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  1. Thank you for the help. I'm having a lot of fun with this.
  2. Ah sorry I missed that bit. On fixed guns the DEL key doesn't fire them full auto, can it be set to another key?
  3. I really like this mod, having guns on all the planes I build is cool. However none of the missiles or bombs show up on the build list, does anyone know how to fix this?
  4. Personally I want a tech-tree that unlocks engines that are simply better than older ones, because I like the idea doing science means you get more advanced stuff. I don't want higher tech engines to simply be cheaper than older ones. So I think there is one simple solution, one config file for sandbox and one campaign so each file can be nicely balanced for each mode and maybe have an extra option on sandbox to ask if you want to use career or sandbox stats. If you don't like the idea of different config files then don't use what you don't like, but the idea of spending loads of time and effort getting up the tech tree for engines that are a bit cheaper me with dread.
  5. Alot harder than I thought. I didn't think it'd be easy but I'm well experienced in going to Mun, Minmus, Duna and Moho so I thought after a bit of practice I should be able do it. Then came to pictures of people doing it with fairly small rockets and people saying it's easier than going to Duna. So then I spot a class C thats going to be captured and enter a 1M PE by 42 AP orbit and think goody and launch into the nearly polar orbit it has, I've learnt that trying to go polar from an equitorial in LKO is silly. Anyway I try and set up an intercept with no luck, as the node system foes bannanas at nearly polar orbits, with the AP marker changing your AP and inclination or every marker changing everything because it hates you. After many reloads and several asteroids with no luck I MechJeb'd it, suceeded but feel no satisfaction as MechJeb did it. I'm think I may have to wait for a tutorial, which I don't want to have to but at the moment the game seems screaming at me "Everything you've learned is wrong or meaningless."
  6. Hmmm if asteroids have no gravity staying on the ground will be 'interesting', unless we get some sort of landing gear that drills into it as an anchor. Can't wait to see military kerbals start lobbing them at each other, hopefully we get some huge explosion when they impact. I'm not too worried about my space stations though, unless the Kraken decides to punish me for using her to power my ships. I mean put a ship at Duna's orbital distance, plot and burn a kerbin intercept, and see if you can hit your space station with it without touching the controls again. I'll wait.....
  7. Well, I've been experimenting with this and have got a drive that'll do 25G with about 95% reliability, however she is far more restrictive than the others I see here. Anything more than 4 command seats, 4 RTGs and a small cone adapter on the front cause 100% failure, cant be launched in-atmo and she screws up the launch vehicle requiring any crew to be brought up separately. Interesting actually requires 3 of the 4 legs to break to work, anything else causes horrible spins or just one 400m/s pulse. Interesting bit of information, putting on physics warp doesn't actually change the rate the speed numbers go up. Therefore 4x warp actually reduces acceleration 4 times, although the G indicator acts like the acceleration has gone up 4 times. Under real time the imbalance caused by the 3 broken legs means she can't quite hold a heading, setting 3 or 4 times warp allows it to, meaning she's actually easier to steer under physics warp. Here she is on the way to Eeloo, still inside Duna's orbit, with Eeloo one and a half days away. 30 odd minutes were wasted trying to get crew on her, but Jeb accidentally fired the de-orbit engines before transfer. Makes you realise how fast the speed of light is, after 1 hour of thrusting it still hasn't reached 0.003C.
  8. Wow, looks awesome and I want it. But the drop box link says the file has been moved or deleted.
  9. This is one of my Valkyrja class, my first properly successful SSTO series. Turns out before that whilst I had enough engine and intakes, I didn't have enough wing. So using a blended wing body finally meant orbit was acheived with enough dv left over to dock with Asgard station, although in this flight I didn't as I couldn't dock and return to kerbin without refueling. This particular flight shows the Valkyrja-C SSTO which is the best in the series so far, almost impossible to flip, no problems on re-entry whether empty or full, and can glide down to 35m/s and land. I'm stuck now though, I simply can't seem to get more range out of these things. Going bigger just means a bigger SSTO with the same lousy range. I think I'll go back to landing Jeb on Minmus from a command seat on escape so he can go play on his unicycle, and wait for a flash of inspiration or some kind soul offering advice.
  10. Finally got an SSTO working and I've been working on this series for a week now. First is the IKN (Imperial Kerbal Navy) Swallow Mk1. This is my first ever working SSTO, 67 parts most of em radial intakes. Its *just* capable of a 70x70 orbit with enough juice to de-orbit, however it does get there having used only 1/2 its jet fuel although that doesn't do you much good as the reentry is brutal. Every kind of spin imaginable which can only be got out of with RCS and luck. This is the IKN Swallow Mk3. Fantastic little ship, handles like a dream and incredibly agile. Again 70x70 *just* and gets there with 2/3rds of its jet fuel left. The main improvements are re-entry and take off, as it can comfortably come in very hot with zero control issues and can take off at 40m/s. As it can also take off at an angle of 80 degrees is being turned into a fighter with ASat capabilities. This is the IKN Swallow Mk4 and Mk5, the major difference to the Mk3 being a docking port, solar panels and more fuel. The Mk4 has an extra flt400 while the Mk5 has an extra flt800. The Mk4 will do a 100x100 with fuel for playing around, the Mk5 will do 500x500 with plenty to mess around with. Flying characteristics are worse than the Mk3 being more prone to backflip with harsh use of the 'w' key, and the Mk5 is harder to get off the ground due to the extra length of the flt800 sticking out the back as pulling up to hard causes it to hit tarmac. They do have an RCS tank but not the thrusters as I haven't learned to dock yet and don't know where to put them. I'm in a bit of a KSP slump at the moment. Can't dock no matter how many tutorials I look at, can't get a kerbal further than Minmus, can't get better performance or cargo carrying ability from my SSTOs. Still it was fun making these and I hope this hasn't bored all of you who have SSTOs capable of day-trips to Duna or those who fly around in things that simply shouldn't be .