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  1. Banned for not being patient about the hydrazine.
  2. Banned For expertising in Moving parts while on paper. I forgot this text here.
  3. These will surely scare away the kraken.
  4. I sense the Kraken's presence near a ship. Time to warn them.
  5. I misplaced a decoupler and ended up reentering at a faster speed than intended. Managed to survive it with barely much ablator left upfront.
  6. Banned for not being so sure where you are on earth.
  7. Banned for not taking that left turn at Albuquerque.
  8. Banned for having the potential to be used as a cup of freshly blended KSP.
  9. Banned for getting lost in space, which radiated hypocrisy.
  10. Banned for being another guy in a space suit.
  11. I hate it when magnifying glasses keep bugging me for clarity.
  12. Banned for Banning an astronaut as an astronaut.
  13. Backslashed for banning for being older and less in the posting mood.
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