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  1. PakledHostage

    A380 production to be cancelled

    Seems Airbus will soon cease production of the 747's DUFF:
  2. PakledHostage

    One Small Step

    This might strike a chord for some here: (It was nominated for an Oscar in the Best Animated Short category)
  3. PakledHostage

    This Day in Spaceflight History

    Mission timeline is here: TLI burn happened at 15:41 UTC (about 25 minutes from now, as of this writing)
  4. PakledHostage

    Bad science in fiction Hall of Shame

    We've had this discussion before, so I am pretty confident that you're thinking of movies like Gravity when you say this. But bear in mind that many people consider movies like Gravity or Interstellar to be cringe inducingly bad, not for their science mistakes but for their plots. Maybe those people's reactions to what they feel are garbage plots is spilling over into rage against other aspects of those films?
  5. I like that we're citing XKCD. Has XKCD risen to that level of repute?
  6. PakledHostage

    Tiangong-1 Re-entry

    Thanks for clearing that up... The criticism that "we know nothing" was made this morning, presumably in response to this morning's re-entry predictions, so pointing out that the re-entry occurred within 3 minutes of this morning's predicted time is also valid.
  7. PakledHostage

    Tiangong-1 Re-entry

    So it came down within 3 minutes of the predicted time. Maybe we do know a thing or two about space weather?...
  8. PakledHostage

    Tiangong-1 Re-entry

    The Aerospace Corporation website's latest prediction is for 00:10 UTC on April 2nd, plus/minus 2.5 hours. If it comes down at the predicted time, it will be re-entering over the southern Pacific: [snip]
  9. PakledHostage

    Stephen Hawking has passed away

    The guys at the University of Nottingham's Sixty Symbols YouTube channel reminiscing about Dr Hawking:
  10. PakledHostage

    Happy Pi day

    I don't have to do much searching. My local grocery store had an entire bin full of pies strategically placed right by the front entrance the other day. And the social committee at work is having pies delivered to the lunch room today at 1:59.
  11. PakledHostage

    Stephen Hawking has passed away

    Is it too soon to point out that he died on Pi day (March 14)? And Twitter is starting to light up:
  12. PakledHostage

    Coding Help

    I'm out... You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink.
  13. PakledHostage

    Coding Help

    Or a develop a model rocket control system...