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  1. emoji test



    1. Beale


      What are those yellow, round things?

    2. JPmAn
    3. NotAgain


      Ditch the yellow round things: Kerbals, not simpsons!

  2. With KSP being one of the most popular games on steam, I think it would make sense to be able to upload crafts, flags and mods to steams workshop system. For steam KSP users, it is a long process to implement mods into the game. You have to sift through stacks of folders and files just to get to the KSP directory. If we had Workshop support, it would make the process quicker and easier and would supply greater support for the craft-sharing and modding community.
  3. You don't actually have to land on it, you just haven to fly low over it.
  4. A lifting body style nosecone. I want lifting body parts.
  5. Using an Avio A402 to test an experimental SCRAMJET payload.
  6. @rune the problem is that the wheesly is that it has a lower TWR, but the alternative has that emissive that lags lower end systems (like mine :I)
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