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  1. On another note, I just discovered that the Tesla Roadster with Starman is included in NASA's Eyes On The Solar System application. It currently shows as being about 70 million km from Earth and 11 million km from Mars.
  2. One day, the charred remnants of a Tesla Roadster may crash through the roof of some feudal lord's keep, and puzzled, they'll treat it as a gift from the gods...
  3. In one of the articles, they also talk about the effect of light pressure on its trajectory. If it is just a hunk of rock, its trajectory won't be affected as much by light pressure as it would if it's a much less dense spent Centaur stage.
  4. An object (2020 SO) that is about to be captured by Earth via the L2 Lagrange point may be a Surveyor booster from 1966: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/2020_SO https://www.cnn.com/2020/09/23/us/mini-moon-scn-trnd/index.html
  5. NASA's Eyes On The Solar System app has already been updated to include Mars 2020, so you can watch the Earth recede in real time in "map view".
  6. I suspect that it is funnier if you're not an American... Sure, some of it was cringe inducingly dumb, but it was also quite funny at times.
  7. Like @Shpaget said, kreuger flaps increase camber which increases lift at a given angle of attack. They also increase the chord length slightly when they extend forward of the wing's leading edge. They are used on the inboard wing sections of many of the more modern Boeing aircraft, in part because they have the side effect that they help ensure that the inboard wing will stall before the outboard wing. This helps improve stability because the aircraft's nose will tend to pitch down when the wing root stalls first, allowing for stall recognition and recovery before the outer wing section
  8. Raining here. I'm content to sit on my couch and re-watch the 2019 documentary "Apollo 11". (Edit: 0:23:00 - I could watch that again and again... Now that was a rocket!)
  9. As of this writing, the ground track display on the live feed shows Dragon to be just over 500km behind the ISS. It seems to be gaining on the ISS at a rate of about 100km per orbit at the moment. So (very) roughly 60 km/h closure rate.
  10. Canadians of a certain vintage will inevitably think of these guys every time "Bob and Doug" are mentioned:
  11. I found it on satflare.com. I had to fight with it a bit but was eventually able to get it to show both the ISS and Endeavor.
  12. They must be reading the forums... I see the map view on the live stream now.
  13. Does anyone know if there's a site somewhere with a live map view?
  14. I've been tuned in for the past 3 days. I keep having to remind myself that this occurred 50 years ago. LOI burn complete is "now" complete... So much better than reading a transcript! It felt like I was riding in the jump seat.
  15. For anyone who's interested, today's total solar eclipse is about to start. If you're not lucky enough to be in the path of totality, you can still watch via a couple of live streams online: and https://www.exploratorium.edu/eclipse
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