of feedback into some things on it and the modders who created are geniuses in their own right. It looks beautiful
  5. It is possible, but its a bit annoying to do since the save button in the Scatterer GUI doesn't actually save. I can walk you through it though: 1. View Kerbin in-game and press Alt+F11 to pull up the Scatterer GUI: 2. Press the 'right' arrow at the top of the GUI to select Config point 1 (the upper-most config point): 3. Locate 'Extinction Tint (scaled+local)' and 'Extinction Thickness (scaled+local)': Mess around with these values and press 'Set' to make the changes visible in game. Once you get values you like, remember them but do not press '
  6. Hey there! I actually haven't been using any reflection mods lately, instead options for fighter performance and HD planets the last KSO version shadowing was updated to was a few years ago now.
  7. Thank you Vanamonde! Thank you for everything you do
  8. So, since you've changed your name- which half are you in? The above average(joe) half, or the below average(joe) half? ;)

    1. HafCoJoe


      Ha! I'll leave that up for debate :) This name change has been a long time coming now, and I finally took the jump.

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