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  1. Is there a way to remove atmospheric scattering from scatterer? I could live without that, but definitely not without the improved oceans...
  2. Hey, I am experiencing a weird bug and am not sure if it is already known. It is related to scatterer so I was not sure where to ask, but considering that it doesn't happen when using scatterer with stock, I decided to post here. Well, the problem is that terrain of Gael looks like it is slightly transparent, enough for me to be able to see the line of the ocean when I am far from the ground enough. Basically, I see the ocean and a perfect round outline below. Here are two screenshots, one with default size GPP, and one with 10x which makes it even more severe. Due to nothing cr
  3. Yeah, anyways you keep doing an awesome job keeping this mod up! It is better and better with each part remodel and retexture. I don't think we even need more parts, as you've covered almost all significant Soviet and Russian spacecraft.
  4. I think there should be a bit more American spacecraft to go with Gemini. Anyways, is Gemini a separate mod now?
  5. I thought that you wanted to suggest something like a way to ressurect dead kerbals with dark magic. xD
  6. Hey, do the old thermal configs still work? I found it quite problematic as no reentry path (not even the 100km) worked for me. I later added the values from Mk1 Pod and it works now.
  7. Oh, thanks god that this mod is still alive! I was afraid that it died long time ago.
  8. I must be missing something, but I don't have HR ground textures. Do I have to apply them by myself? Thanks in advance.
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