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  1. That's why I made a fork for RSS, everything is pretty accurate! But keep in mind you need to do the modification mentioned in the sig or it won't work :/
  2. Yup, it can be done. Looks ugly though I would, for aesthetics, use for example: Pod -> Shield -> UP Decoupler -> Shield -> UP Decoupler
  3. In the catalog click settings, then click auto-tag and the new parachutes will appear
  4. I don't think they are supposed to look that way it has no textures
  5. Thought this should be here so you can see it chris
  6. 100 tons to LKO. Should I tell him about Ferram's Eotena? (hint: something to do with 5000 tons)
  7. Or use the launch windows planner in my sig You just need to click "Add Body", then select "Vessel", write down all the info and "Plot it!"
  8. Because there are width limits in career mode depending on the techtree, so it isn't OP
  9. Of course it is compatible! FAR is a must have for RealSolarSystem for example!
  10. the controls can be changed in the configs, I think. We would just need to forget what we know and start anew
  11. it isn't a bug, just set the arm parachute to an action group. or right click. Good thing is, if you set it up correctly, you could arm all your parachutes while in space and they will work flawlessly when they should