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  1. You could go into the configs and edit the colors manually if you want? They're located in GameData/Spectra/Spectra_Configs/Spectra_Configs.cfg, it shouldn't be too hard to find the color lines for each planet. Lmk if you have any troubles. Don't use the in game GUI though or what it might break some modulemanager files
  2. The 64k clouds are... *very* heavy on RAM... ha. I haven't found it to be a problem though with my games thankfully but it's always something you can remove if you find it to be
  3. Curious that it's more RAM intensive. Are you using the 64k Kerbin cloud add-on? That might explain a lot of it if so. Thanks for the info!
  4. Aye, I designed it to be as performance optimized as possible for its bang It's good to hear the same result from another user! Say, you say that they're almost a tie, but was one of them slightly better? I'm curious which
  5. Hm, thanks for the info about removing Kerbin and Eve's clouds effecting lag; I might look into that to see if there's anything strange going on. Eve has a ton of cloud layers simply out of necessity, so if any volumetrics are causing lag, it's a high probability it's Eve. That said, @blackrackhighly optimized volumetrics in one of the more recent updates to EVE, so I don't think volumetrics should be causing any issues?
  6. It is transparency, though these variables got a bit wonky with the latest updates of Scatterer/Eve so I don't know how effective they are anymore sadly
  7. Ah good; if you see the Minmus and Pol dust than your Volumetrics are working. They might just be too soft for you to notice? You can modify them manually by opening the config files, but don't change anything in the in-game GUI. Try this if you want to make the volumetric clouds on Kerbin more vibrant: Go to: GameData/Spectra/Spectra_EVE/EVE_Main.cfg Search 'name = KerbinMain' inside its settings node, change 255,255,255,150 to 255,255,255,255 or try another value for transparency. I don't know how the most recent version of Scatterer/EVE handles it, but this should make the cloud layer less transparent and also make the volumetrics easier to see
  8. :L If you don't see clouds there at all, then I can't really help you since I don't know what's going on. You have Scatterer installed, yes? Scatterer is required to show volumetrics. Did you install manually? If you did, install again via the CKAN mod installer, on a new clean unmodded install. The program grabs the same exact downloads that you use for manual installs and just installs them for you so you don't have to worry about messing things up. This way I can guarantee you're installing the correct parent mod versions, and installing them in the right way. Re-reading this from your first post, it sounds like you were messing with the EVE GUI and applying/changing effects. If you did change anything in the default Spectra configs, I can't guarantee anything working anymore. Stuff starts breaking if you do. Again, I recommend trying again and installing via CKAN on a fresh install, to remove any other possible variables.
  9. The dust on Pol are volumetric clouds. If you see them, your volumetrics are not broken. This foggy effect you see at the edge of the planet when in daylight? ^ That is volumetric clouds
  10. Odd... could you take a picture from the surface of Pol for me? Just want to make sure we're both talking about the same thing with Volumetrics. Pol should have dust like this if the volumetrics are working:
  11. Ooohh, that's actually a bit of a bug with EVE/Scatter right now; if you have both EVE and Scatterer installed, the clouds all have volumetrics (Kerbin's high altitude clouds don't though because they're so whispy, but the low altitude ones do). However for some reason if you don't install Scatterer, EVE doesn't have volumetrics it's present across all packs though, not just Spectra Is that what you mean? If you have both installed though you should already have volumetric clouds
  12. By proximity clouds do you mean the generated volumetric clouds? Again, these shouldn't be causing you lag. These clouds actually don't work right now if you disable Scatterer, too. If you think there's any chance at all that you hit SAVE using the EVE GUI, I recommend reinstalling Spectra, as you probably broke it's configs. They don't handle hitting save via the gui well at all; any changes you make you'll have to make manually. The file names changed in the most recent version; the new file you have to edit is GameData/Spectra/Spectra_EVE/EVE_Main — if you open this file you will see it is the same as the one in that video
  13. Did you edit via the in-game EVE GUI at all? Attempting to do so breaks Spectra, as the EVE GUI doesn't know how to handle modulemanager syntax. It's quite simple to remove layers though, in fact I made a video on it I talk about removing the glow effect, and the file structure has changed a little, but you can do this for any layer, including clouds. New folder path is Spectra/Spectra_EVE not Spectra/Spectra_config Regarding your framerate though, the clouds really shouldn't be adding that much extra lag, unless you're trying to run with the extra features. Snow in particular is EXTREMELY resource intensive, and running with Parallax or Scatterer also cause a ton of lag; quite a lot more than the cloud textures cause. If you want to improve FPS, removing clouds is probably not the first thing to try, but closer to the last (unless you just don't want clouds for aesthetic reasons)
  14. Reinstalling CKAN might help; that's really odd that it's only messed up in CKAN, and only for yourself
  15. I wish there was a way to set a 'default camera position' instead of view based on the last launch site, or better yet set a camera position for each launch site. HafCo Space Center's runway and launchpads are far enough away from the main bulk of the space center that it's hard to view anything I have to use the KSC still if I want to click on facilities
  16. Sounds like there's something broken with your modded install, if it works fine with your unmodded steam install
  17. You're incorrect with how CKAN handles Scatterer's "three" parts The zip file which CKAN downloads includes all the parts; the plugin default configs, and sunflare, but it does not install all three. In fact it downloads straight from SpaceDock. The .netkan files; CKAN's "instructions" for what to do with each mod, show that each part installs a different part of the zip: Scatterer.netkan (install plugin, skip config folder) Scatterer-config.netkan (install config folder, skip all else) Scatterer-sunflare.netkan (install sunflare folder, skip all else) Your findings with how Scatterer and Spectra operate around each other are correct, though. At least mostly. Scatterer, when installed manually, includes everything; the plugin, default configs, and sunflare configs. This is because manually installing means just dragging the whole folder straight into GameData; it doesn't allow for fine-tuning of installing specific folders (unless you manually remove things ) This behavior is different from installing via CKAN. I've written the configs to handle both of these possibilities. This is actually how Spectra has worked all along—overwriting Scatterer's default configs with it's own. It's not new to this version. However what is new, is that Spectra now accommodates for not installing the other two parts of Scatterer if you don't want them. It no longer requires Scatterer Default Configs and Scatterer Sunflare. It still runs fine if they're there, though. I hope that makes sense? A.K.A. you don't have to delete or change anything with Scatterer's files; Spectra already handles that
  18. Aye this looks normal for Scatterer effects on Duna. The horizon line has always been finicky with how the terrain height interacts
  19. This is a side effect of Vibrant sunsets removing them removes this artifacting as well. It's also visible on Laythe/Kerbin, but harder to see
  20. Greetings, Final Frontier appears to work fine for me in 1.12.3 I see the comments above about things being broken, but I haven't encountered any of these.
  21. I can't bug test hid since it's not red on my end Does it say not indexed? & Did you uninstall Scatterer too, or just Spectra? How about any other add-ons from Spectra? Any planet mods? Other visual mods I should know of?
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