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  1. Thank you for this!! It seems there is indeed something legitimately broken in Spectra now- I'm putting all of these as a priority to fix once I have time
  2. Hm, what is your OS? Scatterer has had problems before with Linux/Mac so I want to rule that out first before other things. This said though, if there was a change in Scatterer then its very likely this is the cause, since Spectra's sunflares are added with Scatterer. Thank you for giving the example :) I'll have to look into this when I get back to KSP. I've been on a hiatus of late and I'm not sure when I have the time to update Spectra fully.
  3. Ah glad to hear it! I forgot that I changed a bunch of my settings too. Reflections as well as 'Aerodynamic effects' have a massive impact on frames. Aerodynamic effects being when in atmosphere only.
  4. Sadly no since I can't say I've experienced this myself. Sorry to hear you're getting single digit frames are you starting your missions in the desert, or are you flying there and noticing it? The longer your game is open the worse your fame rate gets over time as it collects garbage.
  5. This is beacuse TextureReplacer uses a unique Reflection plugin, which has to be updated every update to work. However, TextureReplacer was not updated for a while, which lead to another user creating TextureReplacerReplaced to keep updated while the original mod was not. However the original creator has come back to the forum since than and started up TextureReplacer once again. Its a bit confusing lol
  6. bahahaha! Not the intention of the mod but if you like it than great!
  7. This mod is more or less defunct now, since KSP now has updated shaders, and I haven't bothered to update the mod in quite a while. I'll change the post title to reflect that. You could still give it a shot, though? I can't say myself if it will work
  8. Most visual mods are GPU intensive, while KSP itself is CPU intensive. Spectra is actually quite optimized compared to other visual mods, though it will always have some level of lag. Are you running Scatterer as well? Scatterer is the largest GPU hog of all the parent mods, and thus the largest impact on FPS, so you can try uninstalling it and seeing what it does if you want? Also, how many parts is the craft that you're using?
  9. Ah yeah- the in-game scatterer gui doesn't actually save; you have to test variables in game and then manually change them in the files in GameData/Spectra/Spectra_Scatterer
  10. People have reported they work together perfectly It would most likely be something due to my config files, though I can't recall where; the only thing that seems to be changed in my files are terrainShadows = False in GameData\Spectra\Spectra_scatterer\Scatterer_Settings.cfg but I don't think that effects eclipses to my knowledge
  11. Greetings! Thank you for reposting, I must have missed it first time. That's odd because I thought I enabled eclipses; I'll have to look at my settings to see. It might have been because of issues with EVE and Scatterer interacting but I can't remember now I've been meaning to get an update out for Spectra but I haven't had the time to lately; I'll mark this down as something to look into.
  12. hm... good to know you're using Linux; there'se an error with the filepath capitalization that only effects linux builds (since they care about capitalization and standard does not). I've been meaning to push an update with a few things but haven't had the time/energy for a while; I'll see if I can get to it soon.
  13. Hey there! Yes- this is caused by bugs with installing Scatterer; its usually caused when a file/filepath gets corrupted. If you installed manually- try deleting your download of Scatterer and redownloading it; if you used CKAN, you'll have to clear the local files and redownload/reinstall it through there. I hope this helps? I haven't heard a report of this in a while
  14. I'm unsure sadly; the best solution would be to go into the EVE Atmosphere main and lowering the Eve green glow altitude- Go to GameData/Spectra/Spectra_Configs/ Open Atmo Main.cfg Search "body = Eve" Search "Green" Lower the height value until it looks better
  15. Sounds good I was spoiled when I first started playing as it was a sandbox only game dive career mode want added yet. As a result I always feel too limited than my own enjoyment allows if I play career/science mode. Instead I do a weird hybrid I call Science-box where I start a science mode save and unlock all the whole tech-tree at the beginning, that way it plays like sandbox but you still can collect science as sort of a 'scoreboard', the end goal being to collect all science reports in the game. I've been on hiatus for a time now, though, but I still check the forum most every day.
  16. I think this bug is caused by Scatterer having updated and changed a few things without me pushing an update to Spectra; I'm hoping to get an update out when I have the time/energy
  17. glad to hear it's been working well! If your performance ever gets impacted you can uninstall Scatterer for a performance boost. I'm a sticker for vanilla gameplay/non-part mods myself, and being honest that was part of the reason I started on Spectra; to be able to play a more beautiful version of the original game. For more freedom you can always play sandbox mode, too. I also highly recommend ReStock; I had a small bit of feedback into some things on it and the modders who created are geniuses in their own right. It looks beautiful
  18. It is possible, but its a bit annoying to do since the save button in the Scatterer GUI doesn't actually save. I can walk you through it though: 1. View Kerbin in-game and press Alt+F11 to pull up the Scatterer GUI: 2. Press the 'right' arrow at the top of the GUI to select Config point 1 (the upper-most config point): 3. Locate 'Extinction Tint (scaled+local)' and 'Extinction Thickness (scaled+local)': Mess around with these values and press 'Set' to make the changes visible in game. Once you get values you like, remember them but do not press ' Save atmo'. This doesn't actually save, and instead might be breaking things unseen. 4. Open the Scatterer config for Kerbin's atmosphere, located at 'Kerbal Space Program\GameData\Spectra\Spectra_scatterer\Planets\Kerbin\atmos.cfg' and scroll down to config point 1 (The last item/item with an altitude of 250000): Replace the values of 'extinctionThickness = 2.5' and 'extinctionTint = 1.5' with the variables you want, then press save to make these changes permanent. [note, do not mess with skyExtinctionTint, this is something else] Done! You have now changed the extinction tint and thickness of the top most config point of Kerbin, changing the red-ness on the planets extinction. I hope this helps?
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