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  1. Release will be soon! I don't want to rush it though...
  2. Progress continues... Fun fact: Since it's axles are spun using landing leg K-drives... It doesn't need an atmosphere to drive! Unfortunately the Mun doesn't seem the best place to do this as the physics of low gravity are not fair on 100 ton vehicles...
  3. Big improvements have been made to both the suspension and steering mechanism. For a 100 ton vehicle it moves around pretty well! Maybe one of the biggest full stock rovers in ksp? Based on a real vehicle:
  4. The Kelaz is finally making a triumphant return. This one is my most revolutionary full stock vehicle yet. It uses kraken drives to spin the axles. These axles are also mounted on fully independent front and rear suspensions with a strong and reliable hydraulic steering mechanism using control surfaces. No mods or dlc involved but you would think that they are! Top speed is only about 20 m/s but its also over 100 tons...
  5. Alright the beans have finally been spilled! https://kerbalx.com/Jon144/Tombstone-600-Heavy
  6. Was working on a new twin-engine stock propeller fighter... when I figured out squad finally broke them. I'm so done with this now... Before the most recent update this baby could fly along at 200 m/s. Now it can't go beyond 130 m/s. Squad for some reason decided fairings can no longer occlude the parts of separate craft directly inside of them. This includes reaction wheel engines. So now all stock propeller planes that don't use mods are just absolutely worthless... Anyone else have this problem? Don't really know if I want to release this now or not. Maybe now I have to finally get the DLC
  7. Exactly. If I was sooner this would have revolutionized K-drive travel. I haven't seen a K-drive around that could be re-docked so effortlessly. But as soon as I release it an update comes and makes that tech unnecessary. I was so happy when I discovered this mechanism which could re-dock the two separate pieces so that I could time-warp with impunity.
  8. I was mostly just joking. Most engines I have seen used either rcs ball bearings or my dumpling bearings. This one uses one of each! I don't think there was any real rivalry
  9. I made this a while back but is already obsolete since we have same vessel interactions now. Oh well...
  10. Back from a long leave of absence again. You guys can call me old fashioned now after having been an innovator for a long time. I don't plan on using any of the paid mods (some might call them DLC) so that anyone who owns any copy of KSP can fly my planes. Also, fitting with the new DLC release... This plane's motor is a hybrid system using both dumpling and rcs ball bearings. Finally some solidarity between the vanilla rivalry! https://kerbalx.com/Jon144/Kerbatros-P-2B-Firetail-No-DLC
  11. More Speedyboi props. https://kerbalx.com/Jon144/Kerbatros-K9F-1A-Dolphin
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