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  1. Thank you! That fixed it. I should have realized what halo meant, d'oh!
  2. How can I get rid of this double atmosphere edge bug? I have searched the thread for this bug and can't find anything on the subject.
  3. My shuttle is shorter than most and unable to complete most of the lifting challenges, but I've done the orbit and ksc landing and build a space station ones. Geostationary sats will be a launch soon and I'll incorporate some more goals into my missions. All stock craft files on curse link in videos. Uses solid rocket boosters, monopropellent oms, and can do around 150km x 150km orbit with around 10 tons.
  4. The first 9 episodes are up for viewing! I build and crew a space station using only a stock space shuttle.
  5. [quote name='FCISuperGuy']What are "boosers"? ;) Anyway, nice shuttle! I'll be sure to give it a run and see how it performs.[/QUOTE] lol oops
  6. [video=youtube;_ENHSLkMFrU]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ENHSLkMFrU&feature=youtu.be[/video] Craft File: [url]http://www.curse.com/shareables/kerbal/226610-realistic-easy-to-fly-mk3-stock-space-shuttle[/url] Stock Space Shuttle with realistic Space Shuttle Main Engines, Solid Rocket Boosters, Monoprop OMS, the Orbiter carries no LF/OX. Uses the new landing gear, wings, winglets, control surfaces, and more! The shuttle should easily do a 200km x 200km orbit. Watch the video for details on how to fly it.
  7. lol all good I'll add them! - - - Updated - - - Let know if you find that list 5th!
  8. Hey guys I'm making a crowd-sourced feature request list for future versions of KSP. Let's get the most popular and desired features into this game! http://www.topchart.io/lists/kerbal-space-program-feature-requests Sorry about the FB log-in required.
  9. DL-ing it now, nothing will beat my shuttle for the top though! hehehehe
  10. I have a stock shuttle if you need one for the missions lol.
  11. Hard Mode could have the Hermes on an intercept course with Kerbin in need of its supply rendezvous to burn to Duna.
  12. Yah the docking ports do that. You could remove them and hyperedit the Hermes as one ship (without any docking ports, just all connected). And that seems to help. My original design has a science lab attached to the living quarters and then fuel in the tanks to counter balance it.
  13. Technically the Hermes only moves under power without any other ship attached. The Duna Descent Vehicle should already be in Duna orbit (prior to original crew arrival) and then the Duna Ascent Vehicle docks, transfers crew, and then undocks. Also I think a crew return mission is launched from Kerbin once Hermes is back in Low Kerbin Orbit, but the book doesn't make it that far. The craft does have docking ports on both sides and before I did some research on the design I had a transfer vehicle on the crew end and an ore-container counter-weight on the other end.
  14. When the project gets approved on Curse let me know what you think of my launchers as I haven't had much time to really test them out (I do want to launch it all at once though, just not fun trying to dock the parts without adding a construction tug or more. Maybe just have the ship already in orbit in the save.
  15. Here is a link to the Hermes and it's three construction launches. Also am trying to make a one-launch version http://kerbal.curseforge.com/shareables/236130-hermes-from-the-martian-book-version
  16. I also am working on a Hermes. Mine is based off of this guy's Deviant Art drawings. I tried using a cluster of RTG's and ion engines, but it's a lot easier to use the fuel cells and rocket fue with the ion engines. Mine rotates around the ion engines to simulate gravity (not perfect yet), is modular and launchable, and even has four monopropellent engines in the forward air lock to simulate the rescue scene. I'll upload craft files when I have launchers made and the rotation better.
  17. Westi29


    SEXINESS! Here are my SC replicas! I might have to make an 890 Jump now lol.
  18. Updated for KSP v1.0.4! Now has more monopropellent and more standard rocket fuel. Other than that, exact same shuttle. Curse link should be updated within the hour!
  19. Glad someone could make one out of the mk3 parts! I stuck to the mk2 for my replica because I couldn't get the mk3 look/fly/feel right.
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